Third Stage Testing is about to Begin…

This is very, very interesting.  More Volunteers are needed. Only from Testing will they find out How Good and How dangerous a Vaccine may be to individuals with immune Issues.

Here’s an Article on Vaccines by AARP-

Yesterday, I read the longest Article I’ve ever read about all the Anti-Vaccination Information.  And I was saddened by it.  Yes, I understand the Fear about the Mystery of Getting the Unknown.  And many Black People are saying they WON’T get a Covid19 Vaccine because of many things, but mostly it came down to the Trust Factor.  Yes, Trust goes a long way.  And yes, just like Slavery, Black Individuals have been experimented upon.  But so have others.  But hey, I’ve had a Lifetime to think about getting the COVID-19 Vaccines too.  No, it won’t be just one.  It’ll be a Lifetime of these Vaccines just like the Flu Shots.  But why do I worry about a Vaccine?  Here’s just Three Reasons-

1.  I’m At-Risk with multiple issues-will Vaccine do more Harm than good?

2.  Speed of Creating and Giving a COVID-19 Vaccine bothers me.  Too fast for us?  Or is it the Money?  Too much won’t be known yet.  Warp Speed brings Warp Worries.

3.  POLIO-the Polio Vaccine gave me the Disease.  And I remember that Oh Too Well.  Those crippling weeks of hospitalizations with lost leg feelings and no movement.  Watching crying Moms and those Formidable IRON LUNGS lined-up along the hallways. 

So, I’m happy that it’s quickly becoming Vaccine Possibility Time.  But yes, I am very concerned about the three above and other Issues.  My Anxiety Level I know will be maxed-out if I get a Vaccine at the point of that needle entering my arm.  Not happy thoughts…👀  

But the Big Factor for me will be after I READ the Scientific Abstract or Final Study Medical Journal Testing Results.  I’m already Upset with Moderna’s 1st Trial Results. 

They mentioned that several participants had Adverse Effects from the 2nd Shot of their Vaccine, but DID NOT TELL the Viewer what they were.  These Adverse Effects are ones Requiring Medical intervention.  And now. This Vaccine is going into a greater number of participants.  But 3 or 4 out of 45 participants having Adverse Effects Bothers me.  How about you?  But like I’ve always said-The Oxford University Vaccine is going to be the one to get.  It protects in two ways.  And Our Government has already invested $1.2 BILLION dollars to bring that Vac. To us.  And it might start to get here by September…Hooray!