Children, children. Children. It’s way to early to say it just can’t be done.  Just imagine, the Most Epic Movie, GAME OF THRONES-MARCH OF VENGEANCE, ever to make Two Billion Dollars Worldwide. 

And as you sit in the Movie Theatre, the same familiar Game of Thrones theme music and same visuals are shown, then. Here comes the twist-

Yes, a Movie Flick like None-Other.  And here’s just my muse on the Subject of such an exciting Movie.  So, let your mind drift to where Jon Stone and Daenerys Targaryen were last together or where he stabs her. 

But that can’t be the END!

She didn’t Die! 

No Way!

The World believes the Dragon that is carrying a seemingly Dead Daenerys Targaryen and that Dragon picked her up with mindful purpose.

No the Dragon didn’t pick her up for just no reason. There was a purpose and a strong Will the Dragon cannot refuse is calling to him.

No, That Last and Largest Dragon is carrying her to Toran, a mystical Lord long buried in the side of a Mountain a Century gone.  Yes. He’s not dead but is locked in by Stone and nothing can release him except the breath of the flame from the Dragon. 

And that is where the Dragon is heading.  No, not to bury her, but to release Toran who can breath a dark Life into  Daenerys Targaryen.  And the large angry Dragon unleashes an unbelievable torrent of Dragon Breath along the side of Black Mountain.  And then, Toran is set free and the Dragon lays Daenerys Targaryen At his feet and with a single wave of his hand, she is moved and then she gets up.  And that is where MARCH OF VENGEANCE begins.  The Opening scene.

Meanwhile,  Jon Snow has led the Wildlings back to a destroyed, but fixable World of Encampments.  And as they rebuild that World of the Wildlings, Jon kills a marauding Polar Bear threatening a feast and is rewarded with both Title and Wives By the Wildlings.  He tries to resist, he tells of his Bond of Oath, but love overcomes him.

Yes, Jon is with wives.  All sisters of a Dead Wildling Lord.  And in No time, Jon Snow has seven young Boys that grow quickly and John teaches all of THEM, Wildlings included, a new sense of Order and Purpose.  Yes, time moves quickly in this Epic Three Hour Movie, all seven Sons grow into Manhood. And they are sparring for a fight.  Yes, 

Just In time for Toran and Daenerys Targaryen to come back with Vengence in their hearts.  But they too must prepare.  Even her new Dragons had to have time to grow to their full size.

Toran isn’t just any Lord.  No. He is the one true Master of the Dark World and all of its Demons and Magic.  And their long time of not appearing is that there are three Black Dragon  Eggs that only the Mother of Dragons can hatch and raise under the Watchful eye of her most trusted Dragon.

But before the March of Vengeance can begin, Toran goes to where the Unsullied are and restores each of their man parts.  But he’s not alone. And when the Unsullied see Daenerys Targaryen NOW with four grown Dragons, the Unsullied are ready to get back on the road of War to begin where they left off. 

And with a fleet of ships, the Unsullied are headed back to Kings Landing.  But their arrival is foreseen by the Kingdom’s Blind at Times Leader, Brandon “Bran” Stark.  And he heeds the insightful Warning and then sends out a Seeker to find and enlist Jon Snow to return immediately for a Conference of Words.  

And after a hard Winter Storm, Jon and his Sons arrive to visit and see this Conference of Words with all the Lords and  Brandon “Bran” Stark.  There, they are all told what is headed their way.  And it’s Death and Destruction like nothing any of them could imagine.  But before the eventual arrival, Toran and the Mother of Dragons visit several other Kingdoms leaving the massness of Hades on Earth.  The Mother of Dragons is smitten with Vengeance, but nothing like the Wrath that Toran unleashes.  And when they have killed over 275,000 men, women, and children, they are ready for King’s Landing.  

Yes, all the characters that survived in the end of the Series are still there and all have their Roles to play.  But there’s even more to this amazing Movie.  At night as I dream. I see this New Movie materializing and I know more and more Fans would easily grow an abundance of Excitement WORLDWIDE with the very thought of seeing the Game of Thrones Characters alive again and on the Big Screen.  Now. How do you like all of what I now propose to be done?  This is a Movie that could Lift the world in a good way.  But, what do you think?   What do you think HBO?  Wanna get Rich as you please all of us?

It’s very Doable and I know I’d love seeing it all come together. How about you?  Here, look at your Stars-