Northern Atrocities Against Todays Southerners!


(this is when the Great War was Over, but not the Northern Atrocities.  Above is a Johnny Rebs Article a long time ago and no, I’m not glorifying such a horrible War, but many were kinfolk all the same)

Northern Atrocities Against Todays Southerners!

Why the North Still Hates the South


The living breathing James Brown

U.S. Army Veteran




        It’s been far too long since the Civil War and in way at all would I want any one to ever attempt such a sour undertaking here in America, but Lord, that War done fuked-up some folks heads so badly that them Idiots still think that can come down here to Texas and other Southern States and always keep treating us like all of us were the Worst Scum ever put here on the Earth.  Like we were the Beverly Hillbillies from TV and all of us act like Jethro.  And I know, I know, I know.  So, many of you precious ones who have been solely raised by a Cell Phone don’t have a Clue where the Bullshit starts or where the Bullshit ends.  I’m talking the Lifetimes of Bullshit that you ain’t never lived, you, you’re just getting started in it. 

The one stereotype that movies and TV shows CANNOT avoid is that apparently southerners are stupid.  And by stupid I mean really stupid, uneducated, and unknowledgeable people.  In a good majority of movies and in TV shows they depict all southerners as hillbillies who work on the farm all day long with their cows, horses, and pigs.  They are dirty and know nothing about the world outside of their farm and one traffic light town.  Or all they are good for is singing songs about beer and hard times.  This is from below-

Movies Can’t Avoid….Southerners are Stupid

         And I can appreciate knowing just part of the reason Northerners view all of us Southerners being STUPID.  I really and truly can. And the Crap never ends.  But I want to present to you various Views from other people as well as I write about the things that I think need to be said.  Everyone walks a different line in life, and none are the same.  So, my shoes might not suit or even come close to your foot size and maybe one of the others in this Write will. 

(All of us must remember this-Make sure Your Hatreds, your Dislikes are Actually YOURS and YOU OWN THEM and not hand-me-downs or you just up-ed and suddenly you saw others and you suddenly became a Wannabe too saying nothing but ignorant talk out your mouth…okay.  That’s what many a young boy back then did.  They too wanted just to be a Wannabe.) 

       You see, I was once Ignorant to so many things that I had no clue about so much of it.  But then came the Army when I was still just 18 years old.  18-30 Year Olds usually are.  After 30, you tend to smarten-up and start to decide who you really are and what you Believe.  And back then that’s when the Northerners damn sure Woke Me the Hell UP!  Yes, they did.  They HATED OUR GUTS!  Yes, Sir.  I got a 1st hand education, A 1ST Degree Education of Northerner Hatred, at the hands of Northerners while in the U.S. Army.  And as I studied them, that is all a Southern man could really do, and their actions against me, damn they sure suked the big one.  But if you talked Southern, you were DOOMED.  I did wonder WHY the HELL were they always picking and talking terrible trash talk on all of us from the South.  Damn, the Civil War had been over for plum near forever and here, these Northerner Pricks kept it going and they were pinning our necks down with their knees all the time.  It was disgusting and it was saddening.  And more than that, it was UNAMERICAN!  But there they were, and they treated us like we wear fresh Cow Manure and they were hellbent on squashing us beneath their shoes.

         Yes, the worse of them was this College Graduate and a U.S. Army Draftee and Lord, as soon as he found out I was from Texas, don’t worry, it’s the Way I talk that gave me away, well, he trounced on my butt every chance he had other than just pull out his dick and piss on me.  And it wasn’t just me, it was all of us Southerners.  And if you talked Southern, you were going to be knee deep in his Shit.  But Lord, this Idiot had Northern Allies who were there to Make a Mockery of Our Very Existence at every moment that they could.  They put us on Every Work Detail, worked us until late into the night with no glues which led to many a blistered hand, and they even took tools away from us to make it even harder just to FEEL BIG, FEEL GREAT, AND FEEL MOSTLY LIKE A NORTHERNER does when he puts his knee on a Southerner’s neck.  Yes, Sir. They surely did.

