Sit back and get ready to Enjoy some good and fun entertainment with this one!  And I know when something has found a way into my heart and this Netflix Series has done just that.  I love Lucifer and OUTLANDER and so many other of these Series that are up one Media Source, but this one CURSED was such a very unique way to re-tell a Fabled and Beloved Tale when Knights roamed the Countryside and Bravery was in just the mist ahead where danger and love and excitement lay.  And in only Two Days, I lack ONLY one Episode to finish the 1st Season and my mind is already yearning for more and more and more.  Yes, feed my mind, your mind, our minds with FUN and lots of bravery sorts of stuffs and this tale is such a great joy to see someone with enough fortitude and bravery to come up with yet another way of telling this Classic tale and NO, i won’t spoil it for you.  But below are Pics of the Ancient Tale and some that you will have to decide who is who and so the story wonderfully keeps going.  I will be so excited with a 2nd and 3rd and 4th Season with this one.  So, pop in the ole Popcorn and have a Grand Time of pure enjoyment and well, you might want to skip the Kids viewing it as well because it is a telling like you’ve never seen before.  But, do enjoy!  A Fun Watch and great acting and filming and wardrobe and all the rest of it to make it a most pleasurable adventure and a very fun watch.  Enjoy!


Some of the old mixed, can you tell who is who? and then in with the Newest and super fun new Netflix Series-CURSED,Netflix%20on%20July%2017%2C%202020.


Writing for Deadline, Nellie Andreeva describes Cursed as “a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue, a young heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. After her mother’s death, she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a young mercenary, in a quest to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword. Over the course of her journey, Nimue will become a symbol of courage and rebellion against the terrifying Red Paladins, and their complicit King Uther.”[1] In another piece on that site, Andreeva calls the show “a coming-of-age story whose themes are familiar to our own time: the obliteration of the natural world, religious terror, senseless war, and finding the courage to lead in the face of the impossible”.[2]

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So again, kick back and get ready to watch more than One Episode at a Time.  It grabbed me and I’m sure it will please many a Viewer and I love the Heroine Idea a lot!