Even America’s Bravest are Fighting COVID-19 and those Play Pretenders…reading Scripts to Us.


Following a spike in April, along with many hot spots in the country, DoD’s cases began to trend downward in May. But June has erased that trend: the department added 6,128 cases in the past four weeks, versus 2,304 cases in the four weeks before that ― the bulk of May ― and 5,393 cases in the previous four weeks.

Everyone’s being Hit with the Blues from the Virus causing Coronavirus.  Yes, our very way of Life has become aloft suddenly and quite quickly.  And anyone saying that The End is At Hand is a Liar or just someone trying to lift all of us back up and give the downtrodden a Pick Me Up. 

But dang, it’s short-lived now, isn’t it.  And I guess all our minds are stuck in Regression.  No, not DEPRESSION, but sure, it can lead to that and Anxiety and Misery and whatever else you wanna Call it.  But we must keep strong and keep Lifting each other up. 

But one thing I have come to realize is that none of us see lots of things in the same way.  And here’s just one insight I was reminded of last night by a wonderful black friend of me.  And as we talked, I told him about watching one Black Lives Matter Rally and I told him I counted Only Two Black Individuals and 98 White Ones.  And we both laughed.  And I said, Dang, the White People are Angrier than the Black People.  And he then said-Ill be glad when it quits, which all of us do or should do, but I’m thinking it is now saying something else-Its about Poor People too.  And you know what. It is…it really is.

But the thing that has changed for me is now how I view both the Rich and Famous.  But especially the Ones we know as Actors and Actresses.  And I don’t see them the same way.  But why?  When America was hurting the MOST, their Silence was unacceptable.  Yes, way too many sat all hunkered down scared.  And when BLACK LIVES MATTER came about. They were QUIET!  Quiet until someone told them what to say and how to say it in order to keep their fans.  But I realized that it wasn’t them that was who they were.  No, it was the excellent Acting Coaches that taught all of them what actions to do to invoke an emotional response in all of us.  And it was the AUTHORS that wrote brilliantly emotionally words that brought both joys and tears to us.  True Stories and Fiction and Sci-Fi and other genres.  But their Acting meant Great Script Writers and these too were taught their Artwork and they too know it well on soliciting a emotion in us.  And then comes so much more.  The Director has to know the Emotional Hook as well.  And so does the Photographer Director-the tear jerking close-ups and slow pull aways with the camera.  And Wardrobe makes it believable as well.   And then, here comes the biggest ones-The Stuntmen and their Mastery of broken ribs, concussions, broken fingers, legs, arms, and even dismemberment and deaths as well.  These are the True Warriors that create the Fake Images of Actors and Actresses.  But not all like Tim Cruise or Jackie Chan who perform a lot of their own Stunts.  But for a ton them, they are just Play Pretenders. Play Pretenders. Play Pretenders. Play Pretenders.  And many don’t know what to say or do if they are not in their Play Pretender Mode.  And that’s what they proved to all of us.

No, it won’t change my viewing of Movies, but it does disappoint me by how I’ve been reminded of these Play Pretenders.  And some are taking bad image menagery for Fan Acknowledgment-Do U Still Love Me?  Please Love me.

Most blew their chances and ain’t no making it up.  Yes, they had their chances to help calm down many in distress over all of what is going on.  But no, they weren’t there no more.  And it’s what was said by an NBA Player that really woke me up.  He said he and us rich folks ain’t got no real understanding of what everyone else is going thru.  And he was damn sure right on that one and neither are Talk Show Hosts and News Personnel always reading a teleprompter on WHAT TO SAY.  Yes, these are the Play Pretenders as well. Always prompting emotions for Viewers when an Assistant says to do so thru an ear piece in his or her ear.

But it’s always a game and all of us must pick what we allow ourselves to BELIEVE.  When we hear something now, we must consider the Source feeding the Teleprompters for those in TV.  And yes. They are the Rich that doesn’t understand what all of us are going thru.  In a few seconds or minutes. They move onto another this or THAT…Play Pretenders.  Each of us must always decide truth from fakery.

But I sure enjoyed FREE DANCE in Netflix last night.  So, you bet, I’ll still watch Movies and enjoy them.