         One of their favorite tricks was to put human feces in our tooth paste tubes, or boots or in our pants or in our beds, or put piss in any dark colored bottles we were drinking from and they exploded with Great Laughter and Joy when we spit it out after we thought it was still our drinks.  Yes, Sir.  We were Southerners and these Northerners were treating all of us like they were Specially allowed to do so all because the South Lost that Damn War.  And in the Past weeks as I watched the Southern Statues being pulled down, I heard one guy saying that there SHOULDN’T BE NO REMINDERS AT ALL OF THE SOUTH BECAUSE THEY WERE TERRORISTS!  They tried to Destroy the North, destroy all of us.  And right then and there, I saw another Northerner hellbent on reminding all of us Southerners of his fine Northern Upbringing.

         And dang, here’s it’s Today, and he’s bringing, tossing Shyster Lobsters all the way from the Civil War to now.   Once again, the present comes alive with all that Northern Hatred in Our Faces-All The TimeNow, all of us are Terrorists.  But what you don’t remember is that


lots of us are the grandkids and great grandkids of those Fallen Soldiers and we, our elders and our kids and our grandkids, already done took a thunderous amount of one sided evilness poured upon us.  And now, all of us are nothing but DIRT AGAIN?  Hellfire, all of us are the ones who continued to Take-Up-Arms for Our Country and have fought in every War since.  And yet, here comes more Ignorance spewed at us because they are just plain Evil and all they want is their Moment in a Viral Twist over the Internet.  But no, it does go deeper cause they were taught that a way.

          Hey Guy, try drinking a full glass of Cow Manure, I am sure that would go Viral.  But now, let me take you back a minute.  As we grew-up here in the Texas, our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents didn’t just have afternoon get-togethers to discuss this or that.  No, they talked about one instance after another where a Northerner had come and done wrong to one of the Family or a Friend of the Family.  And one of the most taught things was NEVER LET YOUR CHILD MARRY A NORTHERNER AND THEN LET HIM TAKE HER BACK NORTH so she would be treated with significant Humiliations.  Yes, Sir.  Many a Southern Gal came back after being treated worse than a fourth-hand fiddle.  And Gang Raping Southern Gals was one of their funniest things that they liked to do to our Women.  But sure, you wouldn’t know nothing about that cause you ain’t never been exposed to it.  Well,  I’m exposing it to you now.

           The Stories, Lord, the Stories weren’t pretty stuff and it was always an Eye Opener and they didn’t get better, they got worse and now, many a woman lives with her Raping all alone and away from everyone to suffer alone.  And that ain’t right.  But it continues.  And by God, most Northerner Raping’s go unpunished cause they were Southern Gals and that’s one of those creepy things carried back all the way from the End Days of that Bitter War.  Bitter?  Yes, I saw all the bitterness in all the faces of all the old people I used to listen to.  And now, they’re all dead and gone, but not the miserable killings, lootings, raping’s, and other monstrosities of crimes carried out upon all of us TERRORTISTS OF THE SOUTH!  No, they were deep rooted into the Brains of these Northern Folks and they still treat all Southerners with such contempt and Hatred that it is visible on their Faces.  But who cares?  You don’t see all of the South carrying on like We wanted another War.  We LOST and YES SIRS WE KNOWS OUR PLACES!  Well, do we?  Of course not, but the  why the hell has this bitterness survived after over a Hundred Years.  Why?  The North must never had read the Bible, cause no matter how long it goes, the North will never forgive any of us from the South.

          Bitterness has survived both for the Southerners and the grandkids and the great grandkids of SLAVES too!  And the Northerners have been a Plague like Locust upon all the Civil War Southern States Today just as much as it was at the End of that damn War.  It too contemptuous!  And they are Bred to Believe that they are OVER ALL OF US.  And this doesn’t have a damn thing to do with any being White or Black or Hispanic.  Its all about Poor People kept that way by Northern Disparities.  All of us here in the South have been chained to the Ox Bow for over a Hundred Years and it still remains such to this day. 

