Which Picture is YOU?


Yahoo…I’m caring and I’m respectful of you and yours and I hope you will show me the same courtesy.

The Carter Center released photo of Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter wearing masks

One of Our Best Presidents-Jimmy Carter and 1st Lady!  And they are reminding all of us to do this to help EVERYONE.



I’m a Freaky Cool Dude in my Coolest!  I’m Nose-Mugging ya.  I think I’m wearing my Mask correctly, but I could be giving or getting the Virus thru my nose.  I have good intentions.  Or, I have to breath harder in the Mask and I don’t like that.  And you just caught or saw me.


Just Make My Day and Say SOMETHING…i beg ya…GET OFF MY LAWN!  I’m all about me.


I’m a Bear!  I’m a Non-Believers Member!  I don’t care, I don’t eat broccoli and I are not buying none of yours or Dr. mini-Frankenstein’s  B.S. about Wearing Masks. I’m a Trump Supporter and if he DOESN’T wear a Mask, then I’m not going to either. I’m not killing myself by wearing one and drinking that carbon dioxide. Nope, CAN’T, WON’T, NEVER GONNA WEAR A MASK!  I don’t wear underwear.  I have ticks in my hair.  I got jock rot.  I got dirt under my fingernails. I practice Unsafe Sex. And I won’t wear a Mask even if means I can’t get a 2nd Stimulus Check.  GET OFF MY LAWN!  I love being selfish.  Just Say something, I beg ya.  If I want to make a Political Statement by not wearing one, so be it.

Okay, four pictures of wearing a Mask by my person.  I just jotted down a few reasons under each.  Some true, some silly.  Some very silly.

Yet, which one best fits YOU? Which is what you are doing?

And how about the reasons of why you are like one of the above images of Your Wearing or Your Not Wearing a Mask? 

So, when you have Open-Heart Surgery, don’t be surprised when the Surgeon does just like you did in one of the pics above during your OPERATION.  Okay?  Lol.  

No, they’re Professionals, so you know how they’re going to look. 

BUT!  If you must because of WORK or you feel or believe you need to correct someone Wearing a Mask INCORRECTLY, please do this Politely!  People are showing people going CRAZY about the Mask Wearing Thing. 

People are absolutely in great need of some FEEL GOOD!  And here’s one moment…lol

PLEASE WEAR A MASK WHILE IN PUBLIC!  The Virus is Airborne!  Thank You.