Is America really Headed toward another CIVIL WAR?

Boy, the more I research what Experts are saying about this, I’m now troubled that there may be a sinister plan in place to allow enough of something to take place that could send the Blue and Red States into another Horrible Civil War.   Everyone of us have to Step Up and help End the Fears and any promotion of Unrest in our Country.  We must not let our Great Nation Fall.  

And if it were ever to take place, I don’t see a United States surviving.  I DON’T.  I bet if this does take place, it will end in a Divided Place.  Each State might just go their own way and block all State Borders.  And I see Race once again being the biggest issue.  And there are too, too, too many Angry Americans now.  More than ever before…

Social Media Platforms are blocking members connected to Hate Groups. But how many are they missing?  But there may be so much more happening on the Dark Web.  And there, anything is possible.  Gun Sales are exploding thru the Roof because demands for defunding Police Departments and Open Willful Destruction by Racial Groups keeps going Unchecked in America and that appears to be causing a great degree of Fear now spreading to Viewers at home and these Home Viewers are Preparing!  People are saying they don’t Trust Police or the Government And there are millions upon millions that don’t Trust the ones saying that.  It’s a breeding of Mass Hysteria of Fear!  Many are now IN FEAR of each other.  Afraid in their Homes.  And that’s not a way to be.  A way to live.  Turn the TV off!

And there’s little doubt that there’s enough Guns and Ammunition to go around.  But when the Police let it play out, what’s a body to do?  But as more and more Big Names only toss in their own words of Hatred, nothing good will come.  Only Civil War will come and it will be Death by Starvation for the Elderly.

Death by Starvation for millions upon millions.

Radicals will start it off.  They’ll shut down the Electric Grids 1st.  And this will scare lots of folks.  And after three weeks, the group’s will start the Looting of Stores And then the bloodshed will begin. And if this one Article I read is correct, we’ve only got four years before it starts. 

But do I really know how it will start?  No, absolutely not.  I don’t expect to live that long.  But right now, things are starting to head that way in order for the Civil War Door to be Opened.  The NRA will be the best Recruiter of Warmongers. 

And Dear God, children, is that what you want?  To kill each other?  If you’re so angry that you want and plan to KILL Americans, please GET THE HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  Get up and LEAVE!  Or get Medical Help for your Condition.  And If not? 

Go to a 3rd World Country and see what you left behind.  But go! 

Please LEAVE!  But here’s a troubling Article-

BU Historian Answers: Are We Headed for Another Civil War?