          And again, don’t have nothing to do with the Damn Color of Our skins, one is its all about just TALKING SOUTHERN.  BEING BORN SOUTHERN.  Yes, even all of you Hispanics have been treated with the same contempt because the Lords of the Northern Civil War States have declared it to be as their Ancestral Domination Rights.  Accepted and Pure-Bred by Birth Rights of the Northern Gentlemen.  Well, there weren’t no Gentle in any of them Men.  No, they have always been taught their evil ways and it continues to this Day.  But again, why?  It has been reinforced by Media and Movies and they all teach the World how the Southerners are too stupid to even use a fork or spoon.

          But when they get into a War, they damn sure Call upon all of the Southern Boys, the grandkids and great grandkids of Johnny Rebs to come help them like suddenly we were all the same.  Folks, since the Civil War, none of us have been the same and if you were born in the Civil War Southern States, you are going to be another Victim of the Northern Civil War States.  Yes, you are and you’re damn sure better off by staying where you are.  And for sure, keep out of the North. Yes, Sir, keep out of the South.

Posted on February 7, 2018 by Yves Smith

Yves here. Having spent time in the South, in general, Northerners carry huge class prejudice against Southerners. The same way a British accent is worth 20 attributed IQ points, a Southern accent is an attributed reduction of about 10 points. The Southerners I know who are not treated that way are people who managed to grow up in areas which didn’t have typical Southern accents (parts of Texas and New Orleans) or are adept enough to be able to shed them. Churchgoing is held against Southerners, even though my impression is once you get outside the evangelicals, church attendance is less frequent and more social than the media accounts would have you believe.

This is typical of how Southerners are depicted in movies:  Sneering about the “Backward South” has become a form of escapism for many Northern liberals. There’s a certain comfort in thinking that the country’s worst problems exist far away rather than a few stops down the subway line—out of our control, an affliction unique to them. The late-night comedy version of the South as a land of ignorance, violence and prejudice is crude at best, serving mainly to make us feel good about ourselves rather than conveying anything of substance about the country.

         Yes, Sir.  Folks in the South still to this Day portray all Southerners as Ignorant folks and it don’t matter if you’re black or Hispanic or white, you are just plain Ignorant Folks to the Northerner. And that’s what they believe. 

Even President Trump made reference to all us as Dumb Southerners

       But, again, not all of us have walked in the same shoes, not all of us were taught the same or been to the way each of us have been treated, and maybe, these below fits you too-

“It’s In Your Hands”

by Fannie Lou Hamer (1971)

Born Fannie Lou Townsend (1917—1977), Hamer was the youngest of twenty children in a family of sharecroppers, and she left school in the sixth grade in order to work full time on a Mississippi plantation. She toiled for most of her life in rural poverty and became involved in civil rights activism, when she began working with the SNCC in 1962. As an SNCC organizer in Sunflower County, Mississippi, she assisted local black residents in registering to vote. Hamer became vice chair of the insurgent Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) in 1964 and campaigned for Congress from Mississippi’s second congressional district. As a leader of the MFDP, Hamer participated in a widely publicized challenge to the all-white Mississippi delegation at the 1964 National Democratic Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In a moving public presentation, Hamer testified before the convention’s credentials committee about how she had been severely beaten when she and other civil rights activists attempted to challenge Jim Crow laws in Winona, Mississippi. Hamer subsequently established the Freedom Farm Cooperative and was instrumental in building a low-income daycare center and two hundred units of low-income housing for her Mississippi community. Hamer consistently fought for women’s rights, economic justice, and black empowerment, and her deep influence among a generation of black activists cannot be overemphasized.

The special plight and the role of black women is not something that just happened three years ago. We’ve had a special plight for 350 years. My grandmother had it. My grandmother was a slave. She died in 1960. She was 136 years old. She died in Mount Bayou, Mississippi.

