Prepare Yourself NOW!

Yes, preparations are now in Order to help you prepare your Family and yourself for the upcoming Winter.  Yes, all of need to get ready.  And good preparations will help you.  Will there be more States going into Isolation? But what you begin doing now could help immensely.  Isolations?

Yes, there most certainly will be.  The combined burdens of Flu and Pneumonia Hospitalized Individuals and the Virus Hospitalizations, this is where, well simply speaking, America is going to have the most burdensome pressures ever placed upon all of us.  Feeding all of us will be too. And 1st off, if you’re unemployed, I’m so sorry for your predicament.  But keep moving forward.  And if you need help, don’t slow-buck your situation and seek Help you need.  Being Proud and unable to meet you family’s needs is going to be heartbreaking, as it may already be for you.  But keep those Prayers going out to Our Heavenly Father.  And ask for help.  Let others know of your situation.  Don’t you do it.  Don’t you fake-out on how you are doing.  All of us have got to get thru this.  Going it alone is not going to be healthy in this Winter.  And I know everyone’s greatest upheaval will be News Overload.  So, remember to keep aware of Have I watched so much that it is pulling me into a Depression with High Anxiety?  Try popping over to Jeopardy or Family Feud or The Munsters.  Or just Play a Card Game of Solitaire.

Okay, before I continue, I remember an Old Viking Tale of How the Bravest of Men feared Winter.  And why?  It was the God Borax and his Cold Breath of Winter put fear into the Bravest of Men.  But why?  Simple.  With that Cold Winter weather came the Disease with it that killed even the Bravest.  Flu and Pneumonia. 

And now, all of us must accept what is Coming.  Flu, Virus, and Pneumonia.  All three are going to have the potential of being the worst and okay, enough said about what is coming.  Overloading Hospitals is Coming, Again.  The worst ever. And please, if you’re At-Risk, take the minutes to Get Your WILL done-this is using good prudent judgement.  And this will help your families.  Let your Last wishes be known too.  Otherwise, they’ll surprise you on what happens to you after you depart.  And a lot of going to come down to money to bury you or Help someone survive this Winter.  If it’s the latter, your body is going to lose every time.  So it should be…

But now, let’s prepare-

1.  Three things all of us are going to need-Shelter, Food, Water.  That is the most important.  And this Winter may give way to the Greatest number of Homelessness and a lot by Choice or the fact that some have destroyed their family ties thru various reasons such as Drug Abuse.

2.  Reading Material-Bible and Quran are two important books to billions of us.  And if you read them slowly, they will help you.  Yes, they will. But again, I believe Prayers are Paramount in these Days and Times.  And no. Simple prayers are all you need.  But don’t fear doing Huge Prayers about things to help all the World.  Me?  I pray for the Entire World and yes, that means you. When the Heart is right, the Prayer is right.

3.  Keep Family Ties by doing the right things.  Be kind, be supportive, and show that Love and Caring that still resides somewhere deep inside of all of us.  Yes, some of us may be lost in our own world of self-pity.  And if you are, take those Pity Panties back off the same way you got them there.  Yes, it’s very doable.

4.  Food-prepare building a small Winter Stockpile.  For the entire Winter.  Yes, start NOW.  And think about what you need.  You’ve already survived up until now and how did you do that?  Dried goods always get you the farthest.  But they do get boring unless you quit worrying and read a Book.  Yes, read a book!  Not just watch TV.  You need to exercise that brain.  Popcorn, dried beans, dried rice, and seasonings.  Also, WATER.  But do what you can do.  Our situations, all situations are always different.  So, use what you can and toss the rest aside.  If it doesn’t Apply, let it Slide…

5.  Mental Toughness.  Mental Fortitude.  Keeping Mentally Fit and Finding Happiness is now one great big deal.  So, dig down.  There’s a saying and it is absolutely TRUE-Physically Fit, Mentally Fit.  And again. If it doesn’t Apply, let it slide.  When you’re my wife’s and my age, being fit is a good memory.  But I know being a parent, sometimes you were ready for school to start back-up.  And unfortunately, I’m believing Schooling is going to be Screen Fed Time.  You know, Kids doing there Schooling in front of a Computer Screen.  But it will be tough keeping all of it going.  Yes, it will.  But all of us can do it.  And no matter what is Lost or Missing this Upcoming Winter, well, it’s going to be Okay.  Yes, say it-It’s going to be Okay.  Yes. Say it, Hear it.  Believe It!  Because you must be the First to Believe and if it’s not there in you-in all of us, our kids are going to see it.  Yes, they will. And it’s for them that We Must Be Strong.  They are the Future.  

6.  Talking to Your Kids.  Some Questions are going to be TOUGH to answer.  But tell the Truth.  And moms and dads and even all of us grandparents, if you need to slip away and GOOGLE a best ANSWER, get to the bathroom and find out How best to answer something that you don’t want to answer or don’t know.  Could be simply How to Solve a Math Problem.  Or Mom or Dad, where do they put all the people dying? Mommie, Why are they Protesting?

7.  Coupon Shopping Network-these can help you SAVE a ton on all sorts of things.  Also, shop all the Sales at all the Grocery Stores and Discount Stores.  Even if you have to shop 3-5 Stores, do it…and save those bucks.

So, you know something is Coming.  You know it is.  And News won’t make you a Happy Camper.  Watching and trying to Discuss too much News could get you put Into TIMEOUT-no matter what your Age is.  But keep it Real and not fairytale time now.  But if you’re planning on having a Happy GET PAST THIS WINTER, then get out some paper and a pencil or pen and begin planning right NOW.  Do as you can according to your Budget if you can. 

For my wife and I, we’re blessed enough to still be using our Stimulus Check and Tax Return Money to buy Groceries with now.  And I know many, many of our fellow Americans and fellow Citizens of the World are in some pretty upsetting conditions where Starvation is a daily struggle.  So is housing and so many other things. 

I know as you may too that things cannot, simply cannot, get better until the entire World accepts the very true fact that all of us are in this one together…and we are…truly, yes, truly we are.