Invited to COVID-19 Parties? The blindness of some…

OMG!  It don’t get any stupider than this.  But yes, this is some pure IGNORANCE!  It doesn’t get sadder or any dumber.

1.  The Not Gonna Wear a MASK GROUP.

2.  The Not Gonna Get a Vaccine Crowd.

3.  Now, Young Folks throwing PARTIES when they get it.

4.  And Folks still claiming its Just a HOAX!

But today, I was saddened when I read that young people are going to these Beat the Disease Parties.  (SMH)

Invited to a “Beat the Disease” Covid-19 Party where the Host has it?  WTH?

“Someone will be diagnosed with the disease, and they’ll have a party to invite their friends over to see if they can beat the disease,” Appleby said.

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