It’s been a special plight for the black woman. I remember my uncles and some of my aunts—and that’s why it really tickled me when you talked about integration. Because I’m very black, but I remember some of my uncles and some of my aunts was as white as anybody in here, and blue-eyed, and some kind of green-eyed—and my grandfather didn’t do it, you know. So, what the folks is fighting at this point is what they started. They started unloading the slave ships of Africa, that’s when they started. And right now, sometimes, you know I work for the liberation of all people, because when I liberate myself, I’m liberating other people. But you know, sometimes I really feel more sorrier for the white woman than I feel for ourselves because she been caught up in this thing, caught up feeling very special, and folks, I’m going to put it on the line, because my job is not to make people feel comfortable—(drowned out by applause). You’ve been caught up in this thing because, you know, you worked my grandmother, and after that you worked my mother, and then finally you got hold of me. And you really thought, people—you might try and cool it now, but I been watching you, baby. You thought that you was more because you was a woman, and especially a white woman, you had this kind of angel feeling that you were untouchable. You know what? There’s nothing under the sun that made you believe that you was just like me, that under this white pigment of skin is red blood, just like under this black skin of mine. So we was used as black women over and over and over. You know I remember a time when I was working around white people’s house, and one thing that would make me mad as hell, after I would be done slaved all day long, this white woman would get on the phone, calling some of her friends, and said, “You know, I’m tired, because we have been working,” and I said, “That’s a damn lie.” You’re not used to that kind of language, honey, but I’m gone tell you where it’s at. So all of these things was happening because you had more. You had been put on a pedestal, and then got only put on a pedestal, but you had been put in something like a ivory castle. So what happened to you, we have busted the castle open and whacking like hell for the pedestal. And when you hit the ground, you’re gone have to fight like hell, like we’ve been fighting all this time.

In the past, I don’t care how poor this white woman was, in the South she still felt like she was more than us. In the North, I don’t care how poor or how rich this white woman has been, she still felt like she was more than us. But coming to the realization of the thing, her freedom is shackled in chains to mine, and she realizes for the first time that she is not free until I am free. The point about it, the male influence in this country—you know the white male, he didn’t go and brainwash the black man and the black woman, he brainwashed his wife too. . . .He made her think that she was a angel. You know the reason I can say it, folks, I been watching. And there’s a lot of people been watching. That’s why it’s such a shock wherever we go throughout this country, it’s a great blow. White Americans today don’t know what in the world to do because when they put us behind them, that’s where they made their mistake. If they had put us in front, they wouldn’t have let us look back. But they put us behind them, and we watched every move they made. . . .

And this is the reason I tell the world, as I travel to and fro, I’m not fighting for equal rights. What do I want to be equal to [Senator] Eastland for? Just tell me that. But we are not only going to liberate ourselves. I think it’s a responsibility. I think we’re special people, God’s children is going to help in the survival of this country if it’s not too late. We’re a lot sicker than people realize we are. And what we are doing now in the South, in politics, in gaining seats for black people and concerned whites in the state of Mississippi, is going to have an effect on what happens throughout this country. You know, I used to think that if I could go North and tell people about the plight of the black folk in the state of Mississippi, everything would be all right. But traveling around, I found one thing for sure: it’s up-South and down-South, and it’s no different. The man shoot me in the face in Mississippi, and you turn around he’ll shoot you in the back here [in New York]. We have a problem, folks, and we want to try to deal with the problem in the only way that we can deal with the problem as far as black women. And you know, I’m not hung up on this about liberating myself from the black man, I’m not going to try that thing. I got a black husband, six feet three, two hundred and forty pounds, with a 14 shoe, that I don’t want to be liberated from. But we are here to work side by side with this black man in trying to bring liberation to all people.

