2022-Will You Eat People too?


SOYLENT GREEN, and it seems like a Lifetime since I saw this Movie in the Movie Theaters.  Ouch, that’s been a minute ago And now, no one is still going.  No, not REALLY.  And in it, 2022 is the Year.  And if you’ve never seen this Movie, there does seem some eerily parallels that may come to be a part in the Future.  With a World Financial Collapse, complete and adverse Control of People like in this Movie where People Rioting when Food Lines run Empty and they simply are scooped–up and tossed into large Dump Trucks.  A possibility?  Folks, I’ve learned-NEVER SAY NEVER…

And dang, a more harsh handling of Protestors could be barbarically Outlined by Countries Fed-Up with kindergarten treatments like those of today.  Yes, in only two mores years, many things we make assumptions about may not exist.  War Crimes and Right-Wing Brutality will be suddenly the most Attractive and Alluring behavior for many youths.  And as long as you can Feed me, then we’ll follow you and your Food Wagons.

What’s ahead?  I can see the World going one way and then there’s the one where only the Strongest will want.  Yes, Thug Life may run the Gauntlet until enough get tired of it.  And Lord, there are places in the World completely Barbaric right now.  But it’s not going to be on the Visitation List for millions who will be?  Still Isolated?  Gosh, what if America is Still in a State of Quarantine by all Countries two years from now?  Stuck Like Chuck right here.  No Outside America Traveling Allowed?  WTH?  Again,  Never say Never…but don’t let this Movie depress YOU.  It’s Old Sci-Fi and it’s gonna be boring to many.  At least, it’s not B&W…lol