Intolerable Indifference

I’ve got a question-When you are doing your life as best as you can. Do you think Anyone Has the Right to Stand near you and CELL PHONE VIDEO you?  And I’m not talking about when a Felony Crime is being committed.  But do you think we have the right to ask the person Cell Phone Videoing us to stop-

Please Stop Recording Me?  Please Stop?  

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At what point does the one making a Video Recording cross the Invisible Line and what many would think would be in the wrong?  Like a single man recording your child?  And he keeps Recording even after you asked him to STOP?

I’m thinking after the 2nd Request for Stopping the Recording, a normal reasonable person would have known to stop and that is enough. Should a person who refuses to STOP and keeps the Cell Phone in your Face be held Liable for Committing a Crime against you? 

It is an act of Intolerance.  An Act of Deliberate Intention to Provoke.  An Act to Piss a person off.  Well, isn’t it when you’re being Recorded and you are NOT committing a Crime?  Should it become a Misdemeanor against the Recording Person after two Requests to stop their Activities and they don’t comply.  And should they be required to erase the Video at our request?   I’m not talking a simple one pic shot.  

Now, ordinarily, I wouldn’t say anything, but I’m seeing and hearing soft chuckles and laughter coming from the area of the person doing the Recording in many of these Videos. And that is alarming.

People are mostly NOT FAMOUS and most will agree that this is a Violation of a Persons Personal Identity, personal Space just like stealing their I.D.  Far Worse than violating a person’s personal space.  And Recordings being done deliberately to agitate another is wrong.  Now, everyone agrees when someone hides a camera in a bathroom that this is breaking the Law. 

But when do you think it’s a Violation to you if suddenly, one, two, or three people start Filming You instead of Helping you like the kids filming the man drowning while none offered to help and possibly save his life. He drowned.  Yes, make sure you know, they filmed and laughed and HE DIED. 

Folks, in some ways, we are now entering a Sick World where Sick Trolls have come unearthed from their Critically Acclaimed Troll Caves believing their Rights are Greater than yours and THEY DON’T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT YOU. 

But again, these Cell Phone Recording do, at times, Record Crimes, but do they also make things WORSE? 

Create a Pissed-Off moment to occur because those people are Being Recorded just to Set a Person Off? 

 I mean, hey. Tell it all, everyone wants to know?  I do. And damn Skippy the Race Card is called out, at times,  where One Race is Recording another Race just for what?  To start something, for sure, at times.

And do beware, there are those now starting to look for people to ROB!  ASSAULT!  Assault you, any of us…