Sunflower County is one of the poorest counties, one of the poorest counties on earth, while Senator James O. Eastland—you know, people tells you, don’t talk politics, but the air you breathe is polluted air, it’s political polluted air. The air you breathe is politics. So you have to be involved. You have to be involved in trying to elect people that’s going to help do something about the liberation of all people.

Sunflower County, the county where I’m from, is Senator Eastland’s county that owns 5,800 acres of some of the richest black fertile soil in Mississippi, and where kids, there in Sunflower County, suffer from malnutrition. But I want to tell you one of the things that we’re doing, right now in Sunflower County. In 1969 I founded the Freedom Farm Coop. We started off with 40 acres of land. Nineteen-seventy in Sunflower County, we fed 1,500 people from this 40 acres of land. Nineteen-seventy I’ve become involved with Y.W.D.—Young World Developers. On the 14th of January 1971, we put $85,400 on 640 acres of land, giving us the total of 680 acres of land. We also have 68 houses. We hope some-time in ’71 we will build another hundred houses on a hundred of the 640 acres.

This coming Saturday . . . young people will be walking throughout the world against hunger and poverty. It will be forty countries walking, millions of people throughout the world. In the United States it will be over 377 walks. These walkers are young people that really care about what’s going on. . . . And out of this walk—people will pay so much per mile for the kids that’ll be walking—and out of this walk we hope to get a million dollars for Sunflower County. . . . If we get the kind of economic support that we need in Sunflower County, in two more years . . . we’ll have the tools to produce food ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago, we moved the first poor white family into Freedom Farm in the history of the state of Mississippi. A white man came to me and said, “I got five children and I don’t have nowhere to live. I don’t have food. I don’t have anything. And my children, some of them, is sick.” And we gave this man a house. . . .

We have a job as black women, to support whatever is right, and to bring in justice where we’ve had so much injustice. Some people say, well, I work for $24 per week. That’s not true in my case, I work sometimes for $15 per week. I remember my mother working for 25 and 30 cents per day. But we are organizing ourselves now, because we don’t have any other choice. Sunflower County is one of the few counties in the state of Mississippi where in that particular area we didn’t lose one black teacher. Because . . . I went in and told the judge, I said, “Judge, we’re not going to stand by and see you take a man with a master’s degree and bring him down to janitor help. So if we don’t have the principal . . . there ain’t gonna be no school, private or public.” These are the kinds of roles.

A few years ago throughout the country the middle-class black woman—I used to say not really black women, but the middle-class colored women, c-u-l-l-u-d, didn’t even respect the kind of work that I was doing. But you see now, baby, whether you have a Ph.D., D.D., or no D, we’re in this bag together. And whether you’re from Morehouse or Nohouse, we’re still in this bag together. Not to fight to try to liberate ourselves from the men—this is another trick to get us fighting among ourselves—but to work together with the black man, then we will have a better chance to just act as human beings, and to be treated as human beings in our sick society.

I would like to tell you in closing a story of an old man. This old man was very wise, and he could answer questions that was almost impossible for people to answer. So some people went to him one day, two young people, and said, “We’re going to trick this guy today. We’re going to catch a bird, and we’re going to carry it to this old man. And we’re going to ask him, ‘This that we hold in our hands today, is it alive or is it dead?’ If he says ‘Dead,’ we’re going to turn it loose and let it fly. But if he says, ‘Alive,’ we’re going to crush it.” So they walked up to this old man, and they said, “This that we hold in our hands today, is it alive or is it dead?” He looked at the young people and he smiled. And he said, “It’s in your hands.”

The above is from the below-

Jan Layton, Born, raised and live in the South

Updated October 1, 2019
After having lived in the South for my entire 66 years on this Earth, I would say that Northerners (Yankees) are not taught the same social graces, manners and consideration for people that Southerners are taught during their youth. Their parents do not set the same examples for them as ours do. A Southern parent will scold a child who doesn’t act as they should.

Southern children are taught to be kind, friendly and respectful of other’s feelings. We are taught to have the greatest respect for our elders. Southerners will strike up a conversation with a total stranger and talk and laugh for 20 minutes or more.

