WTF?  Suddenly, WHO is going to investigate what the hell they should have already INVESTIGATED!

WTF?  Suddenly, WHO is going to investigate what the hell they should have already INVESTIGATED!

Now,  too much Time has transpired giving any Possible Cover-ups ample time to fool even the best Scientists.  But, for my own satisfaction, I still want the Wuhan Labs to be thoroughly investigated.  Yes, here, known LIVE CORONAVIRUS Strains are being kept.  And there, one of these Live Strains could have migrated straight to a person in a Wuhan Lab and then into the populations.  WHO just said it could have migrated straight from BAT to MAN.  Well now, if you have all these Bat Coronavirues at your Wuhan Labs, then couldn’t one of these be a Suspect?  Why all Scientists have feverishly protected the Wuhan Labs is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. 

I still feel there is proper prudence to ensure that those Coronaviruses are put through Genome Sequencing and talk to those working there without fear of Chinese Imprisonment for telling the World if it did come from there. But I fear the China -WHO connection too.  And China keeps pushing the Virus came from U.S. Army Personnel.  So, will the World be able to Trust the WHO Findings if they find anything other than it came from the Wuhan Meat Market? 

WHO is going to find exactly what the Wuhan Labs have already supposedly been Researching.  And the Labs funding was Yanked from them shortly after the COVID-19 Outbreak!  Something still seems amiss for sure.


WHO team in China next week to investigate coronavirus origins

A team from the World Health Organisation will visit China next week to investigate the origins of coronavirus and its subsequent spread to human beings. In an exclusive interview with ANIDr Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, WHO said that a “thorough investigation” needs to be done into the origins of the virus.

“What is needed now is a good investigation going back before December to find out where and how it jumped from animal to human. Was there any intermediate animal or not or it directly jumped from bat to humans which are also possible? Bats have been implicated in other viral diseases — Nipah for example. It is possible it came directly. It is also possible that there was an intermediate animal-like in the case of SARS.

That thorough Investigation Results still will thoroughly be examined by Chinese Proper Leaders to insure China’s View on these matters are appropriately respected.  And that the Chinese People are respected to the dead

Okay, if WHO comes back with an Origin in less than 30 days, I won’t trust it, won’t believe it.  That will spell a Chinese Directed Cover-Up to me.  How about you?