Concentrated Poverty-America’s Greatest Disaster

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(Living to See these Days and Times like these-Dante’s Inferno!)

Living well into my Sixties, my wife and I are blessed.  We’re blessed by Living in TEXAS.  We’re blessed to live in the Countryside.  We are blessed to be married for 39 years.  Yes, we are blessed.  With three kids and eight grandkids, we are blessed.  With grandparents now 88 and 84, we are blessed to now be Retired.  AND we are Blessed to Live in a Poor Neighborhood.  We know our places oh too well.

But our blessings have been hard earned with me working unbelievable long hours in the Oil Field and Lignite Coal Power Plant which again meant long hours.  And my wife working 33 years as a Texas School Teacher.  My wife always tell me, we are not here to Judge.

And we didn’t splurge, took two short trips to fish at Port Aransas, two trips to the Horse Races in Ruidoso, New Mexico while betting under $100 each trip, and one trip to Colorado.  We didn’t have money to splurge.  But we can Pay Our Bills and we are still Using Our Stimulus Payment to Buy Our Groceries.  SO, yes, we are Blessed.  I’ve been Canceling most all of my Doctor Appointments, but we are Blessed.  I’d be very ashamed to be at a Protest if someone set a Cop on Fire.  Maybe, you would be too.  That ain’t me and I couldn’t do such a thing.  But some must be in their emotions so bad that they purely evil now for sure and to those around them.  Probably beat their wives and kids too.

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We have lived good, but not like lots of others.  Not like rich people. Don’t care to know how they Live cause I think they in the Greatest Fears now.  Them Purge Movies looking better all the Time to some. We’re a long way from that. I hope, we are at least. We live on one acre in a neighborhood that is considered Concentrated Poverty with most homes being 30-40 year old Mobile Homes where floors have rotted out in many.  A NEIGHBORHOOD that Schools consider all of us Breeders of Criminals.  But a 6′ fence and two German Shepherds does keep the crime away.  And all of us know who to keep away from our houses.  But there are far worse neighborhoods.  Far, far worse ones.  Even our kids tell us to sell and move away.  But no, we haven’t done that. We just living day by day.  I hurt my knee and didn’t Vacumn the floor for over a Month…I didn’t much feel like it.  I didn’t care to and I hurt too much.  I think I’ll cook Ramen Noodles tonight.  Keeping it easy and cheap way.  I still buy Diet Dr. Pepper and when I give them up, I guess I’ll be super poor then.  lol, but not much of anything is funny no more and I’m sure you feeling some of that now with States Re-closing Bars and all.  Seems like a bad dream but the damn thing keeps getting worse and not better.

And my parents and our family then were oh very, very poor and I told myself after I left home I wasn’t going to live a life of poverty for My family.  I didn’t care how long or how hard I had to work. I wasn’t going to be poor, damn it.  I already saw poverty.  I lived poverty. But I’m still in one now.  And I’m too old to worry about it, but I can write about it.  Poverty wasn’t here 35 years ago, it came to live over those years.  Sure, it’s here now.

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And I, as a kid, didn’t go over to other peoples houses cause that only magnified my life of poverty seeing all the things that they had and we didn’t. My life of living in a small room with two brothers while sleeping in the same bed with my younger brother.  And our closet that only a single person barely fit in.  My two pairs of jeans, two shirts, one pair of shoes.  And it sucked thinking about it.  But now, I see many living in that poorness too, far worse than my OWN.  And everyone can’t claim that they were that homeless child.  Too many are Poor Stealing on how they lived.  

And I’m sorry, but it pissed me off when someone makes a claim and then you find their Lies.  I remember one black kid telling me how poor he was and always hit me up for lunch money in High School and sure, I started working my tail off mowing, working Ranches, and other work as much as I could. 

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And then, I found out that this seemingly poor black friend was the son of two Doctors, a husband and wife.  And then, I told him to take his Poor as Shit Game on down the Road.  And it came out glaringly when he showed up one morning to School in a Brand New Chevy Malibu Sports Car.  And then, he went his way and I went mine.  But why all the Lies?  Why?  He didn’t have to be that way.  But he was.  But let’s talk poor, shall we?

