Let’s Agree to Disagree!

Lots more “All About Himself Trump Junk” once again.  Gosh, it was such a Blessing to go about a week where Trump WASN’T in the News.  And hey. We’ve ordered the Mary Trump Book so we can read an Opinion from someone inside the Family.  And sure, it’s all about the money, but will her book actually enlighten us?  I ‘ll know when I read it.  But one thing I’m now seeing is How suddenly Trump is now Viewing Dr. Fauci as another Weakness to his Campaign to get Re-elected. And his past Modus Operandi already says that Trump most likely now wants to FIRE the good ole doc…

modus operandi (often shortened to M.O.) is someone’s habits of working, particularly in the context of criminal investigations, but also more generally. It is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as mode of operating.

But will Dr. Fauci put the Health of Americans above the pressures from Trump and his War Chest of people working for him?

Can President Trump Fire Dr. Fauci?

Dr. Fauci is a career member of the Senior Executive Service (SES), a position classification created by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, and which went into effect under President Carter. Under Federal law, he can be fired if he is found to have engaged in “misconduct, neglect of duty, malfeasance, or failure to accept a direct reassignment or to accompany a position in a transfer of function”, is or to be “less than successful [in his] executive performance.”

However, prior to being terminated for performance or conduct, Dr. Fauci must be given the due process protections offered by 5 U.S.C. § 7543(b), which provides that he is entitled to:

  1. at least 30 days’ advance written notice, unless there is reasonable cause to believe the employee has committed a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment may be imposed, stating the specific reasons for the proposed action;
  2. a reasonable time, but not less than 7 days, to answer orally and in writing and to furnish affidavits and other documentary evidence in support of the answer;
  3. be represented by an attorney or other representative; and
  4. a written decision and the specific reasons therefor at the earliest practicable date.

But now, I’m convinced Our Current COVID-19 Catastrophe is all Trump Related.  Yes, it is…and here’s an example of How a Successful Approach against this Virus WAS done-


OMG!  Did you read the above amazing Tweet?  The $2000 a month is real Family Saving Money.  Real Burden freeing monies.  But did our Washington Playsters really do that for us?  $1200 per person and some change for kids…No, they did not.

Holy Cow!  And I’m really meaning this after reading that Tweet.  I’m really now thinking all of us done got Screwed, Blues. And Tattooed by the Washington Crowd.  We didn’t get $2000 a month per person that were working in this Pandemic.  No, Big Business got Rescued and we got tossed Peanuts.  No. Sir.  We did not.  And everyone was so “At Any Cost” ready to jump back to work that Safety was tossed for a paycheck.  And that Scenario should never have applied to us. But it most definitely did. 

And for anyone who doesn’t have a Clue why the above Tweet was sent in response to another Tweet, it’s simple.  Trump retweeted a Tweet that was put out saying Most Medical Doctors, CDC, Media, and so on were LYING to us as a Stunt Done against Trump.  Why?  They saying it was done to keep Him from getting Re-Elected. 

Dang, Trump Cult Alarmists continue to ATTACK the Democrats led by Trump.  Folks, I see Trump’s constant attacking all Democrats  as the Sole Reason that Democrats have been awoken and tons of People are now fighting MAD!  Yes, they are.  Side-stepping Real Issues and Problems here is what Trump is best at.  But I’m going to Vote for Joe Biden because I cannot in good conscience Vote for Trump because of these Reasons-

1.  His Tweeting is disgraceful from a person representing such a Proud Position in Our Country.

2.  His Regular Use of Lying is disgraceful.  Anytime he gets caught Lying, he denies it.  Lies during this Pandemic made me take note.

3.  His being a Billionaire has shown me how he treats the Rich and how he treats the rest of us.  This includes giving the Rich amazing Tax Breaks.

4.  He Hates Women.

5.  He is a Racist.  He’s pushed White Privilege way too far with his rejoicing in making it a Felony messing with Confederate Statues, denouncing all Sports and Military for changing Names that embody Racism.

6.  He is a Narcissist. It’s all about him, Baby.  He’s still locked in his TV Role.

7.  His Regular Attacks using unfounded or proven proof is disgraceful.  Why?  It’s proven he is lying again.  Like his promoting Hydroxichloroquine-misspelled.

8.  His constant Creating National Division among the American People only served Him.  Attacking the Democratic Party, all Democrats went way Overboard.  Four Years of these Attacks is enough.  Are Democrats Trump’s idea of his New N_ _ _ ERS?

9.  Constantly attacking President Obama served only as an unwelcome Diversion for four years.  And attacking every piece of Obama Legislation is disgraceful.

10.  THE WALL served only as a Diversion.  His Diverting Military Budgeted Money for this Wall was Disgraceful.  It’ll never be finished.

11.  Constant Trade War with China only served as a Diversion and ultimately cost all of us in Our Pocketbooks.  And hurt our Farmers.

12.  Paying-Off high priced Prostitute Type Individuals is Disgraceful.  Moral Fortitude means something to me. 

13.  Commuting a personal friend who committed and was Convicted of 7 Felonies is beyond disgraceful.

14.  Attacking the Media as only Creating Fake News is disgraceful.

15.  Constantly Requiring everyone around him into signing a “Gag Order” is disgraceful.

16.  Saying he will do something and then doesn’t like revealing his Tax Returns is disgraceful.

17.  Taking everything concerning Legal Matters against him always up to the Supreme Court is Disgraceful.

18.  Firing or Removing anyone who questions him is disgraceful.

19.  Always attacking individuals in the Media is disgraceful.

20.  Promoting the Opposite on many Issues is disgraceful.  Like saving the Confederate Statues.

21.  What he’s said about and how he’s handled the Pandemic is disgraceful.


And the above ones are just 21 reasons.  I’m sure, you may have more.  But you Vote how you believe you should.  And if you hate the above, then, Let’s Agree to Disagree!