Sex in the Phone Booth in New York City (Arriving Back to the USA after Overseas Deployment) MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!




Sex in the Phone Booth in New York City

(Arriving Back to the USA after Overseas Deployment)


The living breathing James Brown

US Army Veteran






       It was the early 70’s and I had just arrived from an Overseas Deployment in the U.S. Army and they said the Protesting on the West Coast had gotten so bad that our flight had to be diverted across and thru Europe and then across the Big Pond and back to America.  When we landed at around 2 a.m., I soon learned that I wasn’t in Texas by a damn sight.  Man, I had no clue where I was.  I didn’t know anything about the Big City and none of that sort of stuff and being in Uniform and dogging two Duffle Bags full of my gear, I’m sure I was easy picking for a lot of those that wanted to pick my pockets.  And right off the bat, there weren’t any flight heading out no time soon, so I walked outside, and this wild-eyed crazy looking sort of fellow waved to his Cab and I thought he wanted to talk to me.  And soon, he quickly grabbed my bags and he literally pushed me into the back seat of his Cab.  And he then asked me-

Eher u a go r a bean mans? 

     And I didn’t have nothing to really say back so, I couldn’t understand him at all, he then said-

Mes go.

     And he looked at me and he then raced down the road like his hair was on fire and in about an hour, he suddenly stopped next to a Pay Phone Booth and he jumped out and opened the trunk and tossed my Duffle Bags on the sidewalk.  And he held his hand out and repeated-

Pay Me!  Pay Me!  Pay Me!  Twenty Dollar!  Twenty Dollar!  (Boy, he could sure pronounce that properly)

      And I pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and he snatched it out of my hand as if he was a Crow back home diving on Sunday Afternoon’s Leftover Apple Pie pans.   Yes, Siree.  He done got me and he was my first expression of New York City.  A city that a Texan better beware in for sure.  And then, oh no,  here the NYC Greeting Party came out of nowhere and this one gal pushed all of these other gals dressed-up like they were going to a Halloween Party with a ton of War Paint on their faces. I mean there was every color of hair and every color of Lip Stick I have ever seen.  And then it happened.

      Out of nowhere, there came a thunderous Storm of untold magnitude that came up and out of nowhere.  It was a historical big one and in no time, all the gals scattered except the Biggest one and she grabbed me as we both saw a Texas Size Twister marching right down Main Street and then, she got her 395-lb body into the smallest Phone Booth I ever saw and actually, I didn’t even know that they made them that way.  But I had seen one in the movies on Saturday Afternoon many years before the Army Gig.  And then, like the lady had the arms and arm strength of a 20’ python snake, the big lady pulled me into that tiny box with her and to this day,  I still don’t know how she closed that funny operating door.  And then, I was smashed up against the glass wall door and I could hardly breath.

        So, how long you been in town?

       About maybe two or three hours.

      Do you come here often?

      No, I just come back from Overseas and they dropped me here and not in Texas where I need to be a getting.

       Well, there’s no hurry now.  You’re with me.

       But who are you?

      Well, let’s just say I’m one of the City’s Welcoming Committee’s finest Members and let me welcome you to Our Great City.

        Wow, that’s might nice of you but are you having as much breathing problems as I am?

       Oh, don’t worry about that.  Here, let me help make it better for you.

      And then, the woman pulled her boobs upward and could almost post them atop of her shoulders and then I just finally could get a deep breath until I got a load of her killer armpit smell.  And man, let me tell you, it was plum odorous.  Very Odorous.  But I hadn’t had a shower for a while myself so I didn’t think it would be fair of me to say a word, so I just sucked the air thru my mouth and not my nose.  Then the tornado was upon us, but our combined weight only allowed the Big Twister to just slide us along on the sidewalk aways and then, the Phone Booth fell plum over, and it was facing the down with the door 1st.  I mean we were in it now.  WE were face down with our only escape now blocked and with the biggest woman I had ever seen fully on top of me.  I mean, I ain’t never felt such a crushing feeling and then she went.

       Well now, seeing as you are just arrived and we are surely going to likely both die, we might as well get down with some serious love making.


   Love Making New York City Style.

  And I could only imagine what in the world sort of love making it would be with a big heifer like her atop of me.  And then it happened again.

      She grabbed a hold of my Class A Uniform and in no time, she had yanked the entire top half of all my clothes off like I was a baby and just getting my diaper changed.  And then, I felt one of her big knees pushing up into the middle of my chest and she then used her foot of that same leg and pushed down all the bottom half of my clothes.  And suddenly, I was OMG!  OMG!  OMG! 

      Is this how all New Yorkers do this sort of thing?  In a Phone Booth?

      Son, when you about to get killed, does it really matter.  I figure if the good Lord done put you in that Phone Booth with me just before I died, I was going to go down happy.

       And I didn’t know what to do and then suddenly, I felt the biggest, the wettest snail sliding down from about my upper belly heading down to where I was in my privates.

