No Justice, No Sleep

Wow, talk about pushing the envelope.  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking a Person’s Home is a Neutral Zone.   It’s your place of Safety.  You know, a place where a person can go home, sit down, and put their feet up.  And taking in that Over 65 factor in the Loop, this does border grotesque punishment upon an Elderly person.  And taking the Issues to a person’s home is part of that Lawlessness I’ve already discussed.  But is it lawlessness?  They’re not breaking any Laws?  I know it’s Protesting.  But, their own words makes it an Invasion of Privacy and how many hours could you endure before it becomes a cruelty?

Just like those used by individuals in pre-WWII in Nazi Germany upon the Jewish People?  But are our Congressional Members now going to face such as this man is? Right or Wrong, you decide?  Are you a Protestor?  Or living in that home?  What is correct?  But has similar activities been done?  Sure…

Anti-Abortionists have done the same thing to Abortion Doctors.  So, is this correct or WRONG?  Who has the greatest Civil Liberties?  Protestors or Someone in their Home?  Time for you to make the Call.  So, what’s it going to be?

Protesters gather at Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home chanting-

‘No justice, no sleep’

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