Monitoring Your Fear Level…and now You Want Your 1st Gun

So, you just woke up and baby, you’re Fear Level is hitting close to RED.  Oh no.  Not me, you think, but no you’re not thinking about Fear at all. 

But Today or very soon. You got to get Your Hands on a Gun!!!

A Gun, OMG! you told yourself you would never OWN a Gun.  You told yourself you’d rather just Die than get a Gun.  Yes, now you are considering buying a Cold piece of metal with some moving parts. And nothing is stopping you now.

And Today, is the Day!  Or next week.  But you are going to look weird asking Coworkers what sort of Gun you ought to get at work  And my OH my, you don’t even know the Brand Names or which one is Best.  You have no clue. And worse yet, your Family doesn’t believe in Gun Ownership since you great grandfather died in WWI.  But you know you now want a Gun for Self Protection.

But dang, the News every day has got you so worried that now, you believe The Gun is Your Salvation.  And don’t get me wrong, it could be.  But gosh, how do I translate my years of hunting?  Of Military Training?  Of Shooting on a Range? Of being a Concealed handgun instructor for years, but I QUIT because of Ignorant Students. 

Yes. Some folks scared even me because they still had NO CONCEPT of SELF DEFENSE. And some might be best with a Taser or Pepper Spray. But here’s just a little, a tiny bit to consider.

grayscale photo of a boy aiming toy gun selective focus photography
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Before you Buy, plan on Safely Securing the Gun and always remember, once fired, the Bullet cannot be recalled. If you have a Gun, your kids will know too.  And unsecured, guess whose gonna be checking it out when you’re not around!  Your kids will!

And bullets can and do go through your intended target and Walls!  Across a parking lot, through the neighbors yard.  And so on. Different Calibers will travel farther.  And even that has other aspects to consider.  

And here’s a few more-You need a Gun to Carry on your person?  Carry in your car?  Have in your home?  I mean, exactly how intense is your Fear? How do you see your self having a Gun?  You need to visualize yourself with one.  

Are you preparing for an All Out Shootout?  Lol.

But no, I’m not saying DON’T GET ONE, but please DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  And you must practice with your Gun at a Safe Gun Range.  You got to know YOUR GUN, you got to know how to clean it and take it apart and put it back together.  No practice is a bad thing.  No, I’m not going into a full workup for you. I don’t know you.  

I’m not teaching anymore.  But sure, it helps having someone you trust being by your side in this entire affair.  Especially going to the Shooting Range.  Good Luck and Be Safe!