DA 5 BLOODS-an incredible 5-Star Movie!

DA 5 BLOODS-an incredible 5-Star Movie!

If this Movie doesn’t Win Academy Awards, then I’ll be sorely disappointed!

This Movie is 5-STAR on every Level, every Aspect.  As I’m watching this Movie, I’m watching it and I’m thinking how much had to go into this Movie to make it work. And does it work?  Yes, it certainly does.

And nothing about this Movie is simple-minded.  It is highly intelligent.  Every emotion explored, you will be brought to Tears!  On every Level, I’m so enthralled at how well this Movie explores every Aspect of the Vietnam War, of the whole Vietnam War Experience.  And the Black Experience is so factually presented.  Even exploring Vietnamese Hatred that still exists today.  Explores every Aspect of America, both then and now.  Both good and bad.  It’s in your face drama at times.  Tearful times.  But this is a MUST WATCH MOVIE!  It’s such a suck you into this engaging flick, you won’t be allowed to draw away from what you are witnessing.  Yes, you will become more than a Witness, you will be the Invisible Character in the Movie.  You may become the Invisible Victim. The silent victim.


Director Spike Lee and Da 5 Bloods stars Delroy LindoJonathan MajorsClarke PetersIsiah Whitlock Jr., and Norm Lewis discuss the film’s significance and the intense training it required.

At times, this Movie is highly intense.  The drama is a critical reviewing of both America and American History.  There are many things still buried under Rocks that have yet to be unturned.  I do humbly Salute all the Actors, Actresses, Movie Script Writers, Directing, Production, Ward-drove, Stuntmen, Film Crews, and anyone who took the time to create such a wonderfully timely Movie. 

Again, if Oscars aren’t presented to this Movie, I will be very unhappy.  But like all flicks, we make our own judgements.  For some, the Time Period will not be relative, but the messages presented are extremely truthful. Painfully truthful.  Very, very hardening truths, seeping hardships. 

But, please explore all Vietnam related flicks separately and never compare All-Out Action to the ones seriously wrapped in great script writing.  This is one great movie.  No, I’m not going into great detail about exactly what the Movie is all about because I’m not the spoiling, spoiler types. 

But Delroy Lindo acts his most exquisite Acting to date.  He’s the Real Deal. And I happily Nominate him for an Oscar.  I do!  And there are more too. 


Da 5 Bloods is the newest Spike Lee joint, and the war drama follows a group of four Vietnam War veterans who return to the country to search for the remains of their fallen squad leader, as well as the treasure that they buried there years ago. As you can expect, their journey is far from easy, and they have to battle nature, their haunting memories of the war, and some adversaries along the way.

Yes, I’m convinced Delroy Lindo should get an Oscar.  I’ve already said that, but I want you to see why.  One important Issue affecting Veterans Spike Lee presents is PTSD with Psychotic Episodes done better than I’ve ever seen it presented.

Something many will have from coming off Iraq and Afghanistan Tours of Duty.  Yes. I have this, but not to the Level Paul exhibits in this Movie.  The words about the VA ring hauntingly true.  Yes, million of Veterans feel very sour towards the VA.  But many words in DA 5 BLOODS are very honest and present an exceptional exposure of the human experience, our very humanism exposed in a real way.   

In ways, many may find this Movie a very haunting and disturbing flick. But some things cannot be presented a lesser way.  No, just enough of the disturbing is openly shared to pull the entire picture into a full imagery of such great Story-Telling.  But this is about a Real War that America is still haunted by.

But the truth still must be shown, must be known, and must be shared…get out the Popcorn and

watch another exceptional Spike Lee Movie-

Da 5 Bloods

now showing on Netflix.

God Bless the Living Breathing James Brown

U. S. Army Veteran

Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.