The ever lurking Danger on the Korean Peninsula


If you think the Korean Peninsula will never explode in War, then think again.  But more dangerous is the continuation of Secret Talks for Unification of both South and North Korea.  And that’s when American Forces would face their greatest challenges.  Yes. Then it would be a matter of HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE? By November 3rd, Korea is going to be in the Spotlight!  Just wait and see if this War Card is not wagged in your face.

Make no mistake America is in South Korea because South Korea has its hands so far up Uncle Sam’s Ass, Uncle Sam must enjoy the feeling.  But also, it’s all about MONEY.  Yes, money, money, and more money.  It’s the very element of Quid Pro Quo!  But it’s been going on far way too long.  And if another American ever dies there, it’ll be our own fault for allowing it.  Yes, it will.  We’ve had way too long to get our Asses out of there.  It’s a strategic piece of elephant dung we can do without.  For all be damned, they still are talking secretly, behind our backs, to Drop the DMZ and come out sucking on each other’s yankers.  Yes, they been talking and have been since 1972.  

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Alternative Paths to Korean Unification – RAND Corporation

But should you care?  Really care?  Damn straight we need to be.  Damn Skippy we must.  Why?  The bloodshed this time would be so horrendous, we’ll see the blood trails for a hundred years.  It stinks!  It really does.  We’ve had all of this time and nothing has been accomplished.  And you’ll be damned when the DMZ is pulled down and millions cross that imaginary line.  And that’s when America will go running naked hiding their junk under a long raincoat.  Man, it’ll be uglier than hell itself.  

And the widows children will come dancing in the streets.  Then, it’ll be too late to attempt another Puppet Government.  Yes, if North Korea ever attacks because it’s completely ignorantly ignorant, South Korea or what’s left of it will be talking Japanese by the time it is ended.  Many a foolish idiot has no understanding of how unbelievably prepared for War North Korea is. Bite your tongue if you can’t see it.

In three hours, North Korea will Level to Rubble Seoul, South Korea.  While Pappason is smoking his Opium Pipe, he’ll be shitting sideways while the Artillery Rounds send his rice field upward erupting 40 feet into the air, spraying mud water and rice in all directions.  And forget about making any sense of it.  Why?  There will be none, but we were damn sure forewarned.  Warning signs have been glaringly right in front of us.  For Generations!  But while your head is wrapped around one Media Fear after another, get ready for a steady flow of body bags coming back here. By the Cargo Ship Load!  Yes, Sir, if War breaks out, it’ll be Body Bag City like never before…

But here comes the real question.  Are you ready to see your son and daughter fight in a War that once over. NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED!  

No. Not at all.  Not a Damn Thing.  And it will be up to China and Russia when it ends.  No one will be able to say it was a good one, an honorable one.  Damn we sure fought a good War.  The hell you say.  When we finally bear the full force of our Military upon North Korea, the World will unapproved our slaughtering the poor helpless North Koreans.  But China will be slaughtering too when North Koreans sit it out making weed smokes and getting High. They are brainwashed ignoramuses. And we’ll be viewed as greater than evil itself.  Koreans won’t fight till the End.  They will QUIT! 

But 1953 until now and we’re still faced with the worst quagmire, the worst nightmare ever!  And how the Heck is it still OUR PROBLEM?  If if weren’t for some cars and Cell Phones and TV’s, we would only get junk from South Korea, we’d have no real need for South Koreans to the point of hundreds thousands of Americans dying for them?  WTF?

Some might believe South Korea has a Bull’s Ring in Uncle Sam’s nose.  And no. It’s not that.  Maybe, an argument can or should be made that

America is the biggest Ignoramus of all of them. 

Or does Uncle Sam love the smell of Blood?  Or does Uncle Sam love to swim in lovely, beautiful blood as long as it’s the Blood of An Enemy?  Yum, yum. Yummy Time.  Blood enough for the entire Region because you can damn sure count on more millions pouring out of China. 

Maybe, after another War there, it would be the Chinese Peninsula.  Yes, all the Koreans, even the ones from North Korea would high tail it to Japan. Or be Slaves to China?

Do you think China is going to love the North Koreans?  No, to them, all Koreans are no more than fire ants.  You have to REMEMBER, China’s only Goal is to populate the entire Globe with Chinese Only.  They believe that they have a Divine Right for World Occupancy, Ownership.  It’s the Chinese Way.  And they too are now preparing for World War III.  And their Generals are convinced they will WIN.  Fighting that War in their own backyard would be a strategic Victory for them.  And I’m talking 30-35 Trillion Dollars at least.  And ten years!  And you can damn sure expect War to come to Hawaii. Guam, and Mainland America with at least 150,000 Chinese Soldiers here.  Are you ready for that?  Being slaughtered and Raped by Chinese Soldiers?

But now, let’s face it.  I wrote the above in a way only to grab your attention.  Our being in South Korea is more dangerous Today than at any time in History.  It is.  And when this War finally breaks out, it’s going to be uglier than all get out.  American Troops need to be completely changed out with South Koreans right now.  Then, if War breaks out, our Troops can go there if our Nation so decides. 

As it is now, we are almost guaranteed a total annihilation of the Our 28,500 Troops presently stationed there in South Korea. Total and complete Death of all of them.  A slaughtering.

And it is an unadulterated raping of common sense where Our Leaders must allow a Sacrificial Slaughtering of Our Troops to Get All Americans Onboard for War. 

And I’m saying right now.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Get us out of there.

If Koreans alone are allowed to fight their own War, and We and China refrain from physically participating in it, then the outcome will be Koreans that Love each other…and we’ll lose no Americans. 

Yes, if Koreans are allowed to fight each other, I bet that War won’t last long before they save themselves.  After All, they are all still KOREANS!  And when North Koreans actually SEE everything South Koreans have, they’ll want that way of life too, those things too.  And the new Leader would be elected.