Lawlessness in Washington, D.C.


LAWLESSNESS REINS IN WASHINGTON, D.C.  And should you care?  Acts of Lawless Behavior ignored only promotes further LAWLESSNESS!  It won’t Stop with Toppling Statues. Some are totally engulfed with a feverish joys with little regard to anything else.  I hate seeing this.  Millions in the South are still suffering from that War today.  Yes, they are.  Everyone getting it on their Cell Phones are sharing…

Definition of desecrate

1to violate the sanctity of 
PROFANE:  desecrate a shrine
a cemetery desecrated by vandals
2to treat disrespectfully, irreverently, or outrageously

Once lawless behaviour is allowed, the Lawlessness will spread to other Acts.  I see No Nation Surviving while Lawless Behavior is allowed.  Is ignored.  Is permitted.  But like I said before, these Statues must be taken down in a proper manner.  With a degree of respectfully. And then this comes about. Yanking them down with Lynch Rope.

Well,  while these Acts of Lawlessness continue, I now ponder if any of these Acts of Lawlessness will Open Old Wounds again?  Yes. Old Wounds?  And Millions carry them.  Millions of Americans still talk about the Horrors and Deaths of that Great War and the Southern Statues were put under the Northeners’s Knees upon the Necks of the Southeners for Generations!  Yes, Northeners have already enacted vengefulness upon Southeners and it never ended. 

Even I was surprised to learn how lowly I was to be treated because I was from Texas in the Military by men from the Northern States. Why?  Texas WAS a Southern State. And that was in the 70’s.

Yes. During the Civil War. Many a family lost family members and these Deaths are still remembered with Revered Silence and Prayers.  And the Carpetbaggers came Raping the Daughters of Southerners.  And stealing their Lands and subjecting the Southern States with such Vengeful Hands, Whips upon the bleeding backs of Southerners, and other Cruelties of the most foul treatments.  And in the Name of WE BEAT ALL Y’ALL!  WE WON!  Y’ALL ARE LOWER THAN DOG PUKE!

Yes, I do ponder how many are now remembering these painful spoken words from Elders passed down from Generation to Generation?  Now, remembering what many had tucked away in the deepest and darkest closets of their minds.  And these People might now be awakening to that Pain from their Past now visibly on display as each Statue is spray painted and NOOSED with a Lynchman’s Rope?  A Hangmans Knot. Then yanked down in an act of Lawlessness. Yes, a visible reminder of Southeners’s past Suffering at the hands of Northeners ever since that fateful day of Surrender.  But did not Lincoln not attempt to reach all Americans by his Address?  But then came pure adulterated hatreds and foulnesd up on the Southerners by Northeners Hellbent on further revenge and greed.

There is no doubt that Police Brutality is a bad thing. Needs to be stopped.

But the way these Statues are being Destroyed may indeed awaken a side of Renewed Unrest from those families that also suffered Greatly in that War And again afterwards for Generations. 

There has been a problem already going on in the South ever since the Civil War.  People coming to live in the South bringing a certain “Hey, I’m better than you” attitude with them from a belief that all Northeners are greater than all Southerners going all the way back from that War. Yes, they have.  And it hasn’t been overlooked!  And it does despise Southerners, it erks them.  And that could promote another LAWLESSNESS.  And what if it does?  Calling all Civil War Southerners Terrorist and other foul words about Southern Family Members that have already suffered and continue to suffer to this very day and time.  I bet will Awaken a Certain amount of Shaking that Head and then what?  Yes, what kinds of thoughts?  Happy ones?  I bet not so for millions who will attribute the manner that these Statues are being desecrated as something totally something else.

Something like desecrating Cemeteries does seem to Add fuel totally in the Opposite direction these Protests are about.  But desecrating Confederate Soldier Graves was done the Last Time the Statues were being called to be removed.  

Confederate soldiers’ graves believed to be vandalized at Alva cemetery

Historians say someone knocked over statues on top of two graves where confederate soldiers are buried.

Thursday morning, crews discovered the grave sites for two Confederate soldiers vandalized at an Alva Cemetery.

There are five headstones at the cemetery honoring the lives of Confederate soldiers who fought during the Civil War.

People we spoke to whose family members are buried in are extremely upset because they say it’s sacred ground.

Theresa Farabee’s daughter is buried close to the desecrated graves.

“I’m like trying to hold it together because I’ve just been so shook up, you know” Farabee said. “I just, the thought of somebody, you know, it’s hard enough when you … have a child out here.”

About a dozen families rushed to the cemetery after seeing a picture of the vandalized Confederate graves on Facebook.


“You just don’t mess with, you know, somebody’s grave…

Confederate soldiers’ graves believed to be vandalized at Alva cemetery

And-More than forty years after the end of the Civil War, permanent, uniform markers were authorized for the graves of Confederate soldiers buried in national cemeteries. In accordance with an act of March 9, 1906, Congress adopted the same size and material for Confederate headstones as for Union deceased but altered the design to omit the shield and give the stones a pointed rather than rounded top. In 1929 the authorization was extended to graves in private cemeteries. On May 26, 1930, the War Department implemented regulations for Confederate headstones that also authorized the inscription of the Confederate Cross of Honor in a small circle on the front face of the stone above the standard inscription of the soldier’s name, rank, company, and regiment.

I do wish these Protestors would realize bad Acts only promotes other bad things…and seeing people dancing around these fallen Statues might be equated to the same as Dancing on all the Graves of Fallen Southeners, dancing on the Graves of fallen Confederate Soldiers. 

Happy to millions. Disrespectful to millions upon millions.  But who cares?  Do you? 

And what if calls for Succession come about?  Lawlessness does open even thoughts such as that. And are headed to a burning of books?  Censorship of books?  Burning of. Plantation Homes designated as Historical Landmarks?  I mean, Lawlessness opens the doors…Huh?

Some will think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  And then what?  I hope nothing bad happens.  How about you?  I pray nothing bad happens…

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