Will Colleges Imprison Athletes?

Sound crazy?  But mandatory Dorm Isolation throughout the Football Season could equate to a lesser form of Imprisonment. And what would you do?  When a Directive comes barreling down from on High, what are you going to do?  Or your Son or Father or Husband?  

Again. What sounds simply impossible might be made Mandatory.  You DO AS WE SAY AND KEEP YOUR ASSES PUT, or you won’t be playing for us?  You live where we say with NO CONTACT RULES with anyone except the Opposing Team.  Your food will be delivered.  Your Classes will be online.  But By God, we will have a National Championship Game.  And we will have Our Football Revenues. I mean Season.  Opps!  No, I don’t.  I mean Revenues.  Lol

A little Civil Rights Violations here and a little there is acceptable when millions and millions of Dollars are on the Line to Keep both Football Programs and Colleges afloat with Sports Monies.  Do you agree?  And when the Isolations become permanent Residences in Isolated Buildings and Dorms, will that be acceptable? 

Hey. I see Forfeited Games and crazy wild attempts to change NCAA RULES just to keep the Dollars flowing.  And then what?  What, I say?  Man, that what is a Saturday Televised Game no matter how it boils down.  And this could be the wildest Season of College Football ever played in School Histories. 

It’s going to be interesting.  And sure, things done may become borderline Violations of Rules or will a quick NCAA fix bounce out of nowhere.  Football is an all Powerful Force.  And the Monetary Amounts involved is mind-boggling.  It’s beyond millions and it is a tremendous Amount.  But this Pandemic Season is very disturbing and many, many Phone Calls will be taking place.  But who might be asked to ISOLATE?

1.  Coaches.

2.  Players.

3.  Referees.

4.  Telecasters.

5.  TV Crews.

6.  Concession Crews?

7.  Player Safety?

8.  Fan Safety?

I mean just how far will these possible Isolations go?  It is very troubling scenarios.  And with College Players from Teams all over the Country now Testing Positive for the Virus.  What’s to happen? But we will see…