The Grandest of All Mysteries Still Puzzles the WORLD…

The Grandest of All Mysteries Still Puzzles the WORLD…and still no Truthful Answers are to be found and verified by Reliable Sources.

CHINA!  CHINA!  CHINA!  and the WHO.  And WHO done it?  Yes, THE GRANDEST MYSTERY OF OUR TIMES IS where did COVID-19 come from?  From MONKEY?  From Man?  From BAT?  And what SAY you CHINA?  NOW, please TELL US THE TRUTH!  Or will You Lead WHO on another Wild and Crazy Safari where You have had ample time to Cover-Up the Facts as now suddenly the Origin has gained a Prominence of Saving Face or Saving Grace?  Or just getting the Finger-Pointing going elsewhere? 

Yes, if the Origin does not remain in China, I will be highly suspecting Foul Play.  But if Truth is more important, then Exactly where did it Originate OUT OF?  Not the PLACE, but what?  A BAT?  WHICH BAT?  In which Province? Which other Country that feasts in Bat Eating or eating other things that seem odd to Western Culture like eating Dogs and Cats.  I still highly suspect Guangdong Province because of an Article I once found and Wrote about from China that has disappeared from the Internet and that is why I now download all Articles I use EXERTS from on the Internet, especially those from China Sources. I’m way more interesting in finding what sort of Critter someone was eating that caused all of the World Calamity.  And I bet you are too. And I’ll bet, it going to be a tough Road on anyone with WHO.  I wouldn’t want to go into any Caves where Bats that may have caused this Live.  And no, let me make this QUESTION-I don’t care who makes the Best Vaccine, will the World get it too?  And A Medication for those NOT VACCINATED who get it and it will fix them.  

And now, as I continue to Research this WHAT SHOULD BE PRETTY CLEAR CUT, but alas, the Mystery of China comes out in full Blossom.  Yes, trying to pry a GUILT of any proportion out of China is like trying to get a Canary out of a Bear Trap.  And the Oh, So Secretive Chinese will allure our inquisitive mind in one direction, but the answers will be hard to figure out as long as they are NOT aimed at China.  And that is just one of the many problems with a Totalitarian Government as HONG KONG is finally come to rationalize.  Internet Viewing and communicating is so backwards that you’d think you was in some Hillbilly Hotel put in the middle of Alligator Country.  But, this Virus might have entered the Guangdong Meat Market from Cambodia or another Southeast Asian Country.  Or the Northeast Asia Area. Or another Meat Market in China.  But it’s going to be A Bat, I’m thinking. 

But, as I search and search, I’ve read many Articles and yes, many have strangely disappeared.  And one of the things that keeps pricking at my mind is this one Group of Graphs that China and WHO put out and if you look closely, there is a CONFIRMATION of COVID-19 on December 2, 2020.  Yet, there is no information on this.  But look closely because I am going to share with you another little secret near the end about these Graphs.  I’ve searched everywhere and there is NO EXPLANATION as to why the Graphic Artist put that December 2, 2020 little bump showing a Clinical Confirmation of COVID-19.  But again, look for yourself-


Interesting for sure…but why no Data?   In Figure 2,  look at all three Graphs and yes, there is that little Mysterious December 2, 2020.  And as I have researched, I love to READ all about what the Genome Scientist are putting OUT as they continue to search for the answers of Origin and of the Mutations and who’s Spread to Which Other Country?  And, for sure, it mostly can be assuring to say that the COVID-19 did Originate in CHINA, but where?  Articles of where I once wrote about have now completely disappeared.  Articles that CHINA had put up have vanished from the Internet and WHY?  And on July 10,2020, WHO announced that they would go on a Safari to find out the True Source of the COVID-19 like all of a sudden, that too have become something that mysterious gentlemanly conversation over TEA or at a local Bar with BEER or Gin or Brandy.


