American Perseverance Award!

American Perseverance Award and fellow Americans, it’s time to start digging even deeper.  Yes, it is.  And will you deserve yours?  This one will need your greatest output of love for your fellow Americans, far greater than ever expected and beyond anything you will be ever asked to do. America is now filled with Trollers, Fakers, Liars, Rapists, Child-Molesters, and Worse that are joining together to DESTROY OUR AMERICA!

And from here on out, all of us are going to be asked to Stand-Up and Get Counted.  To fight back. And I’m not talking the 2020 Census.  I’m talking pulling deeper down within what makes you who you are than you’ve ever dug before.  I’m talking going farther than U.S. ARMY STRONG!  I’m talking American Strong.  And don’t think you can’t Win Your Award.  Being American Strong calls upon all that is inside of you that makes you Call Yourself an American. 

Over the next 12-18 months, all of us will be asked to keep stronger together as a United People like never before.  As only Americans can and know how to as is the case with every Disaster, the very best in all Americans comes out.  And this is the Greatest Disaster America has ever faced.  Everything is in the Greatest of Jeopardy.  The Greatest of Peril.

And before we get out of this present National Crisis, right now, I call out to you to Join Me and every single American in keeping everyone moving forward.  Right NOW, you and I and all of us must be Movers and Shakers.  And we must help each other.  None of us can continue to remain Quiet when we see the fullness of bad behavior of others being done in our Presence.  We must Speak Out!  We must Call them Out on their Bad Words or Actions. We must no longer be Silent on any Social Injustice on any Platform. 

We can no longer allow foul hateful tweets, texts, or emails come to us and remain unchallenged.  We must Speak Up and hold each other to a higher and better purpose.  All of us must help all kids and NO KID need ever worry about you, me, or any of us.  We must close all windows of opportunities to make our kids safe.  We must keep our Expenses under Control and stop all Spurt Buying.  Delete all your Credit Card Numbers across all Internet Buying Platforms.  Use these only when you have no other options.   Shop locally 1st. 

But I’m telling you, all of us are going to be Tested like never before as a person, as a society, and as a Nation.  Everything that we love will be on the line and only thru the Strongest Perseverance can we Stand Tall as Americans.  Get it in your Head Now.  The Days Ahead are going to be some of the Worse that you have, I have, any of us have ever been asked to face and to Beat.  And Beat. We SHALL!  Get yourself ready…now