Doing what your Mother told you not to do…lol


Especially if you’re a woman.  Lol.  But today, this evening while watching Wheel of Fortune game show, I suddenly thought it’d be best of me to share another three SECRET RECIPES that I learned from my grandmother.  And I’ve received a ton of Thank You’s from my sharing my grandmother’s Recipes.  And she was a great cook.  So, okay now, I know you’re in need of something different to cook and maybe, just maybe, you’re needing a little urge from an Old man like me.  So, I’m urging if you wanna make your family or yourself very Happy.


Tonight,  here’s How I cook Catfish and make Tartar Sauce and Hush-puppies.  So, what are you going to need?  

1.  Deep Fryer filled with Cooking Oil.  I still like using Crisco Vegetable Oil.  Fill fryer to a normal and Safe level for cooking.  325 Degrees is our cooking temperature.

2.  One large BOX of Jiffy Brand Corn Muffin Mix.  I’m talking the Large Box and not the small boxes.

3.  Eggs-three.

4.  5 good or nice size Fillets of Catfish.  Frozen and Farm Raised is fine too.

5.  Bottle of Worcestershire Sauce.

6.  Regular Mayonnaise.  I use KRAFT Brand mostly like almost always.

7.  Jar of Sweet Pickle Relish.

8.  Bottle of Ketsup. Catsup.

Okay, now you got your ingredients.  So, get your Cooking Oil started warming up.


Rinse the thawed fillets off with water.

1.  Put Fillets in bowl and add teaspoon of Salt.

2.  Pour Milk until Fillets are covered.  Soaking longer before you Warm up your Cooking Oil.

3.  Pour off all the Milk.

4.  Add your eggs into Bowl with Fillets.

5.  Swish with your hand and mix the eggs like your were about to scramble them.

6.  IN A LARGER BOWL, 3-Quart, add 1/2 box of your Cornbread Muffin Mix with a Whisk to smooth all of the cornbread.  Add a tbl of your favorite seasoning and Whisk a little more.  But don’t overdo your Seasoning.  Or they’ll say you OVERDID it.  Lol.  Don’t worry, you have to really BOO BOO to mess this up.  Overdoing van happen with a lot of super hot powdered pepper Seasoning.  Don’t do that.  You want to be liked and not mess supper up.  Right?  So. Let’s do THIS-

OKAY, WHEN YOUR OIL Is Ready, it’s Cooking Time.

7.  Take one fillet out of your Eggs mixture and flat side down, put it in your bowl of Cornbread Muffin Mix.  Pour the Breaded Flour on top of the top side of the fillet and lightly push down.  Turn the fillet OVER and do that side the same way.

8.  Put this battered fillet into your Heated Cooking Oil.  Continue putting in two more or until the bottom of the Cooking Pan is full of battered Fish Fillets.

9.  Let them COOK 5-11 minutes depending on how Brown you like YOURS cooked.

Okay!  While that fish is cooking, Let’s make that TARTAR SAUCE.

1.  In a Cereal Bowl, add-

A.  3 tbl of Worcestershire Sauce.

B.  Two tbl of Sweet Pickle Relish.

C.  6 tbl Mayonnaise.

(But double this if you got Tartar Sauce lovers in the house)

Add the above into your Cereal size bowl and Whisk and put the bowl in the refrigerator to COOL.

OKAY, you’ve close to finishing cooking your fish fillets and you’ve got lots of time to Make some Hush Puppies.

Add your scrambled Eggs Mixture that is in the bowl that you had your fillets sitting in earlier and pour this egg remains into your remaining Cornbread Muffin Mix that is in the fish fillet bowl where you breaded the fish fillets.

Put your hand in that mixture and squeeze it, stir it with your fingers on one hand until it gets squeeze-EEE and kind of gooey.

With a tbl spoon sprayed with PAM, beginning dividing your gooey mixture into small Balls in your mixture Bowl.  And get READY!

NOW, as soon as you pull out your last fillets out of the Cooking Oil, it’s time to cook those Hush Puppies. The more you form them, the more of a ball they will become.

Put them into your Cooking Oil one by one.

1.  Cook for about 5 minutes.  They are going to float to the TOP.  With a cooking Spoon, turn them OVER a few times.  But COOK how BROWN you like them.


Now, look on my plate of food.  See, I’ve got nice rounds one and not so perfect ones.  But amazingly, the non-perfect not-so-round ones taste great too.

Now, cook some Fries and when they’re done, while they are cooling down, pop the Cooked fillets into the Microwave to Heat them back up from about a minute per fillet.  Just enough to get them good and warm, warm, warm.  No, you’re not trying to Re-Cook them.

Now serve it up and enjoy…