The Wuhan Virology lab does hold coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2, so it is possible that one could have escaped, perhaps if a lab worker accidentally became infected from a virus sample or animal in the facility and then passed it on to someone outside the facility. It is also theoretically possible that scientists at the lab tweaked the virus’s genome for research purposes before it escaped, but, again, there is no evidence that they did. Shi declined to respond to Nature’s questions about her experiments, saying that she has been inundated with media requests…In April, lab director Yuan Zhiming said the virus did not come from the lab.  But did it?  Right now, I don’t care if it did.  I’m still thinking it came from Guangdong Province from a Meat Market Worker Infected from it and that is where I think it, like the Original SARS came from in 2002.  I have NO BELIEF that this Virus WAS intentionally Released from this Lab, but sure, an accidental exposure might have occurred.  But again, I still have Guangdong Province stuck in my mind.  And sure, I already wrote about it in an earlier Post where I brought light to this one obscure Article that sat out there on the Internet discussing a strange case of Respiratory Distress Ilness where this one man died.  But likely, he was Cremated.  But I’m thinking workers there could still have antibodies of the Original Source Virus.  And maybe they do and maybe they don’t.


Two scientists in protective clothing work at a lab bench.

Research into pathogens is key to tackling the mystery of the coronavirus’s originsCredit: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty

Since the pandemic began, the question of where the coronavirus came from has been one of the biggest puzzles. It almost certainly originated in bats, and a new study out this week — the most comprehensive analysis of coronaviruses in China — adds further weight to that theory.

But the lack of clarity around how the virus passed to people has meant that unsubstantiated theories — promoted by US President Donald Trump — that it escaped from a laboratory in China persist.

By contrast, most researchers say the more likely explanation, given what is known so far about this virus and others like it, is that bats passed it to an intermediate animal, which then spread it to people.

In mid-May, the World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization’s key decision-making body, passed a resolution that calls on the agency to work with other international organizations to identify the animal source.

But scientists say that the nature of the evidence required means it’s going to be hard to track down the animal source — and also difficult to completely rule out the facility in question, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), as the source.

That the WIV, a laboratory highly regarded for its work on bat coronaviruses, is located in the city where the outbreak first emerged is probably just a coincidence. But the leading work its researchers are doing to unravel the origin of the pandemic, as well as the unsubstantiated speculation about its possible role in the outbreak, has thrust it into the spotlight: several of the authors of the latest bat study work there.

An independent investigation at the facility is probably the only way to convincingly rule out the lab as a possible source of the outbreak, but scientists think such a probe is unlikely, given the delicate geopolitics that surround the issue.

Animal origin

In the latest study, researchers analysed partial sequences for some 1240 coronaviruses found in bats in China. They report that the virus fuelling the pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, is most closely related to a group of viruses found in horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus).

Their finding adds to an earlier report that a coronavirus called RATG13, which some of the authors found in intermediate horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus affinis) in Yunnan province, shares 96% of its genetic sequence with SARS-CoV-21.

The authors of the latest analysis note that the viral group to which both viruses belong seems to have originated in Yunnan province. But as the team only collected viruses from sites in China, they cannot rule out that a SARS-CoV-2 ancestor might have come from neighbouring Myanmar and Laos, where horseshoe bats also live.

A co-author of the study, posted on bioRxiv, is Shi Zheng-Li, the WIV virologist whose extensive work surveying coronaviruses in China has drawn particular attention during the pandemic. Shi has refuted suggestions that the lab has ever had a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2, and has previously cautioned about the risks of another SARS-like disease emerging from animals. “She had actually warned us that there are bat viruses in nature that can spill over to humans,” says Volker Thiel, a virologist at the University of Bern.

Florida Coronavirus Cases Continues To Spike Upward
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – JULY 06: Cars are seen as the drivers wait to be tested for COVID-19 at the COVID test site located in the Hard Rock Stadium parking lot on July 06, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Florida is experiencing a spike in cases of people with the coronavirus and has put plans in place to close some businesses to combat the rise. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Is the Above OUR FUTURE?  The WORLD’s FUTURE?  Or will AstraZeneca’s Vaccine be the Winner?  Or from another Company in the WORLD?  AstraZeneca has its corporate headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and its main research and development (R&D) centers are in Cambridge (UK), Gaithersburg (Maryland, US), Gothenburg/Mölndal (Sweden) and Warsaw (Poland).

