In 1822, Whites Warned Whites…about the Growing Black Population in Southern States. Truly a strange read…

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Look closely at the above and see that last sentence?  It’s a WARNING to White People.

“And when we carry our calculations a few Centuries forward the most appalling results obtrude themselves upon the imagination.”

Obtrude?  What’s that word OBTRUDE mean?

“Become noticeable in an unwelcome or intrusive way.”...upon the imagination.

Did this Essay on Black Population Growth  presented above in 1822 in The Portland Maine Newspaper become a Fear Factor in Northern States that also propelled those State’s into Civil War and not necessarily cementing Slavery as the sole Reason for the  War Issue alone? And this News had 40 some odd years to develop into a Civil War.  

Was this a 2nd underlying reason that the North Desperately feared, thus believing  Slavery as Helping the Black Population Outgrow the White Population?

Did you read that?  It was Published in 1822

1822 PORTLAND Maine Newspaper


This is such a strange read for sure…almost exactly 200 years ago. 

Until now, I never saw any Essay posted in an 1822 Newspaper that actually showed a concern about the Growth of the Black Population in any Southern States. But, I bet it Opened some Eyes.

And with the last sentence, it did serve as a WARNING!

The more I research Genealogy, the more strange things I learn and find.