Are you really a Child of Slaves from Texas? Or not?

Chasing your Ancestral Questions can be a very rough Road.  It will take you down one Rabbit Hole after another. Many a youthful person is going off spreading falsehood after falsehood.  Lots of lies are being told and retold and this only compounds the Issues. And by learning the truths, the real truths, everyone can help each other.  Everyone can then see, both White and Black. And I’m trying to help you, I am.

Right now, there needs to be a real, honest TV Show, a Series only devoted to going out, digging-up, and getting to the truth.  And I’m not talking emotionally charged Celebrities only charging up their fans without knowing the Whole Picture-read a few books, watch a few Movies.  Something like the Texas Road Show, but with tons more intense Detective Work and go to Museums, graves, homes, and such where The Best Team of Investigators go out clearly devoted to finding Truth and Honest Reporting.  No. I’m not talking about avoiding anything. Leave no stone unturned!  I’m not talking Sugar Coating Jack Shit!  Bring forth the truth.  I even have watched College Professors promoting falsehoods.  And now, we need no more.

But every time I hear a young black person on TV say-we built this place inferring his ancestors built the Texas Cities.  No, no you actually didn’t.  Some might have lent a hand at times.  But No, your Ancestors didn’t either. Black men weren’t working the Limestone Quarries or placing those precut stones on Court Houses and other large buildings.  It was being done by White Men belonging to Freemasons and Woodmen of the World Organizations and belonging to Klansman  Organizations.  It was a White Workers World and they did hard manual labor as well. But Black Men did too, but as Slaves.  And I’ve been chasing down Rabbit Holes all the time-


Slave ledger donated to Brazos Valley African American Museum

Once authenticated, it will join ‘African Diaspora’ exhibit

Brazos County resident James Brown recently was browsing eBay online when an auction item immediately caught his attention: A small piece of paper with several names and numbers scrawled in faded ink. It was, according to its owner, a record of the sale and rental of African-American women and children in Richmond, Virginia in 1851.

The above exert is from-

But let me continue-


Slaves were on Plantations working the Cultivated Fields and other Plantation work which did include building “Slave Shacks”-small wooden houses made to house Plantation Slaves.  And the Slaves built buildings on the Plantations, even Plantation Mansions. Yes, Plantations are what Black Men known as Slaves built.  But we need truth.  Learn the past, but remember. You weren’t there.  None of us were.  The following is a good read, but I find too many writings showing the writers own bias.

But a real TV Show, I think could tell the Honest Story, presenting a more accurate picture. But not done as a boring Documentary.  No. Slaves weren’t the only ones that received brutal punishments.  40 lashes on the Whipping Post was not a Black Only affair.  Anyone the Court deemed needing a decent whipping got one.  Or other medieval forms of punishment including death.  Discipline was brutal for everyone and only the White Rich exploited its vengeance on everyone.  These few controlled everything.  Not unlike similarly and eerily as it is Today. 

But, now your hunt begins and I want you to find your Roots.  All of us need to do this.  But where to start?  And lots are fearful of what I am now going to suggest and many “True Black Thru and Thru” individuals and you know who I mean don’t want to do this because they might find a whole lot of their family members might be walking around totally thinking that they are White Only.  These individuals may have no idea that they too are ancestrally tied to a Slave Past.  And it’s OKAY!  All of us need to know the past. It’s not going to change you.  It might even improve a person.

So, DNA, make no Mistake, will place you in the right group of family members sharing a similar genome sequencing.  And with Males, there is no doubt.  I used Living DNA and sure, it takes me as far as I cared to go.  But a daughter lives for finding distant relatives sharing our DNA and she’s convinced our bloodline is thick with Black Blood.  But-  

One problem you will face while tracing your Slave DNA is finding actual Slaves.  Lots of Slaves did not have their names written on paper Records. But not all Indentured Servants had their names recorded either except at a Census or Muster. 

But be please be strong, you started your Search and may be once a week, try to find something new.  But if you’re lucky, you’ll hit the Jackpot and DNA may tie yours to a family member that may have all of your Family History already done for you.  But the real Origin doesn’t begin in America, it begins in the Slave Regions of the World. 


And it might be hard to wrap your head around another Black Person, White Person, Indian Person, or even Women may have OWNED your great-great grandparents.  Yes. Owned them just like a cow or horse or hog.  They were property, considered property.  Buy be mindful that was then, do please don’t get twisted when you learn some facts.  You still must realize that you are now a beautiful person and you always will be.  But yes, you might see that “Seen and viewed as property”.   So know it now and let’s move on.

But like in all human involvement, I’m sure strong emotional bonds were established in many cases between a Slave and the Owner.  But people were of a different mentality back then and that Slave Mentality endured for how many years? 

          But, for your 1st Viewing of Texas Slavery, here is the 1860 Texas Census.  You KNOW. The Pre-Civil War View of the TOTAL Picture of Slavery and Slave Ownership in Texas outlined by each separate Texas County.  And it includes the Ages and also-FREE COLORED!  So, even in 1860, there were Free Colored in Texas who were Not Slaves.  But the number of Slaves far overshadowed the Free Colored.  And I found one interesting thing in this Census Count-Counties with the Highest Number of Slaves in 1860 went on to having the largest populations of black People still relative to the current Same County.  And now that I think about it, the darkest skin pigmentation I’ve witnessed are in these same Texas Counties having the largest number of Slaves in 1860. But, that’s not surprising as much as it is only confirming it.  But dang, the largest concentration of Slaves in which County back then did surprise me. And also, those over 100 years old in 1860.

And I’m thinking those Areas had reasons for their higher possession of Slaves.  Higher Ownership of Slaves?  But why?  Yes, why indeed?  My 1st thoughts are that the ground was better suited in those High Slave concentrated Counties for farming Plantations.  And as I’ve been all over Texas thanks to my father being an employee of the U.S. Agricultural Department as a Soil Scientist.  But his specialty was soil erosion control.  And then working for years in the Oil Field, I got to see a ton of different parts in Texas.  And I always looked for Indian Artifacts.  And here’s the 1860 Texas County Census-


The 1860 Census showed in Texas the Coryell County’s free population to be 2,360; 81 of this number were slaveholders,

who owned a total of 306 slaves.

The majority of residents were from the Old South. Of the heads of households in 1860, the largest number (115) were from Tennessee, forty were from Alabama, and thirty-seven each from Kentucky and North Carolina. Coryell County. Formed from Bell County; created February 4, 1854–Organized March 4, 1854. Named in Honor of James Coryell, born in Tennessee in 1796; a member of the Bowie Expedition to the old San Saba Silver Mines in 1831; a Texas Ranger; killed by Indians near Fort Milam May 27, 1837. County seat Fort Gates 1854

          So, you’ve now got a few hours of studying to do as you view and digest the numbers on the 1860 Census.  But get past what you hear and find out for yourself.  Here, I provided some proof in what I speak and yes, I’ve been doing this far longer than I’m willing to admit.  My daughter believes I’m a very good Historian.  But at times, I don’t write, I admit. Like I am.  I still tend to write like the way my grandparents and I talked.  He with a 2nd grade education and her with only a 3rd grade education.  They’re gone now, but I still chuckle when I read one of her Letters.  Good Luck! 

Also, I have, by the way, Online Access to tons of Libraries which many don’t have…and I’m always researching.  


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