Be Strong, Be Safe, stay Budget Minded.

Relax…take in the Big Picture.  First Off, let’s look at Our Typical Bills-

Typical monthly Expenses-

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Debt (student loans, credit card payments, etc.)
  • Medical expenses
  • Child care

Identify Your “Must Pay” Expenses…yes, we can also Label them “Must Have Immediately”  and “Must Have in the Near Future”. 

But, BEWARE-Using Credit Cards can send Your Expenses Spiraling out of Control.

My two biggest Bills right now are Food and Medical Expenses.  As you get Older, you’ll find out your Body is going to Need some Help with things like Diabetes and A-fib, and High Blood Pressure.  It’s be nice if we could control this stuff with Low Cost Meds.  But some are EXPENSIVE.  For me, Eliquis reeks the Highest per month Bill I’ve got.  And the Manufacturer has got it RIGGED so a cheaper, lower cost Generic won’t be coming in my Lifetime. 


But when you see any of us Old Farts with Bruises on our arms or hands, it’s Not that we are Lepers gonna give you SOMETHING.  It’s the Blood Pressure Meds.  Eliquis is the one that gives me this like in the above picture.  And if you run your hand against anything, it’ll pop-up and you’ll see it looking like maybe blood under the skin or a Bruise.  But no, it’s nothing contagious.   Now, if you’re without work, don’t let yourself get used to an Unemployed Check.  That money will dry-uo fast on you.  So, if you’re not looking for work, you’re not motivated.  Well, MOTIVATE YOUR SELF.  Just do it.  Yes, the Pandemic is still here.  But you need that Money.  And don’t drift off to Drugs Usage or Booze Usage because they will help you become  Stay Lazy Minded.  Don’t get into that Rut. 

And Shop by Your Budget.  Not what you want, but by what you need…keep strong, keep safe