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A young kid doesn’t know that they are poor, but when a poor kid gets a buck, they will spend any money on food.  Yes. Food.  And not candy and such.  I’m talking chips or a can of potted meat or Vienna Sausages.  Food.  Belly filling food. 

But now, I know I’m seeing many who aren’t poor and I know that they have had all they want when I see people claiming Poorness or Homelessness and they got a $300 pair of shoes on their feet.  $200 shirt on their back.  $300 pants and the latest Cell Phone in their hands.  Really and they’re telling OH HOW BAD they have had it?  

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(Setting Cops On Fire?  Where’s the Fun in that?)

Sorry, I’m not buying it no more.  Can’t everybody be poor.  Can’t everybody be homeless.  But tons of folk do live in Poverty.  In neighborhoods of unrelenting decades of Poverty.  And with that poverty, here comes Hood Games and such and once it starts, ain’t no turning back.  And poverty neighborhoods don’t occur overnight.  No. Industry leaves town and when the Job Market leaves, so goes down the mean living standard in no time. 

People up and move to where the Good Jobs are.  But not everyone.  Once thriving neighborhoods become downtrodden as the Tax Base falls.  Yes, Tax Money on Property pays for the upkeep.  But then the richer neighborhoods are invested in and not the poor ones.  And that falls face down on the Civic Leaders that chose which Neighborhoods survived and which were basically killed off.  Yes, they were deliberated allowed to die.  And as schools desegregated,  the neighborhoods didn’t. 

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Clamoring for equal Schooling became a Paramount Social Issue while Keeping All Neighborhoods up to the same level of improvement and on the same level of a fair playing field absolutely DID NOT HAPPEN!  Segregated Neighborhoods were secretly allowed to Die and squander in crippling Poverty.  But sure ain’t no secret now.  Like our neighborhood. They stopped putting in Fiber Optics a quarter mile away.  Those JERKS!  Guess they thought all of us were too poor to pay for it.  But that’s how they do poor neighborhoods.

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And then comes, what I see is America’s Greatest Failure and that is Concentrated Poverty.  Yes, deliberate, purposeful Activities done to keep certain Black Neighborhoods hellbent to become overwhelmed with Concentrated Poverty.  But today, it’s any neighborhood they seeing us poor folk and they not worth fixing nothing in no poor neighborhoods.  

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But one Social Evil is called out time and time again.  1st pic is about 60 years gone by and no changes. But the real root problem goes unfixed.  Continuing to multiply. 

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Decrying Police Brutality ain’t NEW.  Above is a 1960s pic.  

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images (41)vietnam-war-protesters

WOW!  The above are Powerful Statements from Our Past.  They might even upset you if you look closely at each.  But what are they missing?  Not one SIGN says-BRING OUR POOR NEIGHBORHOODS UP TO THE SAME STANDARDS AS ALL NEIGHBORHOODS!

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No, all of us can sit and JUDGE.  Yes, all of us can sit and AGREE or DISAGREE.  But ultimately, I see nothing that fixes the Problems.  One Social Program came about and it only PAID TO KEEP THE POOR in the same place.  Only in a Segregated Neighborhood.  And when a neighborhood goes Concentrated Poverty, the Schools do too.  The Tax Base leaves And that’s only in the Eyes of the Civic Leaders that keep upgrading the pretty neighborhoods.  And another one of my black friends that has done very well for his self and his family told me one thing and I’ve heard this more than once-NEVER BUY A HOME IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE THEY GOT HUD HOMES. 

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And once, I went and looked at buying a home in this one HUD neighborhood and there were few cars and it didn’t take long to realize that this was another block of homes under Another Government Experiment meant to containing Race.  Or poor people.  Of keeping poor people together.  Again. Homes looked nice as Brand New Homes do, but all the occupants were Concentrated Poverty once again.  Under Government Lockdown. Under Government Lockdown.  And the ones there were happy, but mostly jobless.


But no matter how you mix it up, each and every person must decide-

What do I want in Life and am I willing to work for it to get it?  Yes, actually work for it?

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And if Concentrated Poverty is what you accept as your highest level of Achievement in your Life, all I can say is shame on you.  

