Winter 2020-21 could be the Greatest Killer Mankind Has Ever Seen! And here’s why?

Winter 2020-21 Will be the Greatest Killer Mankind Has Ever Seen!  Yes, Sir!  Yes, Ma’am!  It damn sure will…could be

WOW!  A bold kind-of statement old man.  And how’d you ever come up with that one?

Folks, I read a good while back about New Pig Virus from China on South China Times.  And in last 6 or so days, American media picked it up.  But that ain’t the reason I’m saying this.

But I’m going to say why I have said repeatedly-Schools and Sports and anyway people can stay home this Winter, I’m saying that they should STAY HOME!

YOU NEED TO STAY HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THIS WINTER!  Do all schooling by Online Classes!  But Stay Home!

But why?  If you’re SUPER HUMAN, ignore this!

Or if you have No Choice, then do what you need to do, what you got to do. 

But why?  Yes, why say this?

Simple…its so sad and so simple.

Flu & COVID-19…get both, get DEAD!  Combination of the two will be Super Spreaders!

And will they get the Flu Shot Right this Winter finally?  This could help immensely.  And a Vaccine for the Chinese COVID-19?  And will we have a NEW Chinese SWINE FLU to deal with as well?  Get all three and we’ll be Death Bound for sure. 

Yep, is this going to Kill Off 1/3 to 1/2 or more of the World’s Population?  Folks, is the potential highly probable?

And I am reminded of my very good fishing buddy.  He’s been gone for almost 20 years now and he was a very old man.  And he had a quirky thing he always used to say and remind me of-James Brown, in your Lifetime, they’ll drive by calling out on a Loud Speaker-


Just like what he’d say he’d seen in his Lifetime…wagons being pulled behind Horses in your neighborhood picking up the Spanish Flu Victims.  But will his mortified prediction he jokingly and repeatedly said to me become a reality?   I knew he hadn’t been Alive during the Spanish Flu, but I did wonder if he’d been told about it by those that were actually there, ones who actually lived thru it.  And his descriptions were highly visible.  And he was so animated with great facial expressions when he told his stories.  But this one made me stop and listen every time he told it.

Well, I bet he got one thing wrong. I bet it’ll be A Truck and National Guardsmen and not a horse drawn wagon. And-

Our Cell Phones will Alert when they get in front of our House or Apartment. But dang, how horrible a thought?  Yes, yep, yah, it is.  I know it id.  But if you ain’t got your Will done, better get it out of the way…none of us know when we’re going to die, not the exact second.  But be Safe and Wear your Mask and Wash Your Hands and Good Luck this Winter!

May God’s Blessings be with us all.