We learned to smile and speak to everyone because it may just make their day a little better. We were taught to hold the door open for others, and men always hold a door for a female and let them enter first. At a store or post office, strangers will open the door and hold it for others to enter or leave. People always say “Thank you” to the ones that do.

Actually we say, “Thank you” to anyone that shows the slightest kindness, and they answer, “You’re welcome.” It would be very odd to us if they didn’t.

We were taught to say, “Yes, ma’am”, “Yes, sir”, “No, ma’am” and “No, sir”. It all comes naturally to us.

We tell anyone we encounter to, “Have a nice day” and we mean it.

That being said, I have met and worked with many wonderful Northerners who have come to love the South, its people, our hospitality, cuisine and the novelty of our accents, sayings and idioms.

I have encountered some Northerners that are being incredible rude to each other and not even realize it! I have run into a few that I considered rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

So, what I want to leave you with is this.  No, I didn’t pass on my Hates or Dislikes to my Children or grandchildren.  My life has seen good and bad from people of All Races.  Listening to Offenders talking to each other in Administrative Administration in Texas Prisons taught me a lot about how Texans have taught their Children.  Some of it is that which they lived, and others is fairy tale talk, some based upon Gangster Rap alone.  But no, I have no Hatreds I show to others.  I try not to anyway consciously. 

          I know how I was treated, and I cannot and I will not allow such treatments be done in my presence to another human being and that is how all of us should be, but many can’t be that way.  Sure, like maybe you, I do so want a more Perfect America, but no, it’s not going to happen.  Just like all the Protesting.  IT’s for a good cause, but it too will fall short because there is just such a deepness already embedded, already grained into the brains of some people of all Color.  No, perfection will never happen while living.  But all of us can strive to aid each other and move all of us in a better direction of love and understanding.  And for some, it will happen.  And for others, they will never change because their own Hatreds are burned too deep in them and nothing can remove it.  Nothing.

          And this Northern dislike for anything Southern will always be. It’s been going on for way too long and even the President brought it up to REMIND ALL OF US TO KEEP IN OUR PLACES LIKE GOOD LITTLE DOGGIES And I’m sure, the disgraceful way some Statues were dealt with by Lawless behaviors will Awaken more of what already exists in many a Southerner. It will.  I know it will.  And too many are already waiting to blame their own hates onto another person.  Many a Southerner already has a ripe Heart of Mistreatment Hatreds. No, for many of us, nothing will remove the things already done to us.  And we Southerners owe No Northerner an Apology today or on the Day We die. We only want peace and to BE LEFT ALONE!  PLEASE DON’T AWAKEN US, that ugliness that resides in all men!  And that is sad if you do. 

           But there is a Point where, now, many a person is saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that is the end results of these Lawless Behaviors.  And I hate to see anyone on TV given their Moment in the Limelight and they can only repeat some Old Cliché and not be able to speak in their own words how they have truly been wronged and they can’t verbalize their own personal experiences. Why is that?  Because many are just followers and many have been given every damn thing that they have and they ain’t suffered a damn thing. Not real suffering like many another person has.  Not all suffer the same.  No, they do not.

          Such a sad thing, such sad times in ways, but Very GOOD Times too in seeing great deeds of Humanity, yet, some will never realize how much of a Puppet that they have become to the Northern Man and the Northern Man’s Cause of still beating Down the Southerners. 

        Yes, Puppets for the Northern Man, his cause, and not their own…and so it will continue…but can you see it too?  Or have you actually tried to go deeper, far deeper than you have ever gone before?  If so, you’ll find all Southern Civil War States’s Poor are the ones suffering every generation the MOST and buddy, COLOR ain’t got a thing to do with it no more…it all Poor FOLKS!  And if you think about it hard enough, you will know who these Northerners are in EVERY STATE.  They’re called Republicans…now you know the truth.


God Bless the Living Breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series




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