Bringing the Scope of American Covid-19 Deaths into a Visible Perspective…

It’ll fill 1/3 of NRG STADIUM where the Texans play.  Yep, can you imagine Coffins stacked all the way around and all the way up to somewhere between the 30-50 yard line.  OMG!

That amount of space Filled plum-up with Coffins, every inch.

NRG is 90 million Cubic Feet.  And taking into a size of 84″×23″×28″ and you got the basic size of a regular Coffin.  But add all those Fat Boy Fat Girl OVERSIZE COFFINS and you might get above the 50 yard line in height.

122,000 Coffins equals about 3.3 Million Cubic Feet. Yes, it’s over 1/3rd of NRG STADIUM.  And 366,000 and you can fill the entire NRG STADIUM with Coffins holding COVID-19 DEATHS in the U.S.  or maybe with less.

Frightful Numbers and now, all of us have a better understanding of how unbelievably serious all of this is.  Now, can you visibly see 1/3rd of one of these wonderful Stadiums filled with Coffins?  That’s out right horrible.

Or do you want to take the Coffin Look into AT&T COWBOYS STADIUM?  Okay, it’s 104 million Cubic Feet.  And again.  Let’s look at OVERSIZE COFFINS, shall we?  90″×36″×30″ and when you compute that into the mix, you got way more than 3.3 Million Cubic feet for 122,000 Dead Americans.  And so, wanna call it 37% full?  Or 40% full?

Pick a Stadium, one or the other. And either would, yep Would be better than 37-40% Full if we put all of the Coffins for 122,000 Americans having Died of COVID-19 in one of them.

That is a horrible thought, a horribly disturbing image of how many that have died.

Or could we completely fill either Stadium with may be just 280,000 Dead Americans’s Coffins.  And make no Doubt. We’re headed that way.

Or imagine Kyle Field plum full with Coffins all the way up to May be the 45 yard line or higher.



But now look at that again.  It’s not much to do with any yard line.  No, look at this picture again.  Now, put your finger on the green turf and then move up 1/3rd to 1/2 upward.  Now that’s where the Height that all 122,000 Coffins would fill up in the entire lower Area. 


All the Area in purple above in this Picture of Kyle File would be completely filled with Coffins to represent what 122,000 COVID-19 Deaths in America would fill.  And already, it’s 128,000.  Absolutely horrendous numbers. 

And absolutely not, I have a deep respect for our wonderful Stadiums in Texas.  

And somewhere after 280,000 Covid-19 Deaths and the Coffins


would begin to completely fill up all of Kyle Field and start OVERFLOWING over the Top Bleachers Section.  OMG!  That’s a horrible amount of Deaths…(SMH)