Why I left Mexico in the Rearview Mirror…

If you like getting KILLED, then just go to Mexico.  Opps!  The Border is shutdown!  Then why have the Drug Cartel KILLINGS continued to escalate?  But dang, just across from El Paso, Texas is 

JUAREZ, TEXAS!!!  Opps!  That’s JUAREZ, MEXICO And the frightful deaths of women there is extremely Alarming!


April ended with 174 murders that included victims chopped into pieces, burned to death, hanged from bridges, stuffed into storm drains and gunned-down in broad daylight.

Twenty-six of the victims were women. Some were men killed in front of their family members during deliberate home invasions. Another victim was a New York resident killed along with his Mexican girlfriend amid a fusillade of 20 to 30 bullets moments after coming out of a cellphone store.

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Folks,  Death awaits anyone stupid enough to go to Mexico even if the Border is Closed!  Why? 


Folks, I’ve been in Mexico a lot of times and every time, I’ve been offered Drugs and Poontang.  Even in High End Stores, some worker will use a tiny bit of politeness and still ASK-What are you really here for? 

Even young boys asking you if you want to see his very young sister.  I mean, the Mexico Border is SUSPECT!  Totally out of Control!  Way, way out of CONTROL.  Yet, when the Mexican Border reopens, millions will fear nothing and race over to get Prescription Drugs, Illegal Drugs, Alcohols, and ILLEGAL DRUGS!  AND POONTANG or other perversions unknown to even the most morbid forms of irregular sexual acts.  It’s a Rodeo of Sinful Carnage. 

It’s far more wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah.  And you can GET KILLED!  



I hate so much to see young unaware boys and girls leaving Texas to cross over into the Land of the Devil.  No, not of all Mexico, it’s just the juiced-up addiction of making quick scores and getting back home.  But it’s a different story when you come back in a Coffin or Cardboard Box.  And no one can answer your families Questions of WHY?  Yes, why my son?  Why my child?  Why my daughter?  And I’ve written about Legalizing POT to end just one arm of the Drug Cartel.  But, who cares?  Do you?  Well, when the Border is reopened, just wait and see how much happens then…