But many are all too well to live in Concentrated Poverty.  And for why?  No, not everyone is incapable of employment.  No, millions are capable of working. Yet-

Some are just lazy as hell and love eating and living off mom’s, dad’s, or grandma’s, grandpa’s, or Uncle Sam’s money.  And once you accept yourself as being Okay with that, you don’t really care any more.  Don’t care no more.  They won’t even ponder a better life.  Why?  They’ve given-up.  Given-up! Lazy breeds Lazy!

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But, many won’t accept a JOB that they consider below themselves like Prison Jobs or a State Job or Truck Driving. And the brainwashed child seeing themselves as Losers seldom ever rise above Concentrated Poverty.  Some Rappers do. And they too will pass it on to their kids.  Living Lazy means only eating, sleeping, and breeding. But don’t you know, people are Angry…and that makes it Okay?

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And someone has to awaken to their very own ROOT CAUSE of their own Issues-Break Your Own Chains of Concentrated Poverty, Break Free from the Government’s Chains on you.  Help Others Rise above this Fate!  Fix all Neighborhoods and bring back Your Industrial Base of good paying Jobs. 

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And if you have NO SKILLS, GET SOME!  BUT get off your Lazy Asses if you need a Wake-Up Call! 

I saw Mine. I woke-up! I broke My Own Poverty Chains and so can you! All of us can.  I see people delivering Groceries in our Neighborhood now all the time and I know some folks are dirt poor here.  Even when Police talk to me ever now and then when they see me outside in the yard, I see their hand close to their guns always.  Always a hand by the gun.  And if I went BOO!  I’d probably be shot or killed. I can tell they are scared.  They can’t hide it.  I can see it.  But we do have a neighborhood known for Violence. They overly Play Pretend in being Badasses.. But a person can only absorb so much.

CONCENTRATED POVERTY NEIGHBORHOODS breeds Police Brutality because Police develop Hates to go into those Neighborhoods.

Police develop great dislikes going into them.  And they are quick with FORCE out of their Own Fears of getting stuck with a needle or hepatitis or even AIDS from a fighting couple or individual. Even a School Principal told me he wouldn’t come to where we live now without Police with him.  What a JERK!  An Asshole!  But, I think-

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(Cop Set On Fire with FireBomb-did he deserve this? Love and Peace?)

Police do sometimes act OUT OF FEAR in many cases in Concentrated Poverty Neighborhoods, especially where Crimes and Drugs run amuck.  Lord, I see them doing Stakeouts now all the time now watching and waiting to grab one of our local bad guys in our neighborhood.

CopSetOnFIre (2)

(Cops Set Ablaze-Did they Deserve it?  Love and Peace?)

But I’m really thinking These Police are SCARED!  Scared like lizards. But have they been driven to their Fears?  By what they see?  By what they have had to put up with?  By how they are Treated? But all of this can change if these concentrated poverty poor neighborhoods are brought up to the same Standards as all Rich Neighborhoods in a City.  But no, they don’t want that to happen…too much money they say.  Let them Protest and then finally it will be Over and with Defunded Police, maybe More People will be set on Fires like French Fries.  How very sad…but fix the Neighborhoods and add?

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(Plastic Melting To The Face-Did he Deserve It?  Love and Peace?)

And JOB SKILL CENTERS created that all can attend.  If you only check peoples Records, no one will get a chance to Break Their Chains.  This is a ROOT CAUSE of many Issues that can be and should be and must be fixed. Must be changed. And it takes tons of money to bring these neighborhoods up to speed.  And how is it that these Civic Leaders can just be Play Pretending to fix Issues like Defunding the Police which doesn’t fix the true Root Causes of this and many other Issues.

But the Issue goes much deeper-

Systemic Racism causes Concentrated Poverty.  It’s in Your Civic Leaders. 

But what is Systemic Racism?

Systemic Racism-is a form of Racism that is embedded as normal practice within Society. 

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Systemic Racism Leads to such issues as discrimination in Criminal Justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other Issues.

And here’s another person’s view about Systemic Racism-

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(You gonna Put Out His Fire or you gonna Film it and Watch Him BURN?  Did he Deserve it?  Love and Peace?))

So, no matter who you are, you can help fix the Problem or Help the Problems remain the same.  So, you’ve read a mouthful, now, what are you going to do?  I hope you will become part of the Real Solution And not just continue to be a Play Pretender…

And here’s one more read, if you want-