Is Today’s Pandemic causing Our Most Unbelievable Dreams?

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to Our Dreams. Although associated with some forms of psychotherapy, there is no reliable evidence that understanding or interpreting dreams has a positive impact on one’s mental health.  But dang, most of us are now experiencing the most Amazing And Unbelievable Dreams ever in our Lives.  And Today, people are having an unbelievable array of the strangest Dreams more than ever before!  And how about you? 

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Okay, let’s checkout My Latest which I had this morning-  But I need to tell you a few things-My Mother and My Grandmothers are deceased.  So, here’s I strange Dream with two of my deceased Relatives in it.

My Mother-in-Law was convinced that all of us had to Go to a Church in Dallas, Texas to get the Cure for the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  So. In my Sons car


, a White Ford SUV, my grandmother, my mother In Law, my son, my wife and I went to Dallas.  And we went to that Church.  But. We had to Park the car at a Hispanic Pay in Person Parking Lot a mile away.  And my wife is on a Walker.  So, this is a remarkable walk for her.

And amazingly, we all were in a long line with every one Social Distancing.  And then. We got to the front entrance.  My grandmother was then motioned to come and sit in the back row from a woman sitting in the row ahead of that row.  That woman was sitting facing us.  Then, my mother In Law walked over and sat at a Bench to the right just a few feet from the front door.  So. She didn’t go in at all.  But then I looked and said, Screw This and left.  My Grandmother stayed.  My mother in law stayed.

When I got back to the Parking Lot, the car was gone and I asked-where the hell is our car?  And a man said-He’ll be back.  And soon, the car and man was back, but the man in our car only offered-the car is cleaner. And we left and I was driving.  Then, I stopped in a vacant lot and was rear ended by a Hispanic youngster who lost control of his Hot Rod.  And he backed up N fled the scene. 

I followed on foot as did my son because one rear wheel had fallen off his car. And he then drove to the front area of an old Conoco Station.  We had only a rear view of the building.  My son went around the front and I in thru the back door.  Then soon, my son came and said-WE GOT TO GO! WE GOT TO GO NOW! And we got back to our car and it changed into

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a 1970ish Chevy Impala Family Car.  And my son pulled the rear left fender back out. 

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But, an old school bus drove-up and it’s door Opened and I walked over and it was full of six Hispanic men across each Row.  Three men in each seat. And I saw the Kid’s father of the boy that had rear ended our car and I said-Its okay, it’s fine. We’re leaving.

And it wasn’t a scene of any negativity.  I felt nothing strange or fearing of it.

And then I drove only a block more and stopped and told everyone I couldn’t drive because I was on Medication-legal prescription. 

And then my mother took over the driving and she drove to an intersection on the Interstate and stopped at a Red Light.  Then. She said she couldn’t drive either because she was on medication as well. 

Then I said-I need to check the clock to see what time it is and I woke up.  And it was almost 11:30 in the morning.

And that’s it. 

So. What’s it mean?