Interesting Find Today from September 12, 1812


What caught my eye was how much Will’s Reward was, but more importantly READ the description of the man.  “Remarkably Red Eyes”

And the Apprentice Reward of ONE CENT?  You know, every day is a unique discovery in the searching for Genealogy Historical Paperwork.  But those two above were strange to me.  And $40 Reward if Will is caught and if he is jailed in one State and $20 if Will is caught and jailed in another?

A man with ONLY one NAME-WILL   Yes, Will appears to have No Last Name-Only Called Will?  Lord, who was he?  Yes, who was he? and did he get Free?

And the Apprentice has Two Names-a first name and a last name.  1-Cent Reward.  One Cent Reward.  Hmm…

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