NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and all High School Sports should be Starting in 2021. And here’s how and why? IVY LEAGUE is 1st to take the Plunge! No FALL SPORTS for Ivy Leaguers until Spring!

The Ivy League is made up of eight schools — Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University.

Here’s what the Ivy League says-

But now, the rest of the Games won’t be fair unless everyone goes to SPRINGTIME!  And yes, it is DOABLE! 

This is being Pandemic/Flu Proactive. Not Haters of Sports!  But Lovers of Great and Fair Games!

One Star Player down for two weeks or more could spell doom for a Championship Team making a Run for the Title.

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Forget Predicting Fall, 2020 and Spring 2021 COVID-19 INFECTIONS.  No one can.  But let’s be real.  COVID-19 and the FLU could cause a crippling 2020-21 Winter quite possibly causing a Pandemic like never seen before.  And even my View of January may need to be set back even farther…

Safety has to be Number One-Fan, Student, and Athletes. So-

Forget all Out of Conference Games.  Toss them aside.  If you Re-Open too soon, the New Deaths may come back to HAUNT YOU!  Might even make you Liable thru Gross Negligence.  A Star Player takes COVID-19 back home and a beloved parent dies?  A beloved Grandparent dies.  Fabled School Alumni dies.  But I’m only talking about Realistic Safety.  Infection Rates in America are still hitting near 30,000 a day and over 1000 dying daily.  These numbers have to be Respected.  Honesty and Open Transparency now is paramount, not starting cause…

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