      And then, I can’t even begin to explain what was happening then.  I was more praying no one come along than what she was a doing to me.  She was for sure going to get hers before she died and me, I just didn’t know any kind of way to do nothing but to just lie there and take my punishment for all bad things I had done Overseas.  I figured God was a punishing me.  And here she was.  SHEBA, the biggest gal I ever laid my eyes on and I didn’t know what else to do but just be in the moment.

      Kiss me Soldier Boy.  And kiss me like you Love me.

      And then, she laid a lip lock on me like I was an unshucked Oyster and her tongue and lips and some teeth too were trying to break it open and get a Pearl out of it.  Man, I suddenly almost threw-up because she was tickling my tonsils with that ultra-long tongue of hers.

      Man, Sheba was a six-roll belly fat pusher if I had ever seen one and then suddenly, she started to moan.  And I was for sure knowing I was gonna be dying now.  She had to be moaning cause she had to be almost dying.  And she kept letting out one loud moan after another and I still couldn’t think nothing but this huge cow gonna be dying on me and I am going to be found dead too underneath of her with me, with no clothes on.  Well, my hat and shoes were on and the rest were just pushed down to on top of my shoes.  But there I was, in it for sure now.  And I still don’t know what that snail thing she said was headed my way meant, but then, my privates got sucked up into an immense vacuum pull, got a hold of me now, like on a Vacuum Cleaner nozzle stuck to your face sort of thing and I just knew the Devil Himself had got a hold of me now.  I knew I was dying then for sure. 

        And then, she finally yelled out one I’ll never forget.

       I LOVE YOU!  LOVER BOY! You are the MAN!

      I’m the Man?  Holy Cow!  She must be madder than all get-out cause that is exactly what I was thinking about now,  I was wanting and I no matter what I thought, I still couldn’t figure out how to get myself out of that Phone Booth.  And I was just knowing I was going to be in some kind of terrible trouble with the Law when they caught us.  But then I thought.  

       Hey, she still got all her clothes on.  Well, she couldn’t have had all of them still on but there I was in the worse predicament of my life, but then I thought-I’m been in worse stuff than this and if I die, well the Good Lord meant for me to Die this a way.  And Oh NO, MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.  She started to hear her start to Moan all over again and this time, her moaning was louder than all get out.  And in about ten minutes, her Vacuum Cleaning Nozzle was about to pull ever pubic hair off of my body or at least I thought that a way.  And in about ten minutes, I heard her let out another-

     I LOVE YOU!  I LOVE YOU!  LOVER BOY!  You are the MAN!

      And then, she sorts of kind of went limp and I didn’t really know what to think cause every inch of me felt like fresh squeezed Orange Juice or Potted Meat in a Can. More like the latter for sure.  And she just lay there all limp like and then, suddenly, she giggled, and she giggle again.  And then she said-

     I haven’t felt like this since I was Sweet Sixteen and my 1st Lover Boy came into my Life.

       And she smiled at me and sort of cooed like she was a Cat or maybe a baby cooing. But then, there was a jolt in her and then her Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Lit fire again and I was sure, I was going to have every thing below my waist removed off of my body this time and I was sure of it.  Yes, Sireeeeee.  I was sure.  But then she started to moan again, and she did that kissing thing again and then she let out louder and louder and louder moans.  Far louder than ever before.

      And then her eyes rolled back up into her eye sockets and all I saw was the whites of her Eyes and I just knew this was it-she was gonna die atop of me.  But then…


     And she plum passed out and as she was out, I wondered how I could reach down and at least get my pants back and pulled up.  And my top half of my Uniform back on and then, I heard them.  Yep, I heard all of them.  IT was the entire group of Halloween Gals again.  And they were all just standing and laughing at me inside that Phone Booth.  But I guess they must of felt sorry for me or they loved Sheba and they rolled the phone booth over and two of them jumped up on the door and it crushed my innards really bad, but the Door Opened and I popped out and they really laughed then.  And I got my clothes back on and then, I saw a Taxi coming my way and I waved like the Devil Himself was on me and he must have been.  And just about the time he stopped, Sheba twirled me completely around and said-

         Thank You, Soldier Boy,  I’ve been man-less for 14 years since my Husband died.  I do love you and I hope you enjoy the Rest of your time here in New York.

          I thanked her too and that’s all I thought I could do, and she handed me a card with her name on it and a phone number.  And I told her, she was my 1st and she then smiled and the Taxi Driver threw in my Duffle Bags into the trunk of his car-I guess the Twister only wanted to put us together or maybe someone above wanted that.

          And then I got into the Cab and back home and off to Fort Hood.  Then a year later, the Company Commander called me to his Office and that never happened to me before.  I have no clue what in the World I was in trouble for?  What had I done?

        And there in his Office was Sheba holding my son. 

        “I understand that this is Your Son and I’m not liking that this child doesn’t have a Father and all,”  said the Captain.  And I got the full meaning of his sayings.  His facial expression was one of deep contempt.

        But Sheba had lost all of her weight and she looked incredibly fine and we both smiled, and she said-

        Hello, Lover Boy…


Or was it really PG and you let your mind run freely with yourself?  Yes, did you jump into the tale?  Erasing your COVID or other problems away for just a little bit?

I wrote this to give you something to think far away from your troubles…and did they marry and live happily ever after?  ☺😍