Visible Jim Crow Laws’s Glorification were Confederate Statues

Visible Jim Crow Laws’s Glorification were Confederate Statues?  WTF?


How the US Got So Many Confederate Monuments…R U still sitting on the fence?

Today is Fathers Day.  And being a father of three and grandfather of eight, I decided to chase the Why’s of Why did my great grandfathers and grandfathers put up some 700 Confederate Statues?  What was going through your heads back then?  In your minds.  And like so many things produced to keep the White Man’s Knee on the Black Man’s Neck, the highlighting of the most Confederate Statues being put up was to Glorify The Jim Crow Laws!  WOW! 

The 1st Statues were actually put up as Memorials for families mourning their family losses and in cemeteries.  And for many, most believe that this was the Main Reason for their erections. 

But no, later, mourning didn’t have a thing to do with it.  It was actually to belittle the Black Population.  A visible reminder of the Slave Days, the Slaving Ways.  But to Glorify The Jim Crow Laws really is some skunk juice in the face.  

And these Laws, I studied very intently and they were so incredibly bad, I was shocked that they had even be written and enacted.  And out of love for my black daughter in law, I knew I had to get one thing right.  I had to write a book to Lift my Grandson.  A book I wrote with the one thought-A Book to Proud Him Up!

Yes, I fully wanted my grandson to have a book that gave him a Lifeline.  A book that gave him Love.  A book that gave him Hope.  And a book that I wrote just for him.  And I knew I needed to discuss The Jim Crow Laws with him and so much more.  But how?  I’m White and he’s half and half.  And if you run with the “one drop of black blood in you” makes you Black.  Okay, then that way I’m BLACK.  But I was in the hospital DEAD, and they sucked me back from that glorious other side.  I was there!  I was HAPPY!  I didn’t want to come back here in any kind of way.  But they brought me back from being DEAD. 

But I was shown a ton of stuff in a very short time and like Jodie Foster in the movie CONTACT.  And who is going to believe you?  Like Jesus told his Disciples, you see. Yet you still do not believe.  But believing me is of no concern.  And I wanted to include everyone of any Race in my books.  Yes. I wrote for all of us.  You, your family. And your friends and enemies.  Huh?  Lol

Now, I wanted, very much so, to present the Jim Crow Laws as a learning tool in my books, but how?  How could anyone put these Laws in a book and get people to read it?  Most don’t want to see.  But I believe that they need to be shown. But how?  HOW?  Lord, I prayed about it and I can always tell when the Holy Spirit is with me.  And then, it came as clear as daylight comes.  I created the character-STANKS, THE CROW!  Yes, he is a talking Crow with nothing but evil on his mind. And he is devoted to tormenting the Black Characters in the books.  Dr. Babu and the Doctor Bahu family is his nemesis.  But. I don’t use him so much in Book IV.  But writing these books is my way of giving any one that Lift that they need, that Proud-Up moment in their lives.  Yes, it is and when I’m dead and gone, the Books will still be here helping those searching for that which they feel that they have Lost.  And here’s an example of what a wonderful man said about A PANTHER’S FATHER



James, your book, A Panther’s Father, is extraordinary. I am not a young man any more, and I realize the things I was taught as a young boy, well, they weren’t always right. Frankly, I’m ashamed at how ignorant I was… Now, I wasn’t the worst kind nor the best kind of man in my time, but I’ve since found Jesus, and He has sure changed my heart. There I go again, but what I mean to say is, your book made me re-evaluate my whole existence. The stories you told. I felt like they were coming from my own grandparents. It’s like (Granny Z) saw into my Soul. She saw the ache I carry, for family, here and the ones that are gone. Z reminded me to love, not just myself, or others like me, but especially my neighbors, like like Jesus. She also reminded me to not be ashamed of my own ancestry, to proud up, if you will. There’s not many books that an individual will read that they can say changed their lives, and your book did that for me James. That’s all I wanted to say about that.

But going back to the Confederate Statues, will they now REMOVE three of the Faces in Georgia? On Stone Mountain?




Stone Mountain near Stone Mountain, a quartz monzonite dome monadnock and … Stone Mountain is the most-visited tourist attraction in the state. … Borglum’s next major project was Mount Rushmore!  And in 1948, at Stone Mountain, 700 New Klan members were initiated.  Where are they today and their kids?  At one time, there were 70 million members in the Klan.

But, I’m a lover of Artwork.  And that is some impressive Artwork on Stone Mountain.  But could it not be allowed to Remain as a Historical Reminder of America’s Sins?  We simply can’t erase these Sins by destroying And removing anything from that Period.  That sends a different message if we destroy them. 

And a Huge Sign saying acceptable words to show Black Lives Matter and all the Nation that America does care and America accepts its blame in all these Black Atrocities dating back 393 years.  I think there could be an acceptable middle ground on not destroying these like even Carving BLACK LIVES MATTER in front of the Statues in Stone.  Now, that would be a sight.


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