HeY KiDs, WaNNa JuMp StRaiGhT iNtO a WaR WiTh…?

Hello Children,and that includes anyone less than 40 years old, my oh my, seems suddenly people are slapping each other on their backs and Celebrating the New Liberation Against Police Brute Stuff and so many other Issues.  Gosh, it so reminds me of the Hippie Anti-War Rallies that made you High as Joint were passed thru the Crowds no matter where they were and most, didn’t even raise an eyebrow by any of the Police back then.  Why?  Hell, like all of us, everyone wanted to get the Hell Out of Vietnam.  And we did and you can call it an Honorable Retreat or a Tuck Your Tail and RUN.  But no matter what you might think, a ton of FOLKS died on Both Sides and that’s the truly ugly and down side of War and the after the fact Injuries, both Mental and Physical, that wounded a ton of folks on Both Sides.  But, thank God, it finally ended.

And now, I’m going to now take you down another one of the Rabbit Holes that you might out not go with me into.  It’s going to get downright ugly and it’s not something a ton of folks are going to want to View.  But here, now, are you READY?  No, there won’t be any guide lines so you can pull or guide yourself back out.  But before we do go, here’s a few things that I want you to be ReAliZiNg.

One day, all of us woke-up to a crippling Video recorded by a True Patriot of George Floyd having his Life unmercifully ripped from his Body.  It was HORRIBLE!  I saw and watched it just about as many times as I COULD and maybe, you did.  And then, the VIRAL NETWORK EXPLODED!  People that never thought that they too would EVER walk or stand with a group of Protestors DID!  Yes, my oh my, they surely did.  And after the Crowds blossomed into every Aspect of our Society, everyone finally saw that we were United in the Streets.  In our Homes.

But now, ONE, TWO, THREE, JUMP!  Here we go and into the Rabbit Hole we go.  And my oh my, yes, there is a Rabbit at the deepest spot and at the 1st Curve.

What are you DOING hErE?  asked the Rabbit.

We come to see Things that We cannot sEe FrEElY.

Oh My, Yes, I have beeeeeeeeeen waiting for you for a very long time and it’s good that I have you here now.

Can you help us?

Might not be what you want to know, is that OkAy?

Well, we’re here now, so give it to us.

Here, drink this SMALL Potion and then we can go.

So, we drank the SMALL POTION and soon, very quickly, our bodies re-calibrated to a size similar to that of the Rabbit and then we ran after the Rabbit who was runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning like he had a Wolf on his trail.  And maybe we did because i could feel a tugging at the inside of my tummy and my mind no longer felt comfortable.  Yes, I was suddenly now feeling a bit of a twisting and so were you.  But it was not Fear as much as it was APPPPPREEEEENHEEEEENSION.  And we were in it now and you can feel it as well.  And then, we were up and out of the hole and thru a Door and there smoking POT, I bet it was, was the Big Snail Looking sort of GUY on this big Mushroom.  But he only shrugged his eyes a tiny bit when he saw us.

So, man and man and I see you brought a woman and is that children with you?

Yes, it is us.  And we are here…

I know why you have come and I am glad and sad for all of you.

SO, can you tell us what we cannot SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Friends, I can tell U EvErYtHiNg.

And then, I looked, you looked, we looked hard at the snail and it or he or whatever continued to talk.

You are such Children, so ignorant of the World.  You spend all your time focused on one thing at at time.  Yes, you do.  And right now, there is a Great Preparation going on to finally TaKe FrOm YoU AlL U HaVeS.

And your kind has always taken and given not much back in Return.  Always taking as much as you can.  Your houses, Your Cars, Your Clothes, and Food enough for a Hundred other Countries.  And now, you are so en-thrilled with such Clamoring of Success and UniTeD all of Us R NoW!  But there are others that don’t see it that way. 

No, they see all of Your Protesting of a Country ToTaLLy DiViDeD.  So DiViDeD that you are now ready for Plucking like Sour Fruit from a Tree.  YEs, SoMe see all of you as Sour Fruit and they want to Pluck all of You so You are NO MORE.

And while you are sitting around passing Joints and exchanging High-Fives, they see the Police Attacks and such as even further Proof that You have not become Ripened far past time to pick.  Now. They will come to Pluck You.  All of you.

