Has Contact Tracing Completely failed?

Here locally, they are hiring 50 more people to Do CONTACT TRACING.  You know, Track all the Contact Points of an Infected COVID-19 person.  And by Golly, that should be simple.  But hell no to that.  But dang.  20% of those Positive Infected Individuals won’t answer the Health Department Phone Call or Return their Calls.  And this is scary if you’re trying slow the Virus Spread and all.  That means a ton more folks gonna get it.  But why?

Whenever the Government gets involved at any Level,  the worst thing that could happen, happens.  And it does!  

But why?  THERE IS A HUGE TRUST FAILURE!  And lack of anyone Trusting anyone is at an all time High.  It’s true.  No one wants an unknown person in their Bees-Wax.  No one does.  And when your tracking Illegal Aliens, where’d that one get us?  What?  A Pissed-Off Illegal Alien Community.  So damn much all around us is done under the Fake Veil of Secrecy.  NOTHING, not a damn thing remains SECRET.  And when you start Tracking the Virus filled People, get ready for the big push-back.  And why?  Trust.  The Trust Factor has left the Room.  

So, how can we get it back?  I see it happening in my grandkids Lifetimes and no, not in yours or mine.  It’s not going to happen.  And when you say-This is Completely Confidential, once it’s gets into a Computer via the Internet, that Information Piggy-back rides every Troll Hacking Mugger who wants to see it, well, they SEE IT!  Your information is SOLD to huge Conglomerates who Use You Like a Puppy.  Yes, they turn around and Resell your information over and over again.  And then a person calls the number of an Illegal and they instantly start sweating-ICE NOW KNOWS WHERE WE LIVE!  And they just a loose groove to another Safe Shelter Shack where the Virus gets Magnified.

And He’ll to the Full NO on Tracking an Infected Protestor.  Ain’t ever gonna happen.  And why is that?  Again, that Trust Thing stands in the way like a monolith Roadblock.  Yes, again, no one that’s no one else.  And even if you see someone, you still docent a body for not seeing them.  However hard a person attempts to gain a person’s Trust, a hundred before you have destroyed it for the person that you want to reach.  Yes, distant road with sparklers, the beautiful road of Trust hasn’t been Alive in America since President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated.  And thanks to the Warren Report, Mistrust was spelled out in Huge Letters and been so because the WH and POTUS have still kept the Secret Kennedy Files away from our Eyes even Today as if none of us can be Trusted.  Again. Trust hits another huge snag right in our faces in a most glaring way.  The Obvious Saga of Mistrust brained into our Heads all the way back to ’63.  Really?  I mean Congress authorized their Release and POTUS alone decided CAN’T BE ALLOWED because We, as a whole. Still can’t be Trusted. 

So, why would anyone now Trust the ones attempting to Track the Spread of Covid by Contact Tracing when nothing had taken place to cause us to trust anyone?  It’s not going to happen.  Trust left OUR minds as we were little kids when we saw and we heard the terrible stories about POPO.  And other Lies we learned to do as kids.  We were taught How to Lie as kids.  And again. We learned not to Trust Anyone as kids and the Story continues.  

Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan.  Three more reasons why Trust is no longer a good subject at any Dinner Table.  Fewer and Fewer Americans are now joining the U.S. Armed Forces than ever before.  Families now Openly lay their own Law down about Joining!  And once again, it’s NO TRUST. 

And now, no one can be Trusted as to where Covid-19 came from and what caused it?  The Wuhan Labs have refused Inspectors.  And just maybe, maybe I’m saying, everyone connected to those Wuhan Labs need to take Lie Detector Exams.  Maybe, just maybe, we’d get closer to the Real Truth and not more Lies and Conspiracy Theories. 

And what’s up with giving millions of Dead Americans Stimulus Checks?

No body knew they was Dead?  Really.  Holy Cow!  Maybe, they aren’t really dead. What a crock?  But the Impeachment Stuff also is a glaring reminder NOT TO TRUST ANYONE and boy howdy, Our Political Picture is in Shambles of the Lowest Order.  And the Trust of Blame Factor has also reached an remarkable new LOW.  Hell, we can’t even Trust the WHO TO BLAME no more.  And I’m getting started on just the little toe on Old Man Blame it on Rio.

And are we really living all of this?  I mean, Really?  And oh yeah, all of this starting with 1963.  And all of it flowing like a log floating on flooded streets plum filled with Rats and Rat Funk stuff to twist on all of us.  And dang, it’s Hurricane Reason now on top all of this and also California Fire Season.  Lord, it comes and comes and it comes. 

But as long as the Cell Phone Works, you can still ignore that Contact Tracing Tracking Phone Call and just say, like millions of others, that you never got the Call.  Why?  You don’t TRUST THEM. Hmm…you don’t trust no body, not no one.