Time Travel

Below is an Einstein Theory of Relativity Explanation of Time Travel-

If one were to depart from the earth in a spaceship that could accelerate continuously at a comfortable one g (an acceleration that would produce a force equal to the gravity at the earth’s surface), one would begin to approach the speed of light relative to the earth within about a year. As the ship continued to accelerate, it would come ever closer to the speed of light, and its clocks would appear to run at an ever slower rate relative to the earth(1). Under such circumstances, a round trip to the center of our galaxy and back to the earth–a distance of some 60,000 light-years–could be completed in only a little more than 40 years of ship time. Upon arriving back at the earth, the astronaut would be only 40 years older(2), while 60,000 years would have passed on the earth.

I was presented with the above as being how and why we could Travel in Time.  I simply don’t accept it.  Yes, in the early 70’s I was told the above.  And now, let’s look at the above (1) & (2)  I marked in the above.

In (1), it states that the clocks will appear to move slower.  REALLY?  Sure, good ole Albert didn’t full understand what traveling at the speed of light would be like, maybe look like.   He was absolutely a brilliant man. Yes, during his time, it was no where what we have with Digital Clocks and some kids have never seen a wind-up clock in their lives.  But the spaceship is increasing at a constant speed and no matter how fast it goes, the clocks on earth will register the same amount of time as those in the spaceship.

The speed of the ship doesn’t change Time.

In (2), 40 years older for those on earth and 40 years younger for those in the ship.  Again. No way.  The people on earth and those in the ship would look 40 years older.  Using the light-years in Space doesn’t change a thing by mind-boggling your mind.

That’s a single linear plane presentation.  But let me bring it into full focus.   If the spaceship were travelling around earth at the speed of light, it would travel an unbelievable amount of distance.  But every year in the spaceship’s recorded time, it will be the same year here on Earth.  Spaceship travels a bunch of miles.  But no molecular change has taken place.  Sure, we won’t see the ship maybe at all, but the amount of time that goes by is the same. Second for second, minute for minute.  We go ultra slow because they won’t even see us. And we won’t see the spaceship.

But when we travel so fast that our bodies de-antomize, then and only then could we get close to travelling in time.  But, I believe this will be achieved by a single device and your body won’t move like on Star Trek.  Only atoms disappeared.

But figuring out how to de-antomize our body and then to re-antimize would be the trick.  By this, a person would appear to travel in both the future and the past.  Confused?  Don’t be, it’s quite simple-

If you de-antimized today, and re-antomzied three days from now, you’d have appeared to have travelled if anyone saw you leave and treturn.  But by doing such, a person might decide to de-antomize until a cure for a Deadly Virus or Cancer is found.  And then, they are brought back.  But this would have tremendous Military Applications by de-antomizing an entire Army, transport them, and re-antimize them at a new location. Maybe travel by suitcases for an entire Company of Soldiers.

But de-antomizing and re-antomzied will be part of any real Time Travel Applications. And then then then, here comes the kicker.  Moving the atoms across the different Demnsions.  But atoms have obstacles to hurdle as well in that one.  But many protocols would also have to be met.  But there would be a point where the De-antomizing would begin and safety measures would have to be met by speed alone as long as it continued to accelerate, but would the humans onboard live to see it thru.  The cost would be astronomical.  That’s why I say a single Apparatus would be most applicable and located on earth.

Right now. Two are currently being built in the World.  But how many Opps! Will they be allowed?

But I see the possibility of fixing damaged stuff in a human body 1st being an amazing achievement of such Time Apparatuses.

But, even Stephen Hawking also believed Time Travel as a possibility.  And when he says he would travel to the End of the Solar System, I’d travel to the Beginning.  Or even to see and talk to Jesus.  But here, read Hawking’s own words-