Extreme CAUTION!

Without a doubt, extreme Caution is going to be the Mindset for all of us in How to Deal with for this Pandemic. 

Vaccines may be coming as everyone is hoping, but even those will be Partial Successes and looks like we’ll need a Booster Shot every Three Months.  Yes, the Vaccine will create a Response, but with time, it becomes weak and needs a New Kick in the Butt to get us better prepared.  And with 77,000 new Cases today, we’re in a fine mix of trouble now.  And the Deaths daily are heading back up to 1000 per day.  And the Hospitalizations keep rising.  

And who can you Trust?  Who?  Trusting Yourself is paramount NOW.  Today, I heard that they are saying once you’re OUT the door of your Safety Habitat, we should wear a Mask.  Out the Door, have your Mask on.  But we know that this Virus is not going away.  Yes, it’s going to be here in America for years.  And because thorn britches migraine Coo Coo’s are screaming they aren’t wearing a Mask and their Family isn’t either and there’s the other bunches of folks also screaming that they aren’t ever getting a Vaccine.  So, we are stuff like a Duck on a frozen Pond.  And that stinks.  And I mean, it really stinks. 

I’m wondering if they’ll ever be able to do a DNA follow-up on who gave who their Case of Virus?  Especially when they chose to Not Follow Safety Guidelines and your loved one dies as a direct consequence, direct result?  And would you prefer charges if you could? 

Gosh, more stupid food to consider.  But I’m sad to see so many Out of Work and the Dying.  My God, this stuff is craziness. And such sad things.

But I’m thinking 2-5 years will be Better.  But even that may not be realistic for the World to get its shit together.  But time will tell.