You ignorant Pompous Ass!  Today, we Hit Over 44 Thousand New Infections, the Most Ever in the U.S. for one day!

Now, not wearing a Face Mask is pure Political Communism!!!  Many are decrying Wearing a Mask and equate it to The Only Way You’ll Ever Get My Guns is by Pulling My Cold Dead Hands From Them!  And really?  Are we going down that Donkey Trail with the Wagon full of Horse Manure? Well. Are we? 

And when Americans see POTUS and Assistant POTUS NOT WEARING A FACE MASK, it sends ONLY one Message to Trump Supporters. We too are Invincible.  Yet, nothing is farther from the Truth!  Even Europe is BANNING AMERICANS!  I guess you can’t wrap your head around over 128,000 American Deaths!!!  But your Supporters?

THEY DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR ONE EITHER!!!  So, let me get that right-You DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR A MASK no matter how many might DIE because of your Actions?  You Total Pompous Ass! 


REAL MEN Wear Masks!

Hey, that’s some of that ignoramus intelligence you’re trying to use as your Justification and the Others coming up with Medical Issues.  Well, try staying the Heck at home then. 

But for 15 years, I had to wear face Masks like we’re wearing NOW for sometimes 16 hours and how many did I see any ONE Overcome by exhaled Air in their MASK?  How many fell out from working our butts off so you’d have electricity for your homes?  Working Hard in COAL TUNNELS!   How many?  NONE!  NO ONE!


And you think this is still a Funny Game?

And I see such Crybaby Actors climbing out of their Rights Holes screaming FOUL PLAY!  WE MUST ELIMINATE WEARING MASKS IN PUBLIC?  Really?  Dang. Who died and put all y’all in Charge with your tiny baby crying ways? 

Dang, I’m seeing crybabies climbing out of their Isolation Chambers from Mars?  Huh?  Man, get that whine out of here.  Take Whining out of here and Wear a MASK to Protect your Fellow Americans…thanks