America’s Greatest Danger, it’s Greatest Enemy just Got Stronger!

Mexican Cartels are now the Greatest Enemy to America! Make No Mistake!

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That .50 Caliber Machine Gun on this Ford F-150 is a Cartel WAR WEAPON!  How can you have a Cartel on America’s Border buying up War Weapons?  Who are they planning A War with?  This is a highly dangerous Weapon in the wrong hands.  It will shoot down Planes, helicopters, and the rounds will go thru six cars or fifty men.

Yes, these Cartels absolutely have become a far reaching affair and one Cartel, it is being whispered on the Border, is said to now be bragging that they are PAYING the Right Politicians, Right Law Enforcement, and Right Judges to keep their Businesses going FOREVER. 

A Lie?  Or the Truth?  FEAR is now at an all-time Extreme Level.  Once you accept ONE PAYMENT, you are CAUGHT. 

And I’m now thinking it has to be the Truth.  But the strangest of Tales are now circulating along the Texas Border in not the seedy, disgusting places, but in the most Respected. 

Yes, Money has now apparently bought the Cartel so deep into Mexico and America, that THEY FEAR NO ONE!  And they are on Track to Make $5 Billion Dollars in 2020!  And How Could This Be?  From the Stimulus Checks!  Yes, this money to Americans has sent Money to Mexican Cartels like NEVER BEFORE.  But what is everyone buying?


1.  Cocaine-this “Quick Snort High” is still the Groovy Drug of Choice.


2.  Heroine-Once a User, always a User.


3.  Guns-biggest Purchasers are Gangs in Chicago and other Major Cities.


4.  Abducted Young Women-Dark Web Prostitution.

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And Death awaits those that Refuse.

5.  Abducted Workers-Sweat Shop Owners use them for Everything with lots of Promises and are here under House Arrest-usually Old Houses near An Old Convenience Store.


6.  Marijuana-One Drug needing Legalization in a bad kind of way to End the Cartels New CONTROL.  Cartels have Politicians adamantly Against Legalization so the Cartels can pay them while supplying and selling Grass to Americans.

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Uncle Sam, what’d ya do?  You gave Monies and Billions then went straight across the Border so the Users could get their Stuff for FREE.  FREE to the ones that got those Stimulus Payments…Sex, Drugs, and Guns!  Hey, Uncle Sam bought this for me…And then they smile and laugh…and the Cartels smile and laugh-it’s just Business.

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I’m now thinking a whole lot of Campaign Monies may now be needing serious scrutiny to see who has Accepted Cartel Monies.  And how did this money cause certain Individuals to turn a Blind Eye to America’s Greatest Threat?  Accidentally or Intentionally accepting Cartel Monies.  Not everyone will immediately realize the Money is Cartel Related by an Innocent Looking Company that supplied it.  But once caught, Death may be the End Game. 

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No, the Cartels aren’t coming here as an Invasion Force.  They are using Weapons of Mass Intent against all who Oppose them or their Suppliers. 

In my life, I never thought I’d see a Time where so many Questions are now coming up about the Cartels and their Massive Black Market Empires.  Gangs can’t EXIST without being able to purchase what they need to do their Gang Games of Business-Drugs, Prostitutes, and Guns.  And with FREE MONEY that some got, well, they used them on getting High and Sex and illegal Guns.  But gosh, that’s a mind-boggling amount of money. 

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But, who cares?  Hardly anyone until that Bullet kills their kid.  Your Child..and Hardly anyone until that Overdose kills a loved one.  Your Loved One. And so…this dangerous Saga continues.