Seeking Popularity DISEASE

Popularity.  Popularity.  Popularity.  And the more a body seeks it, the more they may lose sight of the real picture.  And when I think of being popular and I’m drawn back to several examples of Popularity Gone Wrong.  Way wrong.  

The one that always brings me back to a place where some might have thought that these people were popular and actually, they were just plain corrupt and greedy as all get out.  Yes. They were Corrupt and you could see this at where you work.  So here’s what I saw every year.  Every year.  

The big place I worked had several, several hundred workers there.  And every year,  they gave or had a Company Picnic or Company Party and at them, they gave away Prizes. Just for attending.  But there was a Catch.  Yes. There was and again, if you’re seeing this sort of stuff where you work. Then BEWARE!  Yes. Beware!

But the totally UNCOOL thing the Upper Echelon did was that they Rigged Who Got the Nice Prizes.  Yes, they got the Good Stuff and the rest got NOTHING.  But that and the wife swapping they were into were too much for me.  But it went deeper.  It wasn’t just Wife Swapping.  Two of them. A husband AND wife only wanted to Swap for the Same Sex.  And when the husband asked me.  I told him NO.  And he told me his marriage was only a Marriage of Convenience.  And that both were actually Gay.  Yes, how convenient was that?  The man even begged to suck my cock and he went on for hours which made me very uncomfortable.  But I didn’t need or care to slip out of my marriage vows.  I stayed true and always have.  And later,  I was traveling with three Divorcees and they all wanted my cock and I told them NO.  They were dumbfounded that anyone wouldn’t stray away to try some Out Of Marriage Sex.  And they poured it on for the short length of the trip.  

But I was polite and if you remain true, you won’t give another a power over YOU.  And if you’re considering Extra Marriage Sex, I can only say-Be strong, fantasize about it if you must. But keep true.  And there’s a funny saying-It doesn’t matter where you get your Appetite. Always eat at home.  But don’t play around.  And sure, others have tried to lure me astray by outright asking me to and OH they won’t tell no one.  Lol, that’s a Lie!  They gonna tell it.  Yes, they gonna tell it on you. 

But don’t chase that Popularity Bubble because it will burst.  It will burst.  And all of us know people that take Facebook or other Social Platforms to promote themselves.  Yes. You know them.  Posting what they are doing all daylong like someone cares.  And I’ve sat in two Conversations where a friend of a friend told the one Posting about one of their Posts.  And then they Explode-WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT WHAT I’M POSTING?  Like suddenly they were awoken to an Undesirable looking at your Post.  Lol.  And that was some funny stuff to OBSERVE.  But the Social Platforms is where you see almost everything imaginable.  So, I’m going to go, I’m tired and I hope you got a chuckle.  But one Last word.  If you do ever stray, ask God for forgiveness.  And Let it GO!  LET IT GO!  I’ve seen too many tell and it killed their Marriages whereas just Keeping Your Mouth Shut would have been the best way to handle it.  Especially when you want to stay married.  I know, it’s not what you might have ever heard before. 

But there’s another word on that I was told-If you Kiss and Tell, you will Go to Hell, and there you will find a thousand others who fit the rhyme.  Got to hell should be changed to Go Through Hell.  Lol

So, DON’T do that stuff.  But if you have, move on…if you’re suffering, my heart goes out to you.  Be in love.  Love others.  Love yourself.