Texas Get a Grip! It’ll take all of US to Beat the Virus!

WTF?  I’m seeing, I’m hearing, I’m reading tale, story, Tweet, and others as INDIVIDUALS are KILLING FELLOW TEXANS by POLITICIZING WEARING A MASK!  Hospitals are being




by Ignorant Decisions that are coming up as to why IT’S YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO NOT WEAR A FRIGGING MASK!  

Wearing a Mask is a Texans Way of Openly Expressing Compassion and Caring for Our Fellow Texans.

For those of you that have helped in being super Cool wearing a Mask. This U.S. Army Veteran Thanks You!  Your wearing a Mask could keep my wife and I alive.  We don’t want to die from some Chinese Virus.  

And for those of you that have come out of your Troll Dungeons passing Online and IN PERSON BULLSHIT about Why NOT Wearing a Mask is YOUR Right and spreading Conspiracy Theories of why Wearing One will KILL YOU!  PURE BULLSHIT! And selling people False and Fake Card’s that give a person Justification for not wearing one.  They DO NOT!  Only PROOF from a Licensed Medical Doctor will give you that right.  And saying a Mask kills a person?

Where the Hell are all these Deaths? 

They are NOT there!  I’m so disturbed of Hearing DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST BULLSHIT RHETORIC keeps being Spoken only dividing our feelings.  Yes. Say whatever Jerk Stuff you can, but you’re only getting into some feelings.  Texans are Texans and we are Americans.  And if the Mask in place had been in affect, we wouldn’t be in this current bad jam.  If Bars had required Masks and Drink Thru Straws, we might have missed all of this.  If Protestors had worn Masks.  If people shopping had worn Masks.  But no, we got out and we spread the Virus like we did because all of thought things were looking pretty good.  But no. We are not in a good fix. 

HOSPITALS getting jammed-up with No Beds is not acceptable.  But if we wear Masks for 45 days, I think we’ll break over the Infection Curve. And even head into low numbers.  But all of us must drop the craziness of fighting what Health Experts are saying and if we do, we’ll be out of these Dark Woods in No Time!  Thanks…