Trump Rally a Bust? Official Headcount? 6,200! Ouch…


Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Tulsa

Do these pictures tell a message? A Bust?  Yes or No?  And if so, what is that?  See all the empty seats?  Why is that?  Maybe one of the following fits.  Maybe People were just being careful due to the Virus Crisis.

1.  6 Members of Trump Rally Team tested Positive may have been a Warning to Stay Away.

2.  Fears of Armed Conflict between Rally Goers and Protestors?

3.  Pandemic Fears?  CORONAVIRUS Fears.

4.  Those that did not like the “No Liabilty”  if you attended.

5.  Only 9500 Rally Participants could be Tested prior to Rally.  Or only 9500 passed temperature test.

6.  Trump had his Tulsa Rally, but only 1/3 of the Coliseum was filled.  19,000 was the projected number.

But only 6,200 attended.

But no matter what, those that did attend can say that they were there.  That’s cool.

August 6, 2020 HEADLINE IN BBC-

Facebook and Twitter penalise Donald Trump and his campaign for posts showing “harmful Covid misinformation”


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