So, once again, I, like you and so many others all across the World do want to know the Origin of such a Tremendous Killer of Men, Women, and Children came from?  A Virus that has tremendously interrupted WORLD TRADE and so much more.  IT’s a sad thing to see such an Alarming Pandemic breathing down upon all of us, is it not?  But right now, Secrecy is no longer a Viable Game to be played out.  The WORLD will DEMAND the TRUTH!

“Science must stay open to all possibilities” about the pandemic’s origins, Mike Ryan, executive director of WHOs Health Emergencies Programme, said at a press conference on 7 July. “We need to lay out a series of investigations that will get the answers that I’m sure the Chinese government,  governments around the world, and ourselves really need in order to manage the risk going forward into the future.”

The South China Morning Post reported having seen “government data” that a 55-year-old person from Hubei province had COVID-19 on 17 November. The article says eight other cases of the disease occurred that month. Wuhan is Hubei’s capital but the government records did not specify where these people lived, the newspaper noted. It’s possible the virus was first isolated from patients in Wuhan but emerged outside the city.


But the Above was not on the Original Graphs and WHY NOT?  No, not a Single One from Guangdong Province and that is a good place to start the Search, I think, but I’m a nobody and I know nothing for sure.  But, do you?  There were no November 17, 2019 bumps on any of the Graphs at the beginning of this Write, now where are they?  Here, look again-


*Correction, 14 July, 5 p.m.: This article originally suggested the 1977 influenza pandemic was triggered by an accidental lab release, but another leading theory suggests it was caused by an experiment with an attenuated vaccine. 

Well, scientists from all over the WORLD are searching down this what may be the most Endless Rabbit Hole of Our History.  But sure, someone knows the TRUTH,  I do believe that and the question is-Who is that Person or Persons?  Like the still Mothballed Kennedy Assassination Files, HELLFIRE, our own grandkids may never get to see them either.  LIARS AND PROMISERS are bountiful in this Day and Time…smh

On the Ground in Wuhan, Signs of China Stalling Probe of Coronavirus Origins

Beijing at first appeared to be homing in fast on the source of the virus.

But that sure went Kaput…but why?

WUHAN, China — Around 1 a.m. on Dec. 31, Lu Junqing woke to a phone call from his boss at a local disinfection company. Get a team together and head to the Huanan market, he was told: “Bring your best kit.”

And again, tidbits of information is floating all over the place and while all of us want answers, China and Russia they keep Reporting are Actively attempting to STEAL Vaccine Information in the UK and also in the United States.  Instead of signing a Vaccine Doses Contract, they’d rather STEAL the DATA?  smh

World Trust seems to always be farther a d farther away than when the World Players should be working together so the World can then do what?  Kill each Other?  Trade Tariff each other to Death?

Two World Health Organisation experts, an animal health specialist and an epidemiologist, are expected to arrive in Beijing this weekend to meet Chinese scientists and doctors to discuss the terms of a WHO-led mission to trace the origin of the coronavirus.


China agreed to the mission after a resolution passed unanimously in May at the World Health Assembly, the WHO’s governing body, calling for the WHO to work to identify the virus’ animal source.


“It is also the view of the WHO that origin-tracing is an ongoing process probably concerning many countries and localities, and the WHO will conduct similar trips to other countries and regions in light of the actual need,” she said.

And in the Guangdong Meat Market, animals are regularly brought from Laos and other Regions.  So, yes, a BAT or other Culprit from another Country could have arrived.  But I still think the 1st COVID-19 Infection took place  here…but that’s Not the Issue.  Finding the Animal Source is…this is NOT a blame China Game. 

Diseases come out of all Countries and the next one may come from your Country.

China Reports it goes thru 56 Days without any COVID-19 CASES.  Boy Howdy, this report Smells very, very foul.  Do you buy what they are saying?  I don’t…

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