And then, we started to look at each other as I watched him toke on his water Pipe and he offered us none.  Then after more mindful reflection that was almost reminding  of an Old Preacher and a Soothsayer.  But make no doubt, he had our ATTENTIONS now.  Then he let the smoke from his lungs or wherever inside of him that Pot Smoke went and it was most definitely POT.

A Virus is upon all of you.  It is upon all the World, but as you take part in other things. Many men and women are taking part in massive preparations to disembark from their Country and Attack you on your West Coast.  Yes, they surely are.  And right now, their entire Army is all being innoculated with a Vaccine to Protect them against the Virus.  And they are massively prepared.

And all of us just shook our heads as this is just another bunch of bull.

You think this is all a bunch of Bull and that is what they are Counting ON!  They recently enacting a Law where no Law was allowed and yet, all of you didn’t blink an EYE.  And that too spelled what they on Counting on-Weakness, Indecisiveness, and a Nation DIVIDED!  And now, they have been studying all of you.  Yes, just to see what makes you tick and what gets you up and what gets you down.  And no, this studying didn’t occur Overnight.  It has been going on for over thousands of years and now, they believe that all of You are Defeated.  Yes, right now, they believe that aLL oF yOu R DeFeAtAbLe!  They believe that all of you will run into the Streets to make your Voice HEARD on how to HaNdLe a WAR.  Yes, they do.  And their Plan is very well set.  For nearly one Hundred Years, they have secretly been mining your most Secret of SECRETS, your Programs, and all of that you HAVE.  Yes, they have done so very much so.

I know, most of you think this is preposterous.  But no, not at all.  Numerous Spies have come and hit USB Drives all over the Internet stealing more information than you could ever imagine.  ANd their method of Attacks in the beginning is quite Brilliant.  Texts and Messages that you thought were long past gone and destroyed will suddenly be sent to your Cell Phones and naked pics and anything that you have ever Posted and Regretted and DELETED will be brought out from the very depths of the So Called Locked Vaults of Saved Bytes.  And this will gone on for about one month and many a News Story will go VIRAL as unbelievable things about people will be TOLD and all the stuff you been hiding will suddenly be SPLASHED on the FRONT Page of all your SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES and sent to every CONTACT that you have, ever had, and those you DELETED and BLOCKED!  Yes, quite an impressive plan just to make everyone even more MAD at each other and MAD at Uncle Sam and then…Taking to the Streets will be done by the Millions.

And then, the Plans will go into effect.  And suddenly, no one will leave the streets because all the Electricity will be turned OFF and the Internet will GO BLANK.  ALL CELL TOWERS will go silent.  All Satellites will go SILENT as tiny pieces of them will float by in Space about you.  Some will be inactivated by a single Laser Pulse.  Others will completely disenigrate. Yes, they will suddenly be gone and Evil the Space Station will just be there as a Silent Reminder that Astronauts and Cosmonauts are still up there and Space X will be sent to Fetch them Down but they will not have any computers to aid in that extraction.  Flying by the Seat of their Britches.  Maybe soiled britches before they connect with the Space Station.

Total Silence and it will be 72 hours before the U.S. Government figures it out because someone will actually Phone Call the Culprits and when they say that they have no responsibility, He will believe them and Order the Military to Look at another Taliban Group as the Ones that must be Guilty and he will Order another Attack on Syria and the Yemen and whoever  else his WH and AG can think of to pin it on.  Totally disregarding what the Military is saying. 

But for sure, he’ll be totally sending everyone in Opposite Directions of where it really came from.  And that is what they expect.  And by the Time America figures it out, Hawaii and Guam will have surrendered.  And FORGET Japan, they will sign a Neutrality Treaty and Order all Americans and Ships and Planes and Servicemen out of JAPAN in 72 Hours.  Forget two weeks or 30-days.  Yes, a Secret Envoy will be deployed their and it will be Japan Declaring it to be another Switzerland in the Far East and they will untouched.

All of us were now sitting and mostly not believing this Pot Smoking Snail.  Hey, the Guy’s HIGH, he has to LIE.  But our minds and our tummies were not so sure.  They all felt a sinister wrong coming but no one could put a finger on it.  True, all were looking at Rigged Elections and all were waiting for the Next Viral Cop Video so all the Prostestors could race to that City.  But many minds were on Depression, Anxiety, Food, Clothes, Rent, Mortgages, Getting the Virus, and all sorts of other things.  No one was thinking about a complete Overthrow of the American Government by a Foreign Power.

After Guam and Hawaii falls, the West Coast will be turned upside down as Low Yield Radioactive Missiles begin hitting there and all Military Based, NYC, and Washington D.C.   NYC was merely for SHOCK VALUE and so will Houston and Dallas.  But again, He will call and again the ones he Calls will completely DENY any involvement, but then when the troops land, they will even claim a Military Coup by their own Military land on the West Coast.  And by the time the U.S. realizes what is happening, their Army will be past Colorado and heading to wherever the deepest and hardest resistance for them is coming from.  But in months, almost a million Troops will Land and then, all of you will, I promise you, Learn their languages and their ways.  All of your books will be burned.  All Libraries will be burned.  All Statues will be destroyed.  All Guns will be confiscated.  All farms will then deport only what they tell them to GROW and little will be left over for Americans and if you call yourself American, they will MAKE THAT AN IMMEDIATE DEATH CRIME and anyone claiming to be such will be shot or hanged o the spot.  And the rest of the World will just Watch by the Limited News that still can be communicated all over the World.  Yes, it will be a Total Blackout on Communication except by Shortwave Radio and Hard-Lines at first.  Then, they too will be taken out.  

And the all of us were now growing more anxious as we wanted to hear no more.

This is a LIE,  Our Military will Destroy any other Military in the World.

Yes, at one time, you could.  But now, too many sudden changes with lovers of only the One is in place.  And in the months ahead, all of you will come to Learn that this is Not a Reality TV Show and He is not the Top Actor.  Now, go, all of this is interfering with my smoking.  Now, be gone and leave and come no more…

And then the Rabbit nodded us a soft goodbye and handed over a bottle of GROW LARGE and we took it and then, we ran and crawled and walked and then, we were back out.

And now, you must decide is there a thing coming?  Are we so Divided that others are now thinking that America is now ready for Easy Plucking?  How many would take-up Arms when we learn of the Calls and the Denials and then our Military will even be ready to not give-up, but to lock someone up for Treasonous Behaviors.   To fight anyone with their Armies already past Colorado will be a difficult thing and then they too will Rule Out our Own Nuclear Attack on American Soil by Our Military and just one would have been sufficient, but someone wanted to MEET and DISCUSS it with them.  And then, everyone went around looking for another Rabbit Hole to dive into.   And Mr. Brown, thank you so much for feeding Our Minds with mo JUNK. 

But is this just another junkster rhyme with no reason?  But friends, if you look around and see the Fireball Rhetoric already delivered twice to their Congress and their total devoted efforts now building weapons at a Never Before Unprecedented amounts, you might wish to wonder why is that?  And knowing how to take down all of the Internet and such will cause such untold chaos.  It will.  And the plan is quite Brilliant by getting Americans to suddenly going on the Defense with all the Past Tweets, Emails, Texts, Pics, and so one suddenly back in OUR FACES all over again.  Boy, is that going to bring up some Issues or what?  Tell me, tell us, ain’t it the Truth?  And when and if this truly happens, the American People will be so LOST and not having and understanding on what to do or where to go or even how to ACT.  Food will suddenly go into short supply as the Ordering and Buying and Getting Systems will all break down.  Everything done right now by the Cell Phones, Computers, and other Devices will just all go blank.  No WIFI, no Internet, no Connections for Phones.  It will be like Hell on Earth far worse than any Pandemic. 

And so many people will be in complete DENIAL…time to do some serious backtracking for sure, but such a sad thing to see if it does come, but the Time is Most Definitely Ripe Right NOW and when you study what is going on, you too will go down that Rabbit Hole and get mindful of a Greater Purpose for All of Us-

Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death! 

Will be upon all of us and then, what you gonna do? 

Now, wanna get you Panties all Wet? 

Okay, then read it for yourself and draw your own Conclusions-


Click to access February%2020,%202020%20Hearing%20Transcript.pdf




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