Does America’s Young have a Secret Death Wish?

Does America’s Young have a Secret Death Wish?

A powerful question?  A nonsense question?  Or a question needing an answer?  But in asking such a thing, are there Reasons that would cause the Young in America to be even contemplating an Immediate End to their Lives?  And yes, there are things that would tend to clutter or cause complications of thought.  And What, shall we say?  I see your Point and sure, Go Ahead and Kill Yourselves,  there is No Point in Living.  

WOW!  Really?  No. Of course NOT.  No one wants to see you End Your Life.  But why go down that Road of Thought?

1.  Has the World hammered it so harshly into your Brain that very soon, The World will be Uninhabitable?  Climate Warming is Out Of Control.  And We Killed Your World?  Yes, are such words now so embedded into your young mind, that you see no reason to Wait and See or Wait and Suffer?  And how long do you now think the Earth will Survive?  Man will Survive?

2.  Has the Word been hammered so Hard into Your Head that YOU and YOURS will be straddled, hoodwinked, suffocated with the Knowledge that You Will Never Payoff the United States National Debt in your Great-Grandchildren’s Lifetimes.  And this unacceptably, unacceptable Mind-boggling Amount has worn you down so severely that you want an Easy Out?  You say Okay to Ending Your Life? 

3.  Suddenly, out of Nowhere, a devastating Pandemic comes out of Nowhere and it’s a KILLER.  But you Bought all the It’s a Hoax Talk! And so did all of your friends.  You’ve Watched over and OVER again seeing the President Not Wearing a Mask and his Saying He’ll Never Wear One only helped Reinforce it’s all a Hoax.  And suddenly, he says to Wear Them, but you’re gut feeling is he’s lying as always telling one thing after another that made You and Yours unresponsive to other exposures now.  No, for You and Yours, you find the End Games more appealing like going to “GET THE DISEASE” Parties where the Host has it and he or she kisses you at the Door.  Or You and Yours play a Game where you Buy Tickets and attend a “Winner Takes All” Party where the Host once again has the Disease and the Party Attended gives the Winner all the Money.  And how does he or she Win?  By being the 1st to get the Virus after attending the Party.  Yet, this Virus You and Yours knows is a KILLER.  So, is Dying Your Secret Wish?

4.  You and Yours are struggling to wrap your heads around all of this one word-


And no matter how many times you struggle with it and no matter how many times You and Yours beat your heads against the Wall asking-How Could Y’all Have Done This To Us?  Because of you, We’re Headed to Our Own Deaths from all of  the Polluting done to us.  Why?  Why did you do this to us? 

And You and Yours are Saying-I feel so small and all alone.  I no longer see the pretty or the beautiful.  No, I only see my own Death and suffering and financial Ruin.  Nothing good remains for me.  Hope no longer exists.  Taking My Own Life is the Better Solution rather than long Term Suffering?

5.  Blaming You and Yours for the Pandemic and all the encompassing Problems related with it can be a burdensome burden upon a young person.  And Old alike.  You are not at blame.  It is not any of our faults.  Like fleas and Ticks on animals in the Wild, all of us feel the sorrow we are witnessing.  Schools being yanked from You and Yours is an unexpected Issue that few have ever experienced before except for Tornados, Fires, and Hurricanes and Flooding.  All of this is worrisome and can Overload our good sense and emotions.

6.  George Floyd Protests may have swallowed-up your good Nature.  Anger and other emotions may have been or are still being magnified in You and Yours.  And I know, all of us Must Be Onboard with Human Caring and Human Decency towards each other.  Please, do not hesitate to Act Right and Help when needed or asked.  That person requesting your Aid might be me or someone you only just met.

7.  The Gun Violence may be weighing down on you as it resonates in the Media.  Gun Violence is not NEW.  Trump sending Federal Police and Federal Officers being sent to stop this Violence is NEW.  But once again, Trump vocalizing this and many other Problems in America as being Caused or done by Democrats is Politicking when he should be promoting American Harmony among all PEOPLE.  

Is it possible that the Above are now just some of the Reasons, the Justifications the Young are Using to simply End it All?  Do Today’s Young have a Secret Death Wish?  Giving-up? 

Giving-up appears the easier Road?  And after thinking about just the Above, I’m saddened to think that just that may be enough to send many Fragile Minds over the Edge.  Over the Cliff where the World is Flat?  Add Drugs, the ease of getting them and anyone can fall down to a weak moment in his or her Life.  And when there is No One to answer their Call of HELP, a precious person removes themselves from Life’s Equation.  And if the Above fits You or Yours, don’t take the Easy Way Out.  No, it’s in the Living that makes Life so interesting.  Unless your family is Rich, you’re just like almost all the rest of us.  And no, nothing is easy.  Nothing is given.  But You and Yours are the Problem Solvers.  You and Yours are the Fixers of the Future and of the Now.  So, please hold on, hold out, and Let the Game be Played…and if needed-Call Someone.  Ask for Help.  Don’t be afraid.  Please keep true and see it thru…bye.