In COVID-19 Infections, Texas went thru the Vortex and now we’re free Spinning in its Cyclonic Spiral…on the other side

Well now, it’s looking more hauntingly and so eerily similar that Texas has now transcended into a similar Virus Pattern like New York City.  And where and how we got to this point is clearly being caused by the Fact that Texas Re-Opened earlier than the CDC recommended.  Yes, we did.  And like a bunch of Wild Horses cut loose from being corralled on a long and grueling Rodeo Circuit Run, once the Gates were Opened, Texans bolted out Wild and Free and we never looked back.  We went to Bars and swam back out the doors fully inebriated. And we were happy as all get out.  


Suddenly all hell breaking loose.  

And now, Texas is racing backwards in our footsteps.  And how can anyone return to what it was?  Return to House Arrest?  Return to No-Contact Visitation drive-bys by our relatives?  

But God Almighty, they’re talking another round of Stimulus Payments, BUT only those getting $40,000 or less per year will receive them.  WTF?  WHOA RIGHT THERE! 

It was done correctly the 1st Time and it’s Unrealistic to tweak something that will piss-off the Greatest Portion of Americans.  A person making $100,000 ends up with the same monetary Issues as one making $40,000.  And if THE GOVERNMENT uses 2019 Tax Returns, they’ll be messing over a ton of folks that Got Laid-Off in 2020 and their 2019 Income will no longer be true and to Limit the Payments based on 2019 Tax Returns will be the greatest Travesty in our History.  Speaking in money to Citizens ONLY terms. Base it on what everyone got in the 1st six months of 2020.  Or what they are making per month right now.

But, the Deaths will be and the “never again the same” ones who get this Virus will be a true Travesty.  Folks, I can tell you straight-up right now, Texas has got to shut it back down.  Yes, just like it was in the Middle of March when all of it shut it down.  Another full 90 days will need to be done.  We’ve Opened Bars and Churches and Protested and Partied and BBQ’ed until the Break of Dawn and we’re caught in it all over again.  Now, Texas is looking real bad.Colleges too.

Right now, Texas can forget about any TEXAS SCHOOLS having any “IN CLASS IN PERSON” Classes until 2021.  Colleges can forget about it too. Our responsibility is now for the Safety of all Texans.  And with the Flu here in a few more months, they combined with COVID-19 Infections will become Ultra-Extreme Spreaders like none seen before.  And if we don’t get a handle on it right now, I’m saddened at what a truly immense quagmire all of Our Financial Shape will be in and Worse Issues.

Especially, County, City, and State Budgets. I’m talking Cities filing for Bankruptcy.  And the Housing Crash will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.  It’s going to be rough, very, very rough.  Your Belt-Tightening Measures should have already gone into place, but you’re gonna need to double or triple them if you plan to survive thru till 2022-24.  Yes, 2024 or 2025 could be a realistic year before a real recovery begins. But I believe in Texans.  In Texas. We will Overcome.

Our love for everything Texans. For each other.  And yes, there will be a better time ahead, but getting there is going to be like going thru two-a-day in football workouts for a long time.  And Our Minds are going to need to be fed good Mind Food and that starts with everyone not doing the things that upset you.  With everyone being nice to each other.  Right now, there are a lot of people ready to BLOW! 

They’ve been sheltering in since March and they are really scared.  Very scared.  And all of us need to show care and love for each other and drop Cell Phone Burning People.  That needs to stop now.  But be kind, be nice, be professional, and be ready to help anyone in need. 

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Yes, many are going to be entering dark tunnels and all of us can do so much better to help one another…bye

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