Hey Y’all, isn’t putting Loved Ones in Refrigerator Trucks Upsetting?



There’s just something terribly wrong when Loved Ones are going from their Homes and straight into a Refrigerated 18-Wheeler’s Cargo Meat Storage Box.  Into a Meat Box!  A Loved and Respected member of your Family passes AWAY, and you CAN’T see them because they have been loaded-up into a Refrigerated Truck.  And that’s such an incredibly place of utter loneliness-emptiness, cold, oh so very cold of a  place and they’re not going to be telling you how many Dead Cows and Dead Pigs and Dead Chickens were in there before…yes, before your Loved Member of your family.  And it’s beyond any thoughts of normality.  Yes, it’s about as empty a thing that a person will experience far deeper of an indignation than the loss already facing a family.  

“Ma’am, we aren’t able to show you your Mother because she’s got a Toe Tag on her in one of the Ice Boxes sitting in that Vacant Lot on….(a long moment of silence as it is confusing)…Well, we really can’t tell you exactly where that Refrigerator Box is because the Officials told us not to say,” says one of the Funeral Home’s Employees.  And the expression on their face is one you’ll never forget as long as you live and as they won’t tell you where your Loved One’s body actually is and you can’t get that information.


These makeshift Morgues or Meat Boxes are always leaning toward the front side so Body Fluids can leak out the back doors…ugh

But you will get a quick-

“We’re so sorry at your loss.  If you have a moment, we can go over the Final Arrangements.  Would you like to do that right now?”  They’ll ask you and if you say YES or Okay, off to one of their impersonal Offices you’ll be directed to, sit down, and be handed a Death MENU!  Yes. You will be handed a laminated Quick Shop and Go Menu of all the things that they’ll Offer you and each will have a Price to the right side.  It’s just like going into a Restaurant and the Waiter or Waitress will be handing you an Order Menu.  And it will Cover-

1.  Embalming Fluid-its where the Mortician pumps out the blood from your Loved One and into a floor drain.  And her Blood is replaced with Long Lasting Embalming Fluid.  And for an extra $100-500 Dollars they’ll even Add Red Dye to the embalming fluid to give your Mother that fresh Still Alive Look as if they weren’t even Dead no more.  It’s just something to make her look more acceptable instead of that Cold. Oh so Cold normal Dead Grey Dead Body look.

2.  Mourners-Yep, Paid Criers at your Mothers Funeral if you want and can afford.

3.  Coffin?  Or Cremation?  And if you pick Coffin, they got a cheap version for $2800 And you can buy that same one Online with 24 hour guaranteed delivery time for $1800 or less.  Hey, shop around…but if you’re hung-up totally in your emotions, they’ll Hit the Jackpot if you’ll buy the $50,000 Coffin. 

4.  Service at their Chapel looking place?  Or your Church?

5.  Graveside Service Also or Graveside Service ONLY.  Yes, you guessed it, both cost the most.

6.  Flowers-some, none, or they’ll Sell you an entire Flower Shops worth.  I mean they’ll fill the whole place up if you want.

7.  Grave Spot?  Wanna bury her in the ground?  Or not.  Bury in the ground for Cheap or for a whole lot of money?  See, some burial Cemeteries gonna Cost a burial plot anywhere from $3000 to $25,000.

Cheap ones may only get mowed once a year or you or your families will be responsible for taking care of your mother’s Grave.  And Slots for Cremated Remains ain’t Cheap either.  But if they’re a Veteran, go ahead and use a Veteran’s Cemetery-its Free.

8.  Transportation Costs-Every Mile your Dead Mother is now going to Travel is gonna Cost you more than a Buck Fifty.

But hopefully, Last Wishes and even the Burial has already been arranged by your Mother before she passes.  Otherwise, it’s on YOU if you Claim your Momma’s Body.

9.  Preacher-Don’t have one?  Well, it’s gonna Cost as most get $300-500 for saying a hopefully soothing Last Words over your Mom’s grave.

10.  Clothes-Yes, are you going to provide the clothes your Mother will wear or they’ll show you different prices on wardrobes they Offer.

11.  Hairdo?  Gonna get your Mother one Last Hairdo?

12.  Make-up?  You gonna put Make-up on your Mother or do you want them to?

13.  Music?  Their Pre-Recorded stuff or do you want a $600 Singer?  Or more?

14.  Headstones?  And this will Cost you a bunch.  $$$$-$$$$$$$$!

When you ENTER into Death Arrangements, you are in the Driver’s Seat.  But by the time that 30-45 minute meeting is Over, you’ll feel worse than all get out if you have to take the 10-20 year pay off Loan.  And few ever think about their own death or how much it will Cost the ones left Behind.

Now, I’m not trying to upset you, but for the naive out there, Know This, Funerals are EXPENSIVE!  That World that you may never ever took a minute to think about will choke your pocketbook up like no other Service you’ll run into except maybe a horrific Hospital Bill if your Loved one was hospitalized before he or she passed away.  But you must look at that Final Service performed by a Funeral Home as a SERVICE.  Just like having your car or home repaired.  You decide.  You decide.  You decide.  But take into account your entire financial picture before you Agree to every Teary-Eyed Line(and you will be emotional-it is Your Mother) on that Death Package Menu that the Funeral Home Employee will discuss with you.  Is there a Life Insurance Policy?  And Know This-that person sitting beside you or across a Desk is going to get a Cut of the Total Pie.  So, it’s to his or her advantage to get you to purchase the most Costly Package out there.  But buy what you believe you must, and this is where your conscience will betray you if you allow, and what you can afford without causing a financial hardship upon you or your family.  But sure, the refrigerator Trucks are a saddening Sign of these Times.  So, concentrate on what you need to concentrate on and not the ugliness animal of trying to decide who to Blame for your loss.  The Blame Game is a Shame Game gonna come back at you.  But you’re correct, yes, you are-This should never have gotten to the point where your Loved One was stripped from your Arms during this Pandemic.  No. Not now, Not Ever.  And I asked three girls aged 17, 15, 14 to answer How they Viewed this Pandemic and yes, Dying was on the 14 year Old’s mind.  And that is sad.  Here, Listen for yourself-