Here in Texas, some are partying like there is no TOMORROW.  And everyone is Happy as Chipmunks finding fresh fallen tree nuts.  But something tells me, our happiness may be squashed by the Virus again.  And as more get out and about, there will be more cases. 

But the hardest item that can’t be overlooked is when the Hospitals become Overburdened.  That’s the line in the sand that many aren’t ever going to understand.  Many will think So What,  I don’t care who gets Hospitalized.  But then a Wreck happens and it’s your kids and there aren’t any ICU Beds available. 

Or, You get shot and instead of being in your local Hospital, you are Ambulanced a hundred miles away to a distant County little City 10 Bed Hospital.  

You scream where’s the Ice Cream? and no one hears you in your moment of being so upset.  Or you or your parents or grandparents have a Heart Attack and instead of being in an ICU ROOM, all y’all are in the back of an Ambulance being watched.  wtf?  And it’s so upsetting.

You think.  What World did I awaken to? And boy are you pissed NOW.  But you and all Texans never thought how this could happen.  We’re RE-OPENED.  We’re Okay.  Well, no we’re not really when we can’t take care of our hospitalized.  That’s the

Line in the Sand is when the ICU BEDS in all Hospitals in your County are 100% Full. Closures are Imminent!  If not sooner.  In your City and County.  If Officials wait that long, they’ll be hard-pressed to get Re-Elected.  But we cringe if anyone mentions closures again too. 

But, here’s what I’m thinking.  As we are now REOPENED, when Texas gets very close to that Imaginary Line, they’ll start Re-Closing in a Reverse Order.  Re-Close Bars 1st.  Governor Abbott Re-Closed all the Bars in Texas on the 26th!  (3 days after I wrote this) Then next, Patrons inside Restaurants.  And so on.  No. It hasn’t happened as of yet.  And-

image (1)

Statewide Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks might need to be The Number One thing to do and we just might need to start now.  In all Counties.  No exceptions.  This might prevent any re-closings.  And for say three weeks and of course, keep the Social Distancing in place. 

Look, some are politicizing wearing Face Masks and that’s BULLSHIT!  I worked hard, breathing heavily at times for up to 16 hours straight wearing Face Masks all the time and that was in Coal Tunnels. I saw no one DIE!!! I SAW NO WEARING MASKS ISSUES!!! And we followed OSHA Rules.

But, there has to be a Solution.  Otherwise Hospitals are going to put up Signs saying-


on their Doors. 

And you say, you’re not Re-Isolating.  Well, you sure won’t be alone.  Like at the Brazos County Health Department Office near Downtown Bryan, TEXAS.  And you can read what that Blue Sign reads.  Lol.

So, we are once again in a hard-nosed, hard-pressed Game of Horse Shoes and in this one, we got to be like that Song-

We Are The Champions…be safe and keep those loved ones Safe.