As we look back…100-Year Time Capsules! They’ll call us the COVIDS.

“All of this we’re going to look back at in time as a profound failure of our national leadership,” says @DrLeanaWen.

“This is the biggest public health catastrophe to face all of us in our lifetimes and we have not stepped up in the way that we need to.”

The above is from John Hopkins Tweets.

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One day, all of us will look back to this Time Period.  And I’m sure, any will be jumping up and down wanting to be recognized for doing good things.  But who cares?  History will, instead, want to concentrate on the Bad Stuff.  And I’m sure. President Trump, no doubt, will share in a lot of that Historical Limelight.  But, he may actually be remembered for one thing-

Operation Warp Speed!  

Yes, this may be the place where the Remembrance of his Presidency might kick a Field Goal in a time where emotions have hit the Highest Highs ever.  And some of the lowest lows as well.

But yes, if one of the Vaccines hits a Home Run under this WH Directed Program and creates a 100% Immunity against the Coronavirus that caused COVID-19, then that would be a huge good thing.  But maybe, it will also Protect all of us against all Coronaviruses.  And I believe that is a very doable possibility.  But I don’t think that there will be another 2020 for maybe another 100 years.  But all of us must seek that which resonates good far greater than any of us.  And it’s out THERE.  Yes, look around.  Lots of good is being done.  No, it’s not all gloom and doom.  Don’t lock onto only Negatives.  Seek the good and you will find it. And here’s something that I believe is a very good thing that all of us could do right NOW.  And plan it out.  No, don’t rush it or rush into yours.  But call family up.  Call and text and email friends and share this Blog Post and say-

Hey. Here’s a good thing all of us could and should put together.  And again, plan it out.  And Just Do It.  But have tons of fun doing it. Talk it out, plan it out. And Just Do it!  And what would yours look like?


I’m a Huge Fan of people coming together to do a 100-Year Time Capsule all over the World and I’m talking just Regular People like you and I.  No. Not Time Capsules regulated by the Rich and Famous or Governments unless they want to FUND one or more.  And it doesn’t have to be spectacular.  Just simple ones done by simple folks.  I very much think we should do this because we can say things that the Folks 100 years from now might need or want to hear.  Things like-


Yes. Please don’t Blame it on us.  But actually, a whole lot of things could and maybe will be traced back to all of us.  And what’s going to be on that Blame List?

A.  Climate?

B.  Monetary Debt?

C.  A War or two Wars?  Maybe, one that finally included Nuclearization of Planet Earth.

D.  Everything Bad that Happens to YOU!

E.  Black Lives Matter?  Yes. Even this one could still be an Issue 100-Years from now.  It’s been going on for 393 years and no matter what you think. Racial Hatreds are buried deep in the World.  Yes. Racial Hatreds aren’t all Locked into just Black Issues here in America.  Racial Hatreds exist all over the World.  Maybe Humans have an inherent Disease of seeing someone as being lesser than them.  But, I believe ignorant people will still keep teaching their children ignorant hateful things about others.  Toward Others.  

F.  Racial Hatreds.  Yes, people have been hating on each other for Centuries and I believe it will still be around 100-Years from NOW.

G.  Social Injustices.

F.  One World Government.

Gosh, I hope that there are things that folks 100-Years from now will appreciate from us.  It might be Cell Phones, for instance.  Yes, I think that these will still be here because I just don’t see such a Simple Thing of Communication will ever leave.  Sure, lots of various improvements, but it will still be traced to us.  Yes. Our Generation Did that.  And when I say Our Generation. I’m talking any one alive right now, both old and young.  Yes, I’m sure that by then, they’ll have all of us LABELED with a few Names like-

Covids.  Yes, that is us for sure. The COVIDS.  And yes, it is All-Inclusive of all Alive all over the World. 

The Covids Generation. 


But, here’s more information-

COVID-19 Time Capsule Activity for Home School Students of All Ages

COVID-19 Time Capsule Activity for Home School Students of All Ages