Prisoners of America!


And just when you think it can’t get any worse.

Americans are blocked out of Mexico! 

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And just when you think it can’t get any worse.

Americans are blocked out of China!

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And just when you think it can’t get any worse.

Americans are blocked out of Canada! 

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And just when you think it can’t get any worse.

Americans are blocked out of Europe!

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And just when you think it can’t get any worse.  It’s not like we’re all sitting in an Electric Chair unless you let your emotions run wild with you.  But, please DON’T.

We’re doing ok. Getting even more nervous now…

Does the last two sentences resonate with you?  Here, read it again-

We’re doing ok.  Getting even more nervous now…

And just when you think it can’t get any worse.  Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.  It’s not as if you can’t make it unless you become a damn fool and you quit-

1.  Quit Thinking.

2.  Quit Trying.

3.  Quit believing in Our Heavenly Father.

Well, have you done one of the above three?  Or all three?  And I’ll bet you are wondering if God has sent this Pandemic upon the World?  Well, has God done that? 

Yes, God has sent this Pandemic Plague Upon all the Earth.  And did you do something wrong?  Yes, in a Holistic View. All of us have.  We turned our backs on God by Man’s thinking, believing Man was actually ABOVE, Surpassing God with A.I. And other “Greater than Everything”  Mentality that the World was in. 

Yes, in God’s Eyes, man in the last few years has become a Den of Thieves, Rapists of Virtues, and Non-Believers.  But more than anything, Man proved how far from Godlessness man has moved and away from God’s Love all of us have become.  Yes, suddenly, we’re now like a disappointing child, the prodigal Sons.  Yes, my OH my, yes we have.  And there are tons of examples out there how all of us have strayed.  Yes, we have.  But quit it.  Stop the Denial!  Because GOD IS PISSED!

Who does it take to say it to you, me, us? 


Too many are Godless now.  Too many are cemented in Sins. Too many just don’t care any more.  Too many are engulfed in sinful thoughts and Actions.  And many have just given-up. 

But for the Love of God, hear it now-God is LOVE!  GOD IS READY TO WRAP YOU, ME, US IN LOVE!  HE IS, HE IS, HE IS…

When I was Stricken with Polio, I only had GOD to call upon.  Yes, I CALLED!  I CRIED!  I PRAYED ONLY AS A CHILD COULD AND GOD ANSWERED giving me my Legs again.  

When I went Overseas in a U.S. Army Deployment. I didn’t pray to you.  I didn’t pray to a False God, no.  NO! I PRAYED to the only one true Living God.  The Only One!  

When my daughter was shot thru her Chest with a .45 Caliber Handgun, did I pray for a Big Mac?  Did I pray to You?  NO, NO. NO.  I PRAYED to the One True God.  The only TRUE LIVING GOD!  

And when my Grandfather told me that he’d been told I was a Special Person and that an Angel told him that.  I only shook his words off like all of US would.  

And when a man I didn’t know suddenly stopped me and said-My God. There is a Great Angel walking with you, watching over you.  And like all of US, I shook that one off.

But, when the Holy Spirit is with me. Man, there isn’t any Doubt.  No, I know.  And I know today, that YOU need a Pick Me Up!  Well, I hope I can help you get that Pick Me Up!  And my best words are this-Do not give-up on GOD.  God is Great, God is Good, and God Loves YOU.  And as far as God’s Curse Upon Earth right now thru this Pandemic, it is not a A FOREVER!  Always going to be here?  No, it won’t be.  But, only a Stupid Fool walks away from the Truth.  And quite frankly, man was begging for God’s Anger.  For God’s Wrath!  And if you think God can’t make it worse, then keep on forgoing those Prayers.  Yes. If you want WORSE, just keep denying what you are feeling.  Yes. It’s called GUILT.  Guilt from walking away and listening to nothing but SIN.  And man is in an Orgy of Lust and thick with Orgy Sins of the Mind.  And many are turning towards all forms of Incest and Beastiality.  It’s sickening. 

Man is engaging in Rampant Raping of Kids stolen from their Parents.  Many are planning and doing Murders.  The Level and Directions of Man’s Sins are now Unpredictable.  And why?  If someone will only mention it on Social Media, a thousand will try it. 

Totally disregarding what they know is Right in God’s Eyes.  And now, I can only tell you this-God is LOVE!  Allow Him in your life AGAIN!  TODAY!  RIGHT NOW!  Just say these simple words-


And lift your arms skyward and say it over and over and over until YOU FEEL GOD’S LOVE!  And if you do this. You will be joining me in what I do every day.  I lift my arms upward toward the Skies, actually the ceiling in my home if inside, and I Let God Openly Know, No, I haven’t FORGOT HIM. 

And now, remember the Goal, YOUR GOAL, MY GOAL is to GO TO HEAVEN!  Let your worries fly from your mind.  Let them go!  Quit trying to figure things out by STOP WATCHING all the negative stuff online and on TV.  That doesn’t matter, that doesn’t matter, get it?  That doesn’t matter. Walking in God’s Love, that’s what matters.  And try it, don’t deny it. And don’t try to be like this or that person, you have no idea where their relation with God is. 

And as you notice, I don’t mention Jesus so much as Jesus and God are United now.  And I don’t mention Muhammed as God and Muhammad are United now. Don’t worry, when you DIE, you’ll see for yourself and don’t be scared of Dying.  It’s amazing on the other side.  Then, you’ll understand and realize-Why was I so locked on stuff here on Earth?  Don’t sweat this life.

And I know you’re hurting and you have a hundred questions about many things that all of us are witnessing.  But know now as I do, as I lay DEAD in the Hospital, I saw God, but all of us there on that Gloriful Side did and NO, God was not a Person. 

There isn’t a need or want to SEE GOD.  And why?  You knew God was everywhere and in everything.  And you could feel his over-radiating LOVE.  Yes. L O V E.  And you could feel GOD too.

God is with all of us every day.  

But I hope this small Write will help give you a sense of peace that your heart now seeks.  And pray to God and Let’s get Right With God as a Holistic Earth.

We can do this!  Let His Love in…