COVID-19 VACCINES…are we in store for another Swine Flu Fiasco?


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Everyone in the World is now asking this-Will there be a COVID-19 Vaccine Ready For YOU, for me, for all of us?  And here are just some of the Questions-

1.  Is there a Virus Vaccine?

Weekly, I keep checking and most likely, you do too.  But no, no Winner yet.  NO!  NO! NO!  Anyone saying that they got one Ready is not true and I’m not sharing half-truths.  Look at the above image.

2.  What is the Virus Vaccine based on? Plant, animal, or Rocket Science?

Now here’s where we start going down the Rabbit Holes.  And 1st off, I’m now reading and hearing some great stuff and some stuff that sounds like pure Carney Bullshit.  I mean, some of it sounds great.  But some of it sounds like Evil Crap where Money Mongers are putting a Lab up that may soon be injecting Sugar Water.  But when Billions and Trillions of Dollars are AT STAKE,  we are going to see the good along with the bad and then a touch of nothing but Fraud and Corruption on the Highest Order.  Large amounts of money is a Hog Calling


to the Corrupt Minded and Corruption.  But if you want to know right now, just read the Article at the very beginning.

3.  How soon can I get a working Vaccine in my booty or arm?

For most of us, maybe by the end of 2021 you and I will get a Two-Shot Vaccine.  That’s when we get a SMILEY STICKER on both Arms.  😃😃.  I’m not sure how quickly we’d get our 2nd Dose or Shot after the 1st one.

Below is a good read about why 2 Shots?  Heck, it’ll be like prying hands off a Chest filled with Gold to get some people out just to get the 1st Shot.  I see drive-thru Shots being BEST!  No one is gonna want to get in line or go outside in a long line for a Shot.  And NOT FOR TWO!   MERCK is working on a Single Shot Vaccine.  And that would mean only a single SMILEY FACE STICKER 😃.

Lord, I remember standing in a line for THREE HOURS just to get the SWINE FLU SHOT.

The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Fiasco’

Some, but not all, of the hesitance to embrace Vaccines can be traced back to this event more than 40 years ago!!!

And now, why two Shot Vaccines?  It’s in the above.

But if you’re alive, consider yourself Lucky.   After all, the World Population is Dying faster than you think-


Coronavirus is now just killing us off quicker.

4.  How long will the Vaccine last?

I’m guessing here.  But I bet it’ll be just as long as a Flu Shot.  Might be as long as a Pneumonia Shot. At this point, no one has released any information in this Area yet because hey it’s still in everyone’s infancy Stage of Vaccine Knowledge.

5.  Will I need a yearly Vaccine for the rest of my life?

You darn tooting you’ll need another shot every year.  Or might be once every 1-5 years.  Sure, I’m guessing but not completely.  Our body’s own systems will attempt to eradicate new junk put in us.  And one Vaccine this year might not work next year because of how our own Bodies accept or reject each Vaccine.  And what Vaccine that works for one may not work for another.  And no matter how beautiful a Vaccine Trial works, it’s still no guarantee.  Too many unknowns as simple as Blood Type of each individual may have an affect on the Vaccines Effectiveness.  Just like pre-existing conditions may as well or even the various Drugs we take may play a part.

6.  Yes, lastly. What the hell caused this?

Identifying where this Virus came from is a lame excuse to ground squirrel hunt down the wrong Rabbit Hole.  Lame to use in any rhetoric. 

The real question is WHAT IT CAME FROM?  And many, many of us want to know where this Virus actually came from?  I’m NOT TALKING REGION OF THE WORLD.  I’m talking what Kind of Animal, Mammal, Bird, Fish, Reptile, or some other dirty little something that produced this World Crippling Coronavirus that causes COVID-19?  If we found the actual Source, we might be able to create the Best Possible Vaccine.  The best possible response.

7.  Will my Country get the Vaccine?

And that’s a big concern to lots of Country Leaders.  Lots and lots of People.  No Country wants to be left behind.  The World cannot Allow any Country to Not Get the Vaccine.  No Country can be left behind. All almost 7.8 Billion Humans may need to get it.

8.  Will Countries Isolate themselves from other Countries?

Lol.  And I had to laugh.  Lots of Countries already were Isolating themselves from other Countries because of many other reasons before the Virus.  They always will.  But as far as Travel Restrictions?  Sure.  Countries Not Controlling the Virus will have Travel Restricted from Low to High with Countries Under Full Virus Control.  Not Controlling World Travel is why we’re in the Mess we’re in now. And some Countries’s Money Makers are being held under a knife at their throats with NO TOURISTS.  No tourist, no money.

9.  Which Vaccine should I get?

That’s a great Question.  But which Vaccines will be available 1st?  And I’m concerned the BEST ONE might be the Last One Tested and by then, will there be the same Monies available for Producing it?  I don’t think anyone will get a choice and that “Not Having a Choice of Vaccines” could make some Get No Vaccine at all.  Health Insurance Companies may play a part in it too after Operation Warp